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20 best-kept secrets for finding content to share

20 best-kept secrets for finding content to share

Winslew | lI' Ghun You might know this – you just found a nice webpage you want to read but have no time right at this moment? Maybe you create a bookmark for it – then you forget about it and remember it while on a long flight or being not connected to the internet. Wouldn’t it be cool to have such webpages marked for reading it later and having cached version of all this webpages on your notebook? Pocket (formerly known as Read It Later) is a service which provides a centralized storage for your webpages you want to read later. Winslew now is a Windows client to this service which can be used to fully administer your items (add, remove, mark as read, tagging, …) which caches text only version of the webpage so you can read them whenever you want and whereever you are.

30+ Cool Content Curation Tools for Personal & Professional Use As the web becomes more and more inundated with blogs, videos, tweets, status updates, news, articles, and countless other forms of content, “information overload” is something we all seem to suffer. It is becoming more difficult to weed through all the “stuff” out there and pluck out the best, most share-worthy tidbits of information, especially if your topic is niche. Let’s face it, Google definitely has its shortcomings when it comes to content curation and the more it tries to cater to all audiences, the less useful it becomes. The demand for timely, relevant content that is specific to our unique interests and perspectives has given rise to a new generation of tools that aim to help individuals and companies curate content from the web and deliver it in a meaningful way. These new tools range from simple, application-specific types such as social media aggregators and discovery engines, to more complex, full-blown publishing solutions for organizations. Comments(65)

Content curation in 13 minutes a day Steady, smart content curation can grow your audience on lots of social media outlets. It’s list building, social media-style: You help folks find and filter other people’s good stuff. In exchange, they start paying more attention to your good stuff. Just the facts, folks: This is a step-by-step look at how I do my daily content curation. Nothing fancy: The setup I did all of these things once, to get my toolset in order: Get a account.Install the Timely bookmarklet in my favorite browser.Sign up for HootsuiteSet up Hootsuite to use your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.Sign up for Pro. All done. 10 minutes, every morning Review my Google Reader list.If a headline looks interesting, I read the story.If I think my audience will find it useful, I open the story in a separate browser window. Click ‘Add to Queue’. Repeat this process until you’ve got 10 or so posts lined up for the day. Total time: 10 minutes, tops. 3 minutes every afternoon Total time: 3 minutes.

9 Free Tools For Link Discovery & Content Creation Every day it seems that there’s a new tool out there to monitor, measure, track, and suggest what we should be doing. Many of these are free or offer free trials, which I love, but finding the time to test out a new tool in order to see if it suits you isn’t always easy. My objective in using these tools is, of course, building links, so I’ll go over the tools that I use and show you how I’d use them. For the record, I’m not interested in competitive analysis, analyzing sites, using social media (with one notable exception, and my exclusion here is only because that topic has been well covered both on this site and elsewhere) or examining existing backlinks. Also note, we don’t automate anything that we do. Our main timesuck is definitely discovery so any time I can find a cool tool to help with that, I love it. For Link Outreach Generation It’s a very cool little tool that accepts a list of blog URLs and returns a downloadable list of blogroll links on those sites.

Twitscoop - Stay on top of twitter! - Search twitter, twitter client, hot trends Lazy Bugger’s Guide to Content Curation | Real-Time News Curation | I’m seeing more Scoopit links in my Twitter stream and I’m not crazy about it. Sure it’s quick and easy to share with Scoopit. But it not quick and easy to consume. For me it's all about the econ... Marty Note (here is comment I wrote on Dr. Appreciate Bryan’s and Joseph’s comment, but I rarely use as a pass through. Rich snippets are “blog” posts that fall between Twitter and the 500 to 1,000 words I would write in Scenttrail Marketing. I was taught NOT to pass through links on early on by the great curator @Robin Good . Bryan is correct that some curators new to haven’t learned the Robin Good lesson yet. For my part I always identify my links, probably about half the content I Tweet and about a quarter of my G+ shares. When you follow or consistently share content from a great curator on you begin to understand HOW they shape the subjects they curate. So, sorry you are sad to see links and understand your frustration. Marty

RebelMouse: Let Your Content Roar How to make ebooks apps for the Apple iPad and iPhone Writers Forum Magazine, June 2010This article has been extended online. Ebook applications now outnumber games in Apple's iTunes store. Sean McManus reveals how you can create your own application and tap into a market of over 50 million customers. Ask a room full of writers what the difference between a book and an ebook is. One format, though, is radically reinventing the ebook. Book apps have much more creative latitude than static ebook formats do. Sprouting success One author who has taken advantage of the medium's potential is Allan Plenderleith, author and illustrator of popular children's book The Smelly Sprout. He works closely with Stewart to build the app. Ravette Publishing only holds the rights to the print edition and hasn't been involved in the project. The key to a successful children's book app is to make sure that children can use it by themselves, says Plenderleith. The app sells for 59p and there is also a cut-down free version so people can try it without risk.