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The Scottish Parliament - Homepage

The Scottish Parliament - Homepage
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Newsnet Scotland Scottish Parliament The Scottish Parliament (Scottish Gaelic: Pàrlamaid na h-Alba; Scots: The Scots Pairlament)[2][3][4][5] is the devolved national, unicameral legislature of Scotland, located in the Holyrood area of the capital, Edinburgh. The Parliament, informally referred to as "Holyrood",[6] is a democratically elected body comprising 129 members known as Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs). Members are elected for four-year terms under the additional member system. As a result, 73 MSPs represent individual geographical constituencies elected by the plurality ("first past the post") system, with a further 56 returned from eight additional member regions, each electing seven MSPs.[7] The most recent general election to the Parliament was held on 5 May 2011. Following a referendum in 1997, in which the Scottish electorate gave their consent, the current Parliament was convened by the Scotland Act 1998, which sets out its powers as a devolved legislature. History of the Scottish parliament[edit]

Scottish Parliament - About my vote, produced by The Electoral Commission What does it do? The Scottish Parliament represents the people of Scotland and has the power to make decisions and pass laws in the following areas: Economic developmentEducation and trainingThe environmentFarming, fisheries and forestryHealth and social servicesHousingLaw and orderLocal governmentPolice and fire servicesPlanningSport and the artsTourism. These are called devolved matters. How is it made up? There are 129 elected Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) and, if you live in Scotland, you are represented by eight of them. The Scottish Executive is the government in Scotland and is responsible for all devolved matters. How is it elected? When you vote in a Scottish Parliament election, you have two votes – one to elect your constituency member and one to elect your regional member. In the constituency ballot, the candidate with the largest number of votes is elected. When is it elected? Elections for the Scottish Parliament take place every four years. Share this page

Scottish Democratic Alliance - dedicated to re-energising Scotland Scotland | £414m bill for Holyrood building The final cost of the Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood has been put at £414.4m. MSPs were given a final report on the "Holyrood Project" which showed that the price tag was some £16m cheaper than expected. Presiding officer George Reid also announced that the building's contractors will not be sued over construction delays. The constuction of the Holyrood complex has been formally declared complete. However, Mr Reid said legal action would be taken to recover the costs of a broken beam in the main chamber. The most recent estimate of the building costs had been £430.5m. Bill Aitken MSP, Scottish Conservative chief whip, said nobody had come out of the row over the Scottish Parliament with any great credit. "But at least some sort of grip was eventually exercised. An inquiry into the problems with the construction of the building was held by Tory peer Lord Fraser. He found systemic failures but no single "villain of the piece". 'Steely determination' New building

Scottish Parliament - Yesterday and Today - The Early Years The Earliest TimesIn medieval times, the concept of a "parliament" would have been unheard of at a time when clan chiefs or minor kings ruled without question. There may have been groups of elders who gave "advice" but the leader of the society was often there by force of arms. After the Norman Conquest in England in 1066, the principle of king and vassals was reinforced. When Charles I visited Scotland in 1633 (for the one and only time) he attended Parliament, sitting on a raised dais and overseeing the proceedings.

Gerry Hassan – writing, research, policy and ideas Scottish Parliament Photos, Holyrood Building Images, Scottish Parliament Pictures Aerial Images by webbaviation, 22 Oct 2009: Scottish Parliament Photographs from 2007 by architect Adrian Welch: building photos © Adrian Welch 2007 taken with lumix camera Scottish Parliament Photographs from 2006 by architect Adrian Welch: building photos © Adrian Welch 2006 taken with lumix camera More Scottish Parliament Photographs All images above available at 2816 x 2112 size ie 99.34cm x 74.51cm, 72dpi or 01620 825722 / 07952 149814 Photographs © Adrian Welch Scottish Parliament – Architecture Scottish Parliament Building – Tours Edinburgh Walking Tours – these can include a visit to the building & description of the exterior: Contact Isabelle Lomholt on 01620 825722 / 07952 149814 Scottish Parliament Architecture – Tours: Visit and try to understand the Enric Miralles legacy – check with the Scottish Parliament: Contact on 0131 348 5000 or 0845 278 1999 Debating Chamber access depends on parliamentary business Scottish Parliament Architect – Enric Miralles

Scottish Review: I Have a close look at this photograph. We have not published it until now. The photograph was taken at 4.30pm on 3 December 2013 at Prestwick beach in Ayrshire. It was a bitterly cold, dry afternoon, similar to the weather on the corresponding day eight years earlier. For the purposes of our experiment, we asked someone to walk 150 yards from the sea wall – the distance said to have been walked by someone else, now dead, eight years earlier. All that could be seen after 150 yards was a dark, nondescript figure. Now put yourself in the position of a local man who was walking along Prestwick promenade at the same time, in the same conditions, on 3 December 2005. The following morning, the body of a young Swedish woman, Annie Borjesson, was found on the beach. For the police, the testimony of the local man was vital: it was the nearest thing to a positive ID of Annie Borjesson on the beach that afternoon; it completed their picture of her ultimate journey. The witness did his best.