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The future of Nationalism As time marches on, we see the weakening of geographical forces on the lives and activities of humans. The borders we used to draw are being replaced with centers and relationships of relevance. People flock to cities, the countryside empties, and the connection to a National identity in a virtual connected world is no longer the most powerful connection an indivudal feels to another group. So where will this trend take us?

Who Runs the World ? – Network Analysis Reveals ‘Super Entity’ of Global Corporate Control Business Published on August 28th, 2011 | by Michael Ricciardi In the first such analysis ever conducted, Swiss economic researchers have conducted a global network analysis of the most powerful transnational corporations (TNCs). The Motley Roots of Data Visualization in 19th Century Census Charts - Jeffrey Rotter The U.S. Census has long been a lightning rod for controversy. Does it wildly undercount minorities? Wildly overcount minorities? Or—as Michelle Bachmann warned us—is it a liberal plot orchestrated by ACORN?

What to Do When Corporations Rule the World What to Do When Corporations Rule the World An interview with David C. Korten by Sarah Ruth van Gelder A few jaws dropped among the young activists at a training camp outside Seattle where preparations for the WTO blockade were in high gear. SolarSinter : markus kayser Solar Sinter 2011 In August 2010 I took my first solar machine - the Sun-Cutter - to the Egyptian desert in a suitcase. This was a solar-powered, semi-automated low-tech laser cutter, that used the power of the sun to drive it and directly harnessed its rays through a glass ball lens to ‘laser’ cut 2D components using a cam-guided system. The Sun-Cutter produced components in thin plywood with an aesthetic quality that was a curious hybrid of machine-made and “nature craft” due to the crudeness of its mechanism and cutting beam optics, alongside variations in solar intensity due to weather fluctuations.

Mizuko Ito Mizuko Itō or Mizuko Ito a.k.a. Mimi Ito (伊藤瑞子, Itō Mizuko?, born 22 July 1968, Kyōto, Japan) is a Japanese cultural anthropologist who is an Professor in Residence at the Humanities Research Institute at the University of California, Irvine. Her main professional interest is young people's use of media technology. She has explored the ways in which digital media are changing relationships, identities, and communities.

Study finds capitalist network of companies runs the world [with list] A recent study conducted by researchers from Zurich found that a ‘super entity’ of 147 companies controls 40% of the entire corporate network. As protests against unbalanced financial power sweep from Wall Street to the rest of the world, an analysis of over 43.000 transnational corporations found that a relatively small group of companies (mainly banks) have a totally disproportionate power over global economy. The work is quite controversial, as some assumptions were made in order to complete the study – and these assumptions were challenged by some.

A Pretty Data Viz From Geneva Switzerland If you are interested in beautiful data visualizations, you can't get much better than this one from Geneva that shows you the ebb and flow of people in that wonderful city. I am not sure how it was created, but the soft lines that swirl around and across the lake will leave you entranced and you'll probably want to replay it a few times just to catch all the movements. As the site states, the visualization will "allow you to explore these streams of connected people around the city, in their everyday life." Interestingly, the site's name means "city living" in French. Here is the animated video done by Interactive Things that is posted on the site. Switzerland had more cell phones than people, around 10 million.

America's Reptilian Politics Progressives and Liberals are singing that same tired old song. “We must support the Democrats. We can’t let the Republicans win!” Libertarians and Conservatives are singing that same tired old song. The Hole NYC » KATSU DRONE PAINTINGS OPENING preview: Thursday, April 10 6-9:30pm Open to the public Friday, April 11 11- 8pm Mimi Ito - Weblog Cross posted from the Connected Learning Research Network Leveling Up project blog It’s the start of a new year and time to take stock. It’s been three years since the launch of the Connected Learning Research Network and the Leveling Up project, and a year and a half since the launch of this blog. Along the way, we’ve delved into stories of knitters, boy band and wrestling fans, fashionistas, eSports enthusiasts, and game makers, as well as how the online world is supporting their learning, sharing, and civic engagement.

The Corporate 1%: 147 Companies Control 40% of World Economy By HVpolitics October 20, 2011 at 3:25 pm One of the things the Occupy Wall Street movement is protesting, or trying to raise awareness about, is the concentration of wealth and power among financial institutions. What good is democracy if the only voices being heard belong to a small slice of trans-national corporations?

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