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Democracy Now!

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Australian Debt Clock Blog Post 12| 27th December 2015 U.S. Federal Reserve Breaks Bad NBC Affiliate KMIR Reports on Chemtrails/Geoengineering KMIR, the NBC affiliate in Palm Springs, CA has recently aired a segment on chemtrails/geoengineering. I picked up the coverage at the kaua’i sky blog. Here is a great opportunity for some Quantum Activism. If you’ve got the time and interest, consider contacting KMIR to thank them for their coverage, and to continue reporting on this topic. I’m going to send a copy of the video to all my local TV stations.

ZNet Top Welcome to ZCommunications. The site has ZNet and ZMag content, topic and place pages under the Focuses link in the top menu - reading lists and whole books, debates, interviews, multimedia, Blogs, Forums, comments, a Store, Sustainer program, WISC, and more. Relating to Z Last of the True Marxists « Thoughtlines with Bob Carr (Photograph: Reuters) The irreplaceable and lamented Christopher Hitchens once said he liked religious fundamentalists. They read the books and – Jew, Christian, Muslim – took the writing seriously. The Ecologist Top 10 foods to forage Thanks to modern agricultural methods, foraging – once a part of the majority’s daily life – has faded away, replaced by regular trips to the supermarket instead. Recently, however, there has been a revival of interest in raiding nature’s larder thanks to increased awareness of the health benefits of wild food, not to mention the TV exploits of Bear Grylls, Ray Mears and co. But it foraging is about more than just food. It gets us out into the countryside and helps to cultivate an intimate appreciation of nature, re-establishing a connection severed by modern urban life. But for the beginner, foraging should come with a health warning as it’s easy to mistake a deadly fungus for an innocent field mushroom.

Topix - Australia News 1 hr ago | The Age The making of an unlikely radical Hated by progressives for his role in Gough Whitlam's dismissal and his ultra-conservative foreign policies when Liberal PM, Malcolm Fraser today believes Australia should cut all military ties to the US. Trending on the Topix Network 5 hrs ago | Sydney Morning Herald Despite its efforts, even Whole Foods cannot keep GMOs out of the products it sells (correction) (NaturalNews) Genetically modified foods have become so ubiquitous in the US that even the grocery store 'Whole Foods' now admits it cannot keep biotech foods off its shelves. A representative for the corporation acknowledged in May of 2011 that the realities of the marketplace have forced a shift in the company's previous no-GMO's policy. (Correction note: The original title of this article has been altered to better reflect the accuracy of this story. As a clarification, Whole Foods does take steps to avoid GMO ingredients, but due to the massive use of genetically engineered ingredients in the food supply, it is currently impossible to avoid GMOs in conventional or "natural" products.

Alternative media (U.S. political left) List of alternative media (U.S. political left) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is a list of alternative media espousing the views of the American political left. It covers alternative media sources including talk radio programs, blogs and other alternative media sources. Assange's treatment says a lot about us Headliner ... Julian Assange is arguably the most famous Australian in the world today. Photo: AP An open letter to Kevin Rudd As most Australians contemplate a traditional Christmas of over-indulgence and recuperation, we should spare a thought for one of our less fortunate compatriots.

Hey buddy if you're interested in the coffee I can show you how to get it at retail. Let me know. To your health! -J by jackrunner Jun 9

I am too we need to think critically about our everyday life. Everyone's life is an assumption waiting to be questioned and the question to ask is Why? by theworldthatis Jun 7

YES! Critically thinking about something. Seems to be a dying art among the US right now. But it's on it's rise. I'm optimistic about it. :) by jackrunner Jun 7

That's a good practice to do to see what's left out or not expanded upon and to allow yourself to really think critically on just what is being portrayed. Become your own investigation journalist I always say. by theworldthatis Jun 7

Yeah I've been watching this for years. I like to mix up where I get my news from to see what everyone has to say about whats goin' on by jackrunner Jun 6

very true! Their database and records are well kept so you can really make some good arguments by scottietofu Jun 6

What main stream media should be. This station is wonderfully archieved if you are researching things that may've been covered less recently. by hapkido690 Jun 6

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