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Content Curation Guide for SEO - What, How, Why

Content Curation Guide for SEO - What, How, Why
The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. When it comes to the Internet, I imagine it as the warehouse where the Ark is archived at the end of Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Ark is that outstanding content someone has produced and that no other will be able to see again, because it is forgotten and hidden between gazillions of other contents. Apart from the gigantic volume of pages present in the Internet, for a long time, search spam has been making the discovery of reliable sources difficult; and – let's be honest – Social Media has enhanced this issue, because it added even more noise and dispersion. Actually, as Mitchel Kapor said once, getting information off the Internet is like having a drink from a fire hydrant. To tell the truth, this problem is not new. What is Content Curation? This is especially needed in the Internet era. How to do Content Curation: The Tools Zite Flipboard Related:  Content Curation

Content Curation: The Ultimate Guide 33inShare Content curation is a hot topic of discussion in marketing circles these days. One of the biggest problems businesses face when they try to pursue content marketing is finding the time to actually produce the content. But when you curate content, you don’t really have to produce anything. Sort of… There are a lot of misconceptions about content curation out there. What is Content Curation? Curation is nothing new, really. Radio stations are also curators if you think about it. But never has the ability to curate content (be it visual, audio or text) been so available for the general public. In fact, most people that have any sort of online presence have curated content at one point or another. Content curation is really just the sharing of other people’s information. This is similar to how a museum curator would research different art pieces for an exhibit, sift through them, analyze them, and finally decide what to display. I have to disagree with this view point. Discovery Analysis

Creating a Content Curation System and Increasing Social Media Productivity One of the most common questions we hear from prospects and clients is: How can you be effective with social media marketing while preventing it from being a major time sink? To be honest, this is a daily challenge even for us. Creating a Content Curation System and Increasing Social Media Productivity Having simultaneously managed social media for Strategexe and multiple clients, I’ve been pushed to find the most efficient ways to stay on top of social media. Below is a description of how I find and organize content for social media updates, which you can easily use for your business! Setting Up a Content Curation System Content curation is simply the process of filtering through blogs, videos, case studies, and other online content and organizing it in a meaningful way. So, for example, if you operated a landscaping and gardening business, content curation would have you searching for authoritative blogs that publish tutorials and tips on the topics of landscaping and gardening.

Good Stuff No more Content Aggregation – let’s do Content Curation to bring value to readers along with search engine position Content Aggregation (which is just a fancy term for the automated gathering of links and content from the web) can be viewed on sites like Google News and several other news kind of websites. Generally, this kind of aggregation may be seen being a good thing for content creators and content publishers and uptill recently, it was upto the technology to do this – meaning – automated scripts or bots – that could help fill up content from different sources. But all this is now changing with Content Curation — what is content curation? An wonderful blog post about “content curation” is found on Robin Good’s weblog – . Here’s a part from Robin’s blog “A Content Curator is someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online.” So who are these content curators? According to Dr. 1. Interlink your posts Search Google

3 Content Curation Plugins for Wordpress - Think Big Online Marketing Agency Sydney 02 9460 0581 Creating great content is what makes the Web go round, but some times it can take hours to come up with something worth sharing. This is where content curation comes in. Being able to leverage off other interesting stories or statistics to get your creative juices flowing helps you keep out in the market place and save you time to do the things you love. If you are using WordPress as your platform of choice then I have 3 plugins that will help you drag in content from the web in a flash. You can grab the plugin at Storify Plugin The stroify plugin is similar in that it lets you search for a keyword and it will give you suggestions for content that you can make a story out of. Download the plugin at Zemanta Plugin I saved the best for last. The plugin also gives you the ability to customise where the related content is pulled from. Download the plugin at

Content Curation Tips to Get You Started Two of the biggest buzz words surrounding Social Media are ?Content Curation?. I see those two words pop up in my Hootsuite dashboard almost every five minutes. What exactly does content curation mean, and should you be curating content? Let? There are plenty of content curation tools out there that can help you ease into obtaining information to share and hopefully start engaging with your customers! Here are a few basic tools to help you get started: - - Type in some key words that relate to your business field, decide what type of results you would like (blogs, books, everything, etc), how often you would like the results, how many results you would like, and where you want the results delivered! - -If you do not want all of your Google alerts coming to your email, you might consider having them sent to your Google Reader. - -Yes, Pinterest is a content curation tool! Now I have just pointed out three content curation tools that are a great starting point, and only skim the surface.

Using Curation to Create the Perfect Content Marketing Mix [INFOGRAPHIC] “There’s much more to content curation for marketers than simply aggregating and amassing content. Marketers can add value by analyzing and re-purposing each piece of information,” says Neil Bhapkar, Director of Marketing at Uberflip. “Content curation can enable marketers to re-channel relevant content to spark engagement and awareness with customers and prospects.”

7 Tips To Help You Focus In Age of Distraction: Are You Content Fried! Mindmap by Jane Genovese This morning I learned a new word for information overload – “content fried” from a colleague at the Packard Foundation. It resonated. We have so much content in our professional lives. I’m talking about the stuff we consume daily to keep inform of our professional field. It comes speeding at us from our email boxes, social networks, kindles, and even paper and snail mail! Then there’s the whole other world of organizational content that you need to consume or create to get stuff done! For those of us who work on social media and networks, “content fried” is an occupational hazard. I’m finding that my learning and online work is a fast forward, swimming in the stream experience. Howard Rheingold calls this process managing your attention or “Infoattention” and it is what he has been teaching in his courses. I decided to spend a little bit time reflecting on the diagram and pull out some tips for re-learning focus: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.)

BonzoBox Content Curation Primer Photo by Stuck in Customs What is Content Curation? Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. The work involves sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing information. A content curator cherry picks the best content that is important and relevant to share with their community. It isn’t unlike what a museum curator does to produce an exhibition: They identify the theme, they provide the context, they decide which paintings to hang on the wall, how they should be annotated, and how they should be displayed for the public. Content curation is not about collecting links or being an information pack rat, it is more about putting them into a context with organization, annotation, and presentation. People and organizations are now making and sharing media and content all over the social web. Content Curation Provides Value from the Inside Out Getting Started

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