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Best Online Collaboration Tools 2012 - Robin Good...

Best Online Collaboration Tools 2012 - Robin Good...
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The 50+ Best Ways to Curate and Share Your Favorite Social Media and News Content There’s so much information online just begging to be curated: news, social media, images, video, websites… the list goes on. Reading great content from my favorite blogs and websites is one of my favorite down-time activities. It’s also an important part of my job as an IT Director because I need to stay on top of the latest trends, announcements and tech news. More recently I’ve discovered some great new tools to read and share my favorite content which I’ve included here in this list. Content Gathering and Personalized Newsfeeds Faveous – The place for everything you like.Trapit – Captures personalized content. iPad Curation Flipboard – Your social magazine.News360 – Next-generation news personalization and aggregation.persona/ – Everything you care about There’s more to this article!

Bounce – share/discuss things from a website Beyond Earth: A Poster Series by BeyondEarth These posters will have a final cut size of 18” x 24” and be printed in Montreal. I chose to use thick 80 lb French Paper Speckletone series because of its quality and nostalgic look. Each planet will have its own paper color. Each poster will have information about the planet that sets one apart from the other, as well as historic discoveries of what would have been known in 1965. Edit: To see all 8 posters please see Update #11 or visit this link: Futuristic pack – from the $10 level and up – you will received access to project updates. Postcards – from the $25 level upwards – you will receive a package (of 8) postcard-sized illustrations of each planet. Poster – from $55 to $75 level – you will receive your choice of one (1) 18” x 24” poster. After recently finding old science fiction magazines dating back from the 1980’s, it reignited my childhood memories of my curiosity of our solar system and of limitless imagination.

Content Curation Meaning Content curation is an art of compiling information from a variety of sources and presenting them in a creative manner in front on your audience. Content curators compile the already available information from a variety of resources scattered around the web and compile them together in an organized fashion before their audiences. The curated content form a bunch of related content and satisfies specific user tastes. One may curate content on Cinema and gather the available content from the web together and all the cinema loving audiences might visit the content channel to find all the related information organized creatively in one place. How to Curate Content? Content Curation Requires Creativity You need to be creative enough to get the most out of content curation. 1- Have adequate knowledge on the topic for which you want to curate content. 2- Gather possible sources of authority content. 3- Be versatile in choosing the sources i.e choose videos, infographs, slides, PDF's etc.

37signals: Web-based collaboration apps for small business Über Tilo Hensel Tilo Hensel, Februar 2013 Wie beschreibe ich mich mit ein paar Tags? Online-Medien-Management-Student, Blogger, Webentwickler, Fotograf, Filmer, Grafiker, Social Web Enthusiast, Early Adopter, Techfan, “Geek”. Wer bin ich? Nun, ich bin Tilo Hensel! Warum studiere ich Online-Medien-Management? Weil der Studiengang interdisziplinär und breit ausgerichtet ist. Video: Warum Online-Medien-Management studieren? Warum habe ich eine eigene Website? In den Sommerferien 2006 habe ich mir mit 14 Jahren autodidaktisch HTML und CSS beigebracht und meine eigene Website mit Blog auf WordPress-Basis existiert seit 2008. Ich möchte mit meiner Website als Portfolio nutzen um meine Arbeiten und Projekte zu präsentieren. Tilo Hensel am Computer (2011) Was mache ich sonst in meiner Freizeit? Tischtennis spielen, Fotografieren, Filmen, Snowboarden Tilo Hensel beim Snowboarden in Damüls In welchen Ländern war ich schon? Tilo Hensel auf der größten Düne Europas: Dune du Pyla (Frankreich, 2011) Was gefällt mir? Ausbildung

Digital Preservation 101 | Digital Preservation in a Box Introduction The “Digital Preservation 101″ section provides a gentle introduction to the concepts of preserving your digital information. The guidance is basic and is meant to be a place to get started. Digital preservation can be defined as the series of managed activities necessary to ensure meaningful continued access, for as long as it is required, to digital objects and materials. Digital preservation is the set of processes and activities that ensures long-term, sustained storage of, access to and interpretation of digital information. Curation is an applied form of preservation that focuses on interpretation and is often (though not exclusively) used in relation to working with scientific datasets. Introductory Resources

Design | HDK - School for Design In recent years there has been a lively debate at HDK concerning the subject matter of design. Discussions concerning design as a subject for academic studies and research, and design as a practical profession are central. Initially this was just a matter for teachers who started the programme, but now also a matter for our students. What design is and what opportunities designers have to affect social development and attitudes are relevant and challenging issues for people who take up this profession in the future. The debate is very much an issue among students and teachers alike. This discussion has resulted in a re-evaluation of the content and goals of design education and a new approach of HDK, which is reflected in the foundations of the current programmes in design. Design: a creative process The practice of design continually changes with society, and the notion of giving form to objects is no longer a sufficient description of what a designer actually does.

Professional Online Publishing: New Media Trends, Communication Skills, Online Marketing - Robin Good's MasterNewMedia Vintage Visual Language: The Story of Isotype by Maria Popova The Transformer: Principles of Making Isotype Charts is the first English-language volume to capture the story of Isotype, an essential foundation for our modern visual language dominated by pictograms in everything from bathroom signage to computer interfaces to GOOD’s acclaimed Transparencies. The real cherry on top is a previously unpublished essay by Marie Neurath, who was very much on par with Otto as Isotype’s co-inventor, written a year before her death in 1986 and telling the story of how she carried on the Isotype legacy after Otto’s death in 1946. Richly illustrated and contextualized with fascinating historical essays, The Transformer is a vital primer for a visual langauge that not only frames much of today’s communication but also speaks to us on a powerful intuitive level. HT Information Is Beautiful Donating = Loving Bringing you (ad-free) Brain Pickings takes hundreds of hours each month. Brain Pickings has a free weekly newsletter. Share on Tumblr

Internet Billboards The Power of Content Management Inbound Advertising Bre Pettis | I Make Things - Bre Pettis Blog - The Cult of Done Manifesto Dear Members of the Cult of Done, I present to you a manifesto of done. This was written in collaboration with Kio Stark in 20 minutes because we only had 20 minutes to get it done. The Cult of Done Manifesto There are three states of being. Update: James Provost made the awesome poster for the Cult of Done Manifesto. And Joshua Rothaas made this poster. curator's ǝpoɔ