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A short, partial and inacurate history of curation - by Steve Bowbrick

A short, partial and inacurate history of curation - by Steve Bowbrick

The Primacy of Consciousness | Documentary Heaven | Watch Free Documentaries Online The Primacy of Consciousness The fundamental nature of reality is actually consciousness. In his documentary Peter Russell explores the reasons why consciousness may be the fundamental essence of the Universe. Many have made such claims from metaphysical perspectives, but the possibility has always been ignored by the scientific community. This documentary basically seeks answers for these questions: What is consciousness? Report: The Primacy of Consciousness Processing your request, Please wait.... Share: The Primacy of Consciousness Related Documentaries From The Web

Mechanics BBC News: "Dark matter hunt: US LUX experiment reaches critical phase" (video) Public Lecture on Friday, April 11: "All Stars: Reflections on the Study of the History of Astronomy at Brown" at Ladd Observatory LUX dark matter results confirmed Science and Curiosity walk into a pub: Professor Dell'Antonio discusses dark energy at the English Cellar Alehouse, as part of the series organized by the Science Underground group Brad Marston and Jim Valles have been elected as 2013 fellows of the American Physical Society LUX Experiment leads off Nature's "365 days: 2013 in review" Paxson, faculty in DC for Higgs event Welcome to the Physics Department! We offer undergraduates a comprehensive experience that includes many opportunities to work directly with cutting-edge researchers who are also dedicated classroom instructors. Please explore this site to learn more about our exciting research initiatives and what Brown Physics can offer you.

video ARMES MICRO-ONDES A HAUTES FREQUENCES - ondes, armes, micro Description : démonstration de ces armes dans la trés vielles et trés sérieuse émissions " 60 minutes" méme si vous ne parlez pas l'anglais , les images suffisent. Vidéo ajoutée le : 03-06-2008 14:54:01 Catégories : Education Actualités Télévision Mots-clés : ondes armes micro hautes fréquences Langue : Anglais Lieu de tournage : n/a Adresse de la vidéo : Ajouter cette vidéo sur votre blog ou site web (Copiez/collez le texte HTML ci-dessous) :

6 simple steps to keep your mind sharp at any age May 24, 2011 Everyone has the occasional “senior moment.” Maybe you’ve gone into the kitchen and can’t remember why, or can’t recall a familiar name during a conversation. Memory lapses can occur at any age, but aging alone is generally not a cause of cognitive decline. When significant memory loss occurs among older people, it is generally not due to aging but to organic disorders, brain injury, or neurological illness. Studies have shown that you can help prevent cognitive decline and reduce the risk of dementia with some basic good health habits: staying physically active, getting enough sleep, not smoking, having good social connections, limiting alcohol to one drink a day, and eating a balanced diet low in saturated and trans fats. Memory changes can be frustrating, but the good news is that, thanks to decades of research, there are various strategies we can use to protect and sharpen our minds. 1. A higher level of education is associated with better mental functioning in old age.

The Slow Poisoning of India The Slow Poisoning of India is a 26-minute documentary film directed by Ramesh Menon and produced by the New Delhi-based The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). It deals with the dangers of excessive use of pesticide in agriculture. India is one of the largest users of pesticide in Asia and also one of the largest manufactures. The film showcases startling case studies from Kerala where villagers in Kasaragod district are paying a heavy price as it has been exposed to pesticide spraying for many years. But some farmers are bouncing back into better practices, and this is a silver lining shown towards the end. Watch the full documentary now Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts Graham Hill Explains How Less Stuff Leads to More Freedom at TED TreeHugger Founder Graham Hill stopped by the TED Conference recently to outline his LifeEdited project—and explain why a keen ability to edit will be the most important skill of the next century. Watch a video of the talk below:Watch the Video in Full Screen at In the end, the goal of the LifeEdited project was not to strip everything away—rather, it was to cut down to the essential in order to open more opportunities with less space and fewer things. And moving into a sub-500 square foot apartment is not necessary. Read more about LifeEdited:Help Design, Build an Ultra-Low Footprint Apartment: The LifeEdited ProjectWinners Selected in LifeEdited Competition To Design New York ApartmentLifeEdited: What We Can Learn From Camping Equipment

BBC Learning - Open Lab Rennes vue du ciel pendant 24 heures Benjamin Keltz , journaliste, est également photographe et observateur de la ville. Il nous livre " Rennes, vue du ciel pendant 24 heures ", une vidéo réalisée en stop motion à partir de photographies prises toutes les 5 minutes. Je trouve toujours ce genre de vidéo des plus parlantes : nous y voyons les flux d'activités au cours de la journée et de la nuit, avec la composante cruciale de la lumière (sans parler de la qualité des photos, cela va de soi). J'ai déjà eu l'occasion de parler de la photo et de la vidéo comme outil d'observation, d'investigation ou encore de visualisation des villes. Le projet a été mené sur (1) sur Rennes, (2) par Benjamin et (3) sur les flux urbains.