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As Above So Below Part 1

As Above So Below Part 1
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Self Bias Resistor Lyrics Axial tilt To understand axial tilt, we employ the right-hand rule. When the fingers of the right hand are curled around in the direction of the planet's rotation, the thumb points in the direction of the north pole. The axial tilt of three planets: Earth, Uranus, and Venus. Here, a vertical line (black) is drawn perpendicular to the plane of each planet's orbit. The angle between this line and the planet's north pole (red) is the tilt. The surrounding arrows (green) show the direction of the planet's rotation. In astronomy, axial tilt, known to astronomers as obliquity, is the angle between an object's rotational axis and its orbital axis, or, equivalently, the angle between its equatorial plane and orbital plane.[1] It differs from orbital inclination. Introduction[edit] Over the course of an orbit, the angle of the axial tilt does not change, and the orientation of the axis remains the same relative to the background stars. Two standards[edit] Obliquity of the ecliptic (Earth's axial tilt)[edit]

Santos Bonacci: How To Connect To The Christ Within You Last updated on December 26, 2011 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News * Visit in5D Connection where you can find your soul mate or join one of our amazing groups. EVERYONE is welcome! Santos Bonacci gives a detailed explanation of how to connect with the Christ within you, along with how every major fairy tale and nursery rhyme is tied into astrotheology. Be sure to check out the moon charts as this will be an important aspect of attaining the Christ within. Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes & Astrotheology Little Red Riding Hood: Little Red Riding Hood is the sun. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs: Snow White is the sun as a beautiful white aura. Cinderella & Prince Charming: Cinderella is the dawn, Prince Charming is the sun. 4 and 20 blackbirds are the 4 and 20 hours (in a day). “Little Red Riding Hood is the evening sun, which is always described as red or golden; the old Grandmother is the earth, to whom the rays of the sun bring warmth and comfort. Sex and Your Moon Sign source Moon Tables

5 Classic Movies That Ruined Their Makers' Careers The dream of every artist is to create something that touches the lives of people for generations to come, and to become disgustingly rich in the process. Unfortunately, this second part doesn't always work out so well in show business -- in fact, sometimes the same successful movies that the artists worked so hard to make end up ruining their lives. So before you quit your day job and move to LA, let us tell you about the filmmakers who put their blood, sweat, and tears into something great, only to be rewarded with nothing but a middle finger. #5. Rhythm & Hues/Fox 2000 Pictures/20th Century Fox Life of Pi is the philosophical journey of a teenager stranded in the middle of the ocean with a tiger. Against all odds, Life of Pi was released in 2012 and turned out to be critically and commercially successful. Rhythm & Hues/Fox 2000 Pictures/20th Century Fox Still looks better than Hulk . The Damage: How is this possible? Rhythm & Hues/Fox 2000 Pictures/20th Century Fox "No, no, do it again!

Simplified Scientific Astrology, by Max Heindel, HTML Page 1 of 4 by A Complete Textbook on the Art of Erecting a Horoscope With Philosophic Encyclopedic and Tables of Planetary Hours The Rosicrucian Fellowship Mt. P.O. Oceanside, California, 92049-0713, U.S.A. T here is a side of the Moon which we never see, but that hidden half is as potent a factor in causing the ebb and flow of the earth's tide, as the part of the Moon which is visible. Thus, when you have given an astrologer the data of your birth, you have given him the key to your innermost soul, and there is no secret that he may not ferret out. To the medical man Astrology is invaluable in diagnosing diseases and prescribing a remedy, for it reveals the hidden cause of all ailments. If you are a parent the horoscope will aid you to detect the evil latent in your child and teach you how to apply the ounce of prevention. Back of every act is a thought, and behind every visible phenomenon there is an invisible cause. Mercury: Venus: Earth: Mars: Asteroids: Jupiter: Saturn: Uranus: Neptune: days 1 yr. 322 years

Monthly Astrology Calendars The following is the current monthly calendar complete with astrological information, including planetary aspects, void of course Moon data, and Moon signs. Note: Time is Eastern Time (Daylight Savings Time is observed). See interpretations of astrological events in April 2014 (Day Watch) - PDF See interpretations of astrological events in April 2014 (Solar Fire) - PDF How to Read the Astrological Calendar The day's Moon sign is shown in the top right hand corner. The number color (date) indicates whether today is predominately a Physical (red), Intellectual (green), or Neutral (black) day. The lower left corner represents the current stage of the Moon. Times are Eastern Time! Back to This Week in Astrology Red/Green Days for April 2014 For Sun Signs, each of the planets involved in aspects are scored according to their sign positions of the planets involved and the relationship they make to the Sun Sign. Upcoming Months: See interpretations of astrological events in May 2014 (Day Watch) - PDF

War on drugs fuels the HIV pandemic - Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations The global war on drugs is 'driving the HIV pandemic' among people who use drugs and their sexual partners, according to a report released by the Global Commission on Drug Policy on 26 June. The report - The War on Drugs and HIV/AIDS: How the Criminalization of Drug Use Fuels the Global Pandemic - condemns the drug war as a failure; noting that the worldwide supply of illicit opiates, such as heroin, has increased by more than 380% in recent decades. The report calls for urgent reform in order to halt the spread of HIV infection and other harms arising from the war on drugs such as the growth of organised crime and violence. The report points to evidence for the effectiveness of programs such as needle and syringe exchanges and safe injecting facilities in countries that have virtually eliminated transmission due to injecting drugs. The Report's recommendations include: Source Global Commission on Drug Policy - for media release, video of teleconference and to download report. More News

Main Page - Astro-Databank, Astrology data and horoscope of 2000 We Are the Authors | Waking Life Transcript - Chapter 15 (The main character is now on a subway, and from his body language, it seems he's expected it to stop before it has.) (We see a bridge from afar, and move to it. Now on the bridge, we see a shining light, from which a crazy looking guy with a big afro appears. This is poet Timothy "Speed" Levitch.) "On this bridge," Lorca warns, "life is not a dream. (The 60's-like stars twinkle around his head, and he wanders off in an ecstatic trance.) 5 Insane Laws Written Specifically to Harass Poor People Wherever you stand on the political spectrum, you probably have enough common sense and moral fortitude to not go out of your way to kick a homeless person when you see one on the street. If so, pat yourself on the back, because there are some American legislators who are using every tool in their toolbox to make "poverty" the new "murder." #5. Unless you come from a family so rich and so uninterested in your character development that they pay your bills for you, you've been short on your rent at least once in your life. Darrin Klimek/Digital Vision/Getty Images "Suddenly, I've gained a real appreciation for the early works of N.W.A." According to the failure-to-vacate law, once you're late on your rent, landlords can give you 10 days to pay up, move out, or go to jail. Can the tenants fight it? #4. Have you ever gotten a bank error in your favor? Now, imagine that you're on unemployment, and it's the state government that gives you the extra money. #3. Didn't you guys know? Surprise!