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Victims of rape at age 14, 9, 5... Home > Asia Pacific > South East Asia > Thailand Story by ANJIRA ASSAVANONDA, Bangkok Post, Oct 17, 2005 Abused kids come to accept their horrific ordeal as being normal Bangkok, Thailand -- A recent brutal rape attempt that left a 14-year-old victim seriously injured shocked society, but she is by no means alone.

Victims of rape at age 14, 9, 5...

The girl, a ninth grader from Sa Bot district of Lop Buri province, suffered not just physical wounds. Doctors say it will take a long time before she recovers from the mental trauma she suffered. << Some child victims of physical and sexual abuse, at the Child Protection Foundation's reception home on Phutthamonthon 3 road The suspect, Virat Rakseenil, 37, had been a neighbour, who knew the family well. Just a week before the crime, the media reported a story of a nine-year-old girl who had been repeatedly raped by her stepfather. The girl told the police her stepfather would make her watch a pornographic video before raping her.

``The girl's family is poor and isolated. Buddhist monk wanted in teen sex case may be in Cambodia. A Buddhist monk from Spring who is accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl in his congregation is believed to have fled to his native Cambodia, Harris County Sheriff's Office reports show.

Buddhist monk wanted in teen sex case may be in Cambodia

Wat Angkorchum Por Venh, 41, is wanted on two charges of sexual assault of a child. Por Venh is accused of having sex with the teen at his temple from June until September. The girl revealed she later became suicidal when she learned of his "possible" sexual relationship with another woman, court documents show. Harris County sheriff's investigators are concerned there might be more victims that the monk could have approached at the Wat Angkorchum Cambodian Buddhist Temple at 16720 Kuykendahl and are asking any girls who may have been violated to contact them. The monk's attorney had pledged his full cooperation with sheriff's investigators in December only to learn on Jan. 4 that Por Venh had fled the U.S., said Sgt.

On Dec. 10, a sheriff's investigator questioned the girl at the school. Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman: Egypt Not Iran. A prominent member of Egypt’s officially-banned Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Council has “sharply” denied his organization wants an Iranian-style administration, after anti-government demonstrations forced long-time President Hosni Mubarak to step down following 18-days of protests.

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman: Egypt Not Iran

Esam Alarian, spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, told VOA members of his organization are only interested in participating in parliamentary elections, not the presidential vote, as speculated by some international media organizations. “Absolutely wrong; that is (a) false allegation. This is not true. We are calling for a civil state, moderate state, (and) a democratic state, equality, prosperity, justice for all and freedom for all citizens. All are equal. The Muslim Brotherhood has been officially banned as a political party in Egypt, but holds parliamentary seats through “independents.” Alarian said the accusations against his organization are, in his words, completely false. How Accurate is the Bible? The trustworthiness of Scripture is essential to a well-grounded Christian worldview, since it provides a foundation for authority that transcends the limitations of human reason and experience.

How Accurate is the Bible?

Kenneth Boa Website: on Facebook: Kenneth Boa Jack, you're always quoting the Bible to me as if were the last word on issues about life. How can you base your life on a book that's so full of contradictions and errors? Historians and scientists have long since proven that the Bible is inaccurate and unreliable.

God Defined

God. History of the concept of creativity. History of the concept of god. The Origin of God. God is, by definition, that being from which everything else came but who Himself came from nothing else.

The Origin of God

In this regard, some have called God the causeless Cause. We say that everything must have a cause. However, if we apply this reasoning forever into the past, we must accept a logical requirement for one original cause that had no prior cause. This original cause must contain within itself the source of its own being. When we get back to this original causeless Cause, we have come to God. Now, you did not ask for logical reasoning, but rather for scriptures, I do not want to disappoint you. If God is the original cause of all things, then He must be before all other things. According to Psalm 90:2Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God. But more than that, God is not even limited to the framework of time. It used to be that you would hear someone described as a self-made man.

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