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Contents Introduction xix 1 Why We Must Disestablish School 1 2 Phenomenology of School 25 3 Ritualization of Progress 34 4 Institutional Spectrum 52 5 Irrational Consistencies 65 6 Learning Webs 72 7 Rebirth of Epimethean Man 105 Introduction I owe my interest in public education to Everett Reimer. Since 1967 Reimer and I have met regularly at the Center for Intercultural Documentation (CIDOC) in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Universal education through schooling is not feasible. xx DESCHOOLING SOCIETY and caring. On Wednesday mornings, during the spring and summer of 1970, I submitted the various parts of this book to the participants in our CIDOC programs in Cuernavaca. Reimer and I have decided to publish separate views of our joint research. Cuernavaca, Mexico November, 1970 Related:  `test 1016

Will Higher Education Split? (Sir John Daniel & Stamenka Uvalić-Trumbić) Sir John Daniel, President and Chief Executive Officer; Stamenka Uvalić-Trumbić, Chief, Higher Education Section, UNESCO Doing research for a book on the new dynamics for the development of higher education in the poorer countries that are home to the large majority of the next generation of students is leading us to an interesting question. Will higher education split over the next decade or two into a public sector focussed on research and a for-profit sector doing most of the teaching? Exhibit One is the communiqué of UNESCO's 2009 World Conference on Higher Education which identified 'massification' (vastly increased access) as the major trend, alongside seven other trends, most of which have a link, either as cause or effect, to the growth of ODL, especially eLearning. Exhibit Two is Ben Wildavsky's very readable book The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities are Reshaping the World. Exhibit Five is Archibald and Feldman's book Why does College Cost so Much?

Achievement First Endeavor Middle School With a little paint and some bold typography, a school designed to change the life of its students has undergone a transformation of its own. For the Achievement First Endeavor Middle School, a charter school for grades 5 through 8 in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, Paula Scher has created a program of environmental graphics that help the school interiors become a vibrant space for learning. The project was completed in collaboration with Rogers Marvel Architects, who designed the school as a refurbishment and expansion of an existing building. Achievement First is a network of public charter schools in Brooklyn and Connecticut. With the support of the Robin Hood Foundation, Achievement First seeks to provide students in urban areas with an education that will put them on the path to college. The graphics can be seen through windows in the school facade. Graphics in one of the school hallways. The environmental graphics were inspired by Achievement First stickers of motivational slogans.

VIDEO-kutak | OPPT Hrvatska INSIDE JOB – odličan dokumentarac o posljednjoj financijskoj krizi autora Charlesa Fergusona – Inside Job Wiki – dobitnik Oscara za najbolji dokumentarac 2011. godine. Opisuje sukob interesa u finacijskom sektoru, među političarima, regulatorima tržišta i akademskoj zajednici, koji je doveo do više-bilijunskog kolapsa tržišta 2008. godine. Narator je Matt Damon. INSIDE JOB sa podnaslovima u dva dijela: DEBTOCRACY - dokumentarac Katerine Kitidi i Arisa Hatzistefanoua – što se zaista dogodilo u Grčkoj i kako je do toga došlo. THE MONEY MASTERS – epski dokumentarac američkog novinara Bill Still-a koji je karijeru posvetio ekonomskim temama. KATASTROIKA – još jedan uradak autora DEBTOKRACIJE.

Why schools used to be better It’s one of the ironies of education reform that despite wave after wave, schools are seen by many as in worse shape as before all the changes. Here’s a look at why from Marion Brady, who was a classroom teacher for years, has written history and world culture textbooks (Prentice-Hall), professional books, numerous nationally distributed columns (many are available here), and courses of study. His 2011 book “What’s Worth Learning” asks and answer this question: What knowledge is absolutely essential for every learner? His course of study for secondary-level students, called Connections: Investigating Reality, is free for downloading here. Brady’s website is By Marion Brady You enter a checkout lane at Walmart, Target, or other big-box store and put your purchases on the counter. Those in Washington now shaping education policy are certain that what data tracking does for business it can do for education. But there’s a problem. United States: 61,361 Germany: 31,122

Universities, higher learning and resilient education Over the weekend, I attended “ For People and Planet : Not Profit and Self-Destruction: Can Universities make the move towards, or even lead ‘transition’?” What follows are the questions that it raised for me. I have also included a few unattributed quotes. Sustainability : Nothing is sustainable. Is sustainability meaningless? Transition : Is transition meaningless? “The future is here right now. Place : The University is a congealed space/place. Can we imagine a new form of social wealth? Curriculum in place : In the curriculum we need to reveal the revolutionary moment. How do Universities engage with the places where they produce, consume, create value, have value, look for profit? Universities and places of higher learning need to be reclaimed as sites of radical production and action. Technologies in public : How do technologies support shared histories and stories, within and against and beyond the economies of scale in the University?

A Child is Forced to Test: Where is Mainstream “Liberal” Media? A Child is Forced to Test: Where is Mainstream “Liberal” Media? Posted on April 18, 2012 by admin At United Opt Out National, we encourage opting out of high stakes testing because we support public schools. We wonder – where is mainstream “liberal” media? And answer this question regarding educational neglect. From: Christine Dougherty [] Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2012 10:38 AM To: Thomas M. Please be advised that my son Joseph Dougherty will not be taking the New York State assessments on April 17-19 and April 25-27. I am requesting that Joseph be given an alternative real learning opportunity option. Christine Dougherty Dear Ms. This letter is in response to your April 15, 2012 email and follows up today’s telephone conversation. If without medical justification, Joseph is absent from school on any day during the Assessment period, the District will deem this absence as unexcused. Dear Mr. Christine Dougherty

47 Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts You Should Know About Yourself I’ve decided to start a series called 100 Things You Should Know about People. As in: 100 things you should know if you are going to design an effective and persuasive website, web application or software application. Or maybe just 100 things that everyone should know about humans! The order that I’ll present these 100 things is going to be pretty random. Dr. <div class="slide-intro-bottom"><a href=" the 7-lesson schoolteacher John Taylor Gatto The 7-Lesson Schoolteacher by John Taylor Gatto New Society Publishers, 1992 Call me Mr. Gatto, please. Twenty-six years ago, having nothing better to do at the time, I tried my hand at schoolteaching. The license I hold certifies that I am an instructor of English language and English literature, but that isn't what I do at all.