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NewsIsFree: Your Personal News Portal, trouvez des RSS ! Everything Search Engine AmphetaDesk What People Are Saying: "It's terrific, something I've long sought and never found until now." "I am a RAMPAGING AmphetaDesk fan. Try it, I think you'll like it!" "Best app I've seen for ages" read more AmphetaDesk is a free, cross platform, open-sourced, syndicated news aggregator - it obediently sits on your desktop, downloads the latest news that interests you, and displays them in a quick and easy to use (and customizable!) A Brief History - Blurbage about inspirations, desires and buildup. AmphetaDesk's powerful backend allows easy modification to the templates and internal source code shipped with your download, whether you're on Mac, Windows, Linux or some unheard of beast from limitless fathoms. Finding More Channels - Find thousands of additional channels for your AmphetaDesk. AmphetaDesk is developed with Perl and XML. Development Mailing List - Questions, help, implementations, and more related to coding. These are old versions.

Sarkozy under pressure as French judges take to the streets | World news Thousands of judges and lawyers have taken to the streets in unprecedented protests against Nicolas Sarkozy, paralysing the legal system and shutting down almost all France's courthouses this week. Magistrates' unions have for days expressed outrage at the president by hearing only urgent cases, after the president used a shocking murder case to attack judges for being too lax. The gruesome Laetitia case gripped France after a teenage waitress disappeared one night after her shift in western France. The case struck a chord with Sarkozy's longrunning campaign to appeal to the rightwing vote by cracking down on repeat offenders. Judges were furious that Sarkozy would declare a suspect guilty before either a trial or the end of investigations. "It's an old habit of his, using people's legitimate feelings of outrage ... for ends that are clearly electoral and demagogical," said Nicolas Leger, national secretary of the USM magistrates' union.

Microsoft Enterprise Search Blog : Announcing Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express I’m pleased to announce that we're unveiling Microsoft Search Server 2008 today at the Enterprise Search Summit in San Jose! The really exciting news is that we're also offering a free version of this product – Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express – which you can download now as a release candidate. Our team worked extremely hard to get this release to you, and we’re proud of what we’re delivering today. Our aim for Search Server Express is to give you a free and powerful enterprise search product that’s incredibly easy for you to deploy. But ease of use will be just the first thing you notice. We also support federating your searches to any business system or online service supporting the OpenSearch standard. You’re probably asking why we’ve chosen to release an enterprise search product for free. On another level, you can think of Search Server Express as the easiest way to introduce enterprise search to your organization. Jonathan KauffmanGeneral ManagerEnterprise Search

Feedreader The End of the Line: How Overfishing Is Changing the World and What We Eat The End of the Line: How Overfishing Is Changing the World and What We Eat is a book by journalist Charles Clover about overfishing. Clover, a former environment editor of the Daily Telegraph (London) and now a columnist on the Sunday Times (London), describes how modern fishing is destroying ocean ecosystems. He concludes that current worldwide fish consumption is unsustainable.[2] The book provides details about overfishing in many of the world's critical ocean habitats, such as the New England fishing grounds, west African coastlines, the European North Atlantic fishing grounds, and the ocean around Japan.[3] The book concludes with suggestions on how the nations of the world could engage in sustainable ocean fishing.[3] Synopsis[edit] Fishing is occurring at an unsustainable rate. Official figures of global fish stocks have been wrong for several years. Critically endangered species of fish are still allowed to be fished. Crimes of omission are a cause in overfishing. Reviews[edit]

The Portable Freeware Collection Bookmarklet Contributed by Andrew Lee Firefox search engine plugin If you are using Firefox V2.x, click on the search bar at the top-right corner of the browser and select "Add TPFC". Contributed by Simon. T Download and unzip to Firefox's searchplugins subfolder. Opera Select Tools > Preferences > Search > Add... Enter Contributed by Fluffy Google Toolbar Click on the button below if you have Google Toolbar installed in your browser. Contributed by ahoier

TopStyle Pro Disgruntled programmer sabotaged WikiLeaks submission system February 10, 2011, 2:55 PM — For all the efforts by the U.S. government and compliant corporations to undermine the effectiveness of WikiLeaks, the most damaging blow to the whistleblowing organization may have come from within. (Also see: The burgeoning whistleblower start-up sector) Reuters' Mark Hosenball reports: WikiLeaks's ability to receive new leaks has been crippled after a disaffected programmer unplugged a component which guaranteed anonymity to would-be leakers, activists and journalists who have worked with the site say. Details of the breakdown are contained in a book by estranged (Julian) Assange collaborator Daniel Domscheit-Berg which is due to be published on Friday, a source familiar with the contents of the book told Reuters. A WikiLeaks spokesman said the organization is suing Domscheit-Berg. Assange currently is in London, fighting extradition efforts by Swedish prosecutors, who are investigating alleged acts of sexual misconduct involving two women.

Seeker: Fast advanced file search and replace utility (v3.9.0.1) Seeker's has a ultra-fast file search engine on top of a powerful file search algorithm. Searching for files or inside of files Seeker can handle it. Seeker not only searches for files or inside files, Seeker lets you replace text inside of files. Regular expression support and command line parameter support makes Seeker a complete search and replace solution. All results from Seeker can be viewed in one of four advanced reporting modes; Detailed file list, Structured report, Summary report, and Summary report with file list. Don't miss out on the top Search and Replace application around. Operating System: 98 / ME / NT / 2K / XP / 2K3 / Vista / Win7 Filesize: 2.3Meg Latest Version: Release Date: October 8, 2009 PAD File:

Bloglet Nokia Confirms Microsoft Partnership, New Leadership Team Ahead of its Strategy and Financial Briefing in London, Nokia has shared some details on what it plans to announce at the event. As expected, the company is aligning its strategy with Microsoft. By now, you’ve probably seen the ‘burning platform’ memo penned by the fresh CEO of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, former Microsoft executive Stephen Elop (the existence of the brutally honest memo was first reported by TechCrunch Europe and later published in full by Engadget). In it, Elop addressed the company’s formidable competitors (Apple and Google with its Android OS strategy), who are consistently out-innovating Nokia and steadily taking over its market share. Clearly, Elop was gearing up for the announcement of some significant changes with regards to Nokia’s strategy going forward. He delivered. Here’s the meat: Windows Phone to become Nokia’s primary smartphone platform = huge. Nokia still plans to ship a MeeGo-related product later this year.