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Opinion, News, Analysis, Videos and Polls -- Steven Milloy, Publisher Communist Obama Marxist Socialist Maoist Progressive - CommieBlaster Obama vs. Romney Presidential Debate Fact-Check Part 3: Who Lied? On a brisk spring evening in March 1882, Robert Koch walked into the library at the University of Berlin, and prepared to change the course of medicine for all time. There were about 100 men gathered in the room, the greatest scientists in Germany. Koch barely acknowledged them as he began his demonstration. He showed his test tubes and cultures. He explained how he had tested and retested his work. “All of these facts taken together can lead to only one conclusion,” Koch said. RELATED: Following Tuberculosis from Death Sentence to Cure Bacteria caused tuberculosis. To grasp the gravity of Koch’s discovery, we must first get our heads around this: To live in the 19th century was to experience infectious disease as a constant, to have death loom around any corner, and to always live in fear that a cold, a rash, or a cough might soon be the end of one’s days on earth. Such an existence is almost inconceivable today. Tuberculosis was altogether different. Cafe Hayek — where orders emerge "Free Beacon" — Breaking News, Politics, National Security Fact-Checking Obama, Romney Ahead of Debates: Blue Truth, Red Truth No one would ever mistake the White House press briefing room for a courthouse or a confessional, so the blue curtains and official seal made an ironic backdrop this summer for President Obama’s impromptu homily on honesty in public life. “The truth of the matter is you can’t just make stuff up,” he told the scribblers who get paid to check his facts. “That’s one thing you learn as President of the United States. You get called in to account.” At the time, Obama was speaking about a campaign ad from Mitt Romney that falsely claimed that the President had eliminated the work requirement for welfare. Cutter’s was a conditional accusation but an accusation nonetheless, and at the time it allowed the Romney campaign to take its turn playing truth teller. (MORE: Who Lies More? “You know, in the past, when people pointed out that something was inaccurate, why, campaigns pulled the ad,” Romney complained about Obama a few weeks later, without any apparent self-awareness.

Watts Up With That? Jammie Wearing Fools Veep Debate Violations Summary The Biden-Ryan debate was marked by some spirited claims that didn’t always match the facts. Ryan said Obama’s proposal to let tax rates rise for high-income individuals would “tax about 53 percent of small-business income.” Ryan at one point ground out a collection of shopworn misstatements about the health care law that we’ve had to rebut time and again, claiming “20 million people … are projected to lose their health insurance” (not true), that premiums have gone up $3,000 (no, they haven’t) and that 7.4 million seniors “are going to lose” Medicare Advantage plans (maybe, but they’d still be covered by traditional Medicare). And both Biden and Ryan continued to twist the facts about Romney’s tax plan. Analysis The debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Small-Business Smackdown Biden and Ryan sparred over the effect of Obama’s proposed tax policies on small business and job creation. Ryan: This one tax would actually tax about 53 percent of small-business income.