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Feed Informer: Mix, convert, and republish feeds

Feed Informer: Mix, convert, and republish feeds

Easily Publish Gorgeous Magazines How can I display an RSS feed on my site? - Yahoo! Small Business Help Adding an RSS Real Simple Syndication feed to your website is a great way to add additional content to your site, without having to be responsible for maintaining it or updating it. Any site can display an RSS feed with a little work, it just requires a few simple steps. Locate the Feed Source Go to the site or do a quick web search to find it.Look for a little orange button like this:.To find the RSS URL, right-click on the orange XML button and click Copy Shortcut. Convert the Feed There are several tools available to help you convert a feed. You may be asked to enter the URL of your feed, and to choose some display settings. Advanced Users If you're familiar with PHP or Perl, you may be able to install or create your own script to convert RSS feeds on your site. Add the Converted Code

A Simple Way to Add Free News Content to Your Website A challenge that many website owners face is how to supply continuously fresh content for new and repeat visitors to peruse. It can be a very time-consuming task to manually upload regular updates. Fortunately, there is an easy way to showcase free, readily available news content on a wide variety of topics. We will examine a quick and effective method of incorporating RSS (Really Simple Syndication) coding in order to add news content to any site. First, let’s look at what RSS is, and how it works. RSS is an online coding solution that delivers automatic updates for Web content. Due perhaps to a misguided perception that it is difficult to add the necessary coding to make RSS work within a website’s framework, it remains an extremely underutilized resource. A typical RSS newsfeed (this one from the BBC) looks like: You can find RSS feeds all over the Web; just look for the small orange icon with a dot and two waves above it. Google Feed API

Framadate Qu'est-ce que Framadate ? Framadate est un service en ligne permettant de planifier un rendez-vous rapidement et simplement. Aucune inscription préalable n'est nécessaire. Quelles différences entre Framadate et STUdS ! Framadate est un service basé sur le logiciel libre OpenSondage. Quelles différences entre Framadate et Doodle ? Aujourd'hui, le danger pour le logiciel libre ne provient plus de Microsoft ou d'Adobe et de leurs logiciels qu'on installe sans avoir le code source, mais des applications web "dans les nuages" proposés comme services par des entreprises. A cela s'ajoute le problème, plus éthique, de la publicité. Les problèmes 1 et 2 concernent aussi : rien ne garanti la sécurité et la fiabilité du service (d'autant plus que les administrateurs systèmes de Framasoft sont bénévoles). Bref, oui Framadate est inspiré de, et oui Doodle est un excellent service. Mon sondage restera-t-il longtemps en ligne ? Éditeur et Responsable de la publication Hébergement

Feedroll | Feed Rss Votorola | Free Communications software downloads at SourceForge How to Embed RSS Feeds into HTML Web Pages - The Easy Way Learn how to embed and add RSS news feeds in HTML websites without any complex programming. This is a simple Javascript based solution made possible using Google Gadget Creator. Q. Yugalkishore is looking for a simple solution to help him embed RSS feeds from Reuters website into his HTML web pages. A. *If you are looking for a non-Javascript solution, get one of these Flash based RSS widgets from Yourminis or WidgetBox. Step 1: Copy the URL of that RSS feed to the clipboard (make sure you copy the location of the feed, not the website). Step 2: Append the feed URL to this string- Confused ? Step 3: Open this new link in your web browser, adjust the dimensions of the gadget, change the border color and finally click "Get the Code" button.

citizenplace propos de nous A l’origine de ce projet, se trouvent quatre jeunes entrepreneurs, animés par l’ambition de faire du web un moteur d’action et de changement social. Les citoyens sont toujours plus nombreux à se mobiliser en ligne pour soutenir diverses actions et causes, traduisant un besoin d’engagement croissant et protéiforme. Pourtant, ce nouvel activisme en ligne, porté notamment par les nouveaux médias sociaux, n’est créateur que d’interactions « faibles » entre les individus. Ces interactions sont d’excellents vecteurs d’informations, mais n’ont qu’une capacité limitée à impulser l’action concrète et le changement social. A CitizenPlace nous sommes convaincus que mobiliser n’est pas gagner ! Demain, CitizenPlace deviendra un instrument de mobilisation global, réunissant les citoyens du monde entier autour de causes et d’actions communes, à travers des liens utiles et forts.

Basic Coding for RSS Feed Display Templates - Convio Online Help [Related Topics] An RSS-feed-specific display template is "merged" with the feed selected in the RSS Feed Display component. You usually need to modify the display templates to conform to specific feed(s). Use the coding in these examples as a guideline for templates that you configure yourself. Basic RSS Feed Display Templates by Format Example: Very Basic The top-level element is referenced as the variable ${rss}. Feed title: ${rss.title} Feed subtitle: ${rss.subtitle} Feed URLs: <t:list id=""> Link: ${href}</t:list> A very basic RSS feed display template: Example: Unordered List Example: Longitude and Latitude Example: Maximum Length The number of items listed in an RSS feed can be limited by setting the maxlength attribute. This expanded example illustrates the application of maxlength to a bibliographic list: For conditionally limiting the number of items, refer to Limiting the Number of Displayed Feed Items near the bottom of this page. Example: Specifying a Date Format as in:

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