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About the Week - Anti-Poverty Week. Anti-Poverty Week is a week where all Australians are encouraged to organise or take part in an activity aiming to highlight or overcome issues of poverty and hardship here in Australia or overseas.

About the Week - Anti-Poverty Week

It was established in Australia as an expansion of the UN's annual International Anti-Poverty Day on October 17. In 2016 Anti Poverty Week will be held from the 16th to the 22nd of October. Some activities are organised by welfare and health organisations, religious groups, community organisations, schools and youth groups. Many other types of organisation also arrange activities, including government departments, local councils, business organisations, universities and sporting and cultural groups.

You can read a summary of Anti Poverty Week in 2015 here. Meeting the Australian Curriculum ICT General Capability with Google Apps for Education. Sacred Heart Mosman BYODD. Welcome to Sacred Heart Mosman's BYODD Parent site.

Sacred Heart Mosman BYODD

This site has been designed by Sacred Heart Primary School, Mosman, with the assistance and guidance of the Catholic Education Office and sister CEO systemic BYODD schools. It has been created to support parents in various aspects of our BYODD program. Resources have been added to this website and will continue to be added, as they are developed, assisting in the successful implementation of the BYODD program at Sacred Heart. Please take the time to view all pages of the website. STM BYODD Parents. HS BYODD iPad site. SHM Staff Intranet. Bootcamp Site. Cloudshare Support Site. The Australian Curriculum v7.2 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability - ICT capability across the curriculum. ICT capability supports and enhances student learning across all areas of the curriculum.

The Australian Curriculum v7.2 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability - ICT capability across the curriculum

DET site - OpenSSO (Login) Erosion - youtube. Color Your World With Kindness. Mistersill YT in the Classroom. Best Practices in a Paperless Classroom - MOLLY GAFE. Create a roster of First Name, Last Name, Email AddressExplore Add Ons Click here for a video that summarizes the improvements you will find in new sheets.

Best Practices in a Paperless Classroom - MOLLY GAFE

Click here for a video that summarizes add-onsNeed an old sheet: Teacher Dashboard. 8 Highly Useful Google Drive Extensions for Teachers. About ETR Community.

8 Highly Useful Google Drive Extensions for Teachers

TeacherKit. Apple TV Settings for the Classroom. While Apple TV’s default screen saver photographs are beautiful, you can use your own images for the screen saver.

Apple TV Settings for the Classroom

It’s like using the display connected to your Apple TV as a digital bulletin board! I suggest adding an iCloud Photos album on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad titled Apple TV. After adding images to this album, go into Apple TV’s Settings app and choose Screen Saver. Choose iCloud Photos and your album that you titled Apple TV.

Note that the option to to use iCloud Photos as the screen saver is not displayed if you have hidden iCloud Photos from the main menu. Learning in Hand. Investigating Authentic Questions. Students need a way to capture and share the information they find and their thoughts about it.

Investigating Authentic Questions

Taking notes on paper might be the preferred method for some learners. I like my notes to be digital because I know I will be able to find them later, I can easily edit them, and I can include multimedia. When it comes to digital note taking, we’ve got lots of fantastic options: Use a Digital Notebook It's nice to organize and store text, photos, recordings, and files in an app designed for note taking. Evernote is available online and as a mobile app.OneNote from Microsoft is also available online and as a mobile app.Notability has great handwriting and drawing features. Digitize Printed Text There are useful apps that can peer through a device's camera, spot any text, and turn it into digital characters. Prizmo for iOS is $9.99.Google Goggles for Android is free.Translate Photo for iOS is free.TextGrabber is for iOS or Android and is usually $4.99. Sorting, Labeling & Matching iPad Games.

Brainstorming and Voting Amazingly Easy. Free Online Tool  Class rewards - Studyladder. Healthier takeaway options: What to eat on the go. With many Australians continuing to work longer hours and have busy schedules, a number of people find ordering takeaway meals quicker and easier than cooking food for themselves.

Healthier takeaway options: What to eat on the go

While most takeaway foods tend to be high in fat, salt and sugar, there are some healthy alternatives for when you want to avoid the hassle of cooking. Here are a few examples of different takeaway outlets and their healthier offerings. Global takeaway outlets McDonald’s It used to be that if you wanted to be healthy you weren’t able to set foot near a McDonald’s, but with nutrition awareness at an all-time high, McDonald’s has jumped on the bandwagon to provide a range of healthier alternatives to their standard burger and fries options.

The seared chicken tandoori wrap is tick-approved by the Australian Heart Foundation, as it meets their requirements for serving size, sodium, fibre and saturated fat. Hungry Jack’s Red Rooster As far as takeaway outlets go, Red Rooster is better than most. Subway Oporto. Food Revolution Day - video. Constantly connected: Why there's power in switching off. Educators are more connected than ever before.

Constantly connected: Why there's power in switching off

But is being available to students, parents, colleagues and social networks 24/7 actually doing more harm than good? In this feature, we explore the issue of ‘technostress’ and experts look at the best ways to manage our time online. Balancing a life of being constantly connected By Rebecca Vukovic Dr Nicola Johnson is a senior lecturer at the School of Education at Federation University. Easter In Jerusalem.