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Psychedelic Adventure

Psychedelic Adventure

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For U of M prof, hallucinogenic plants offer more than meets the eye Listen Story audio To the untrained eye, a certain greenhouse of plants at the University of Minnesota's St. Paul campus may seem like nothing special. Recipes - A general introduction to Ayahuasca Making an ayahuasca brew is a task by itself that usually involves a lot of time, patience and care. For those who are nevertheless considering the option, here are some of the preparation methods to give an idea of what it involves to make ayahuasca. The required ingredients can easily be purchased online at places such as Botanical Spirit. Natema Recipe of the Shuar The Shuar shamans (uwishin) split a 1- to 2-meter-long piece of Banisteriopsis caapi stem into small strips.

Esoteric Online - Document Library UPDATE 2/24/14: The Digital E-book and MP3 Library is currently being moved to a new server using Cloud technology, and will be a much more solid platform to be able to provide some great improvements. Some of these include: Cloud Technology - This means our Library is very scalable, beiing able to support millions of books on-demand 'Miracle Grass' Encourages Longevity While Dispelling Disease By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World More potent than ginseng, jiaogulan is a powerful antidote to aging, cancer, cardiovascular disease, stress and fatigue.

You Get Told Exactly What You Need to Hear: A Visionary Summons from the Deep Rainforest She told you exactly what you needed to hear, that's all. Neo, sooner or later you're going to realize, just as I did, there's a difference between knowing the path and walking it. --Morpheus in The Matrix

Science Ayahuasca y Salud (Ayahuasca and Health) Posted by Bia Labate on April 7, 2013 ยท Leave a Comment An important new book, Ayahuasca y Salud, brings together perspectives from the social and biomedical sciences as well as personal accounts of ayahuasca shamans and practitioners in order to address diverse indigenous, mestizo and Western concepts of health, illness and curing related to the use of ayahuasca. In the Woods with Baphomet Peak experience Origins[edit] Many of the nuances that the term now connotes were expounded by psychologist Abraham Maslow, in his 1964 work Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences.[1] To some extent the term represents Maslow's attempt to "naturalize" those experiences which have generally been identified as religious experiences and whose origin has, by implication, been thought of as supernatural. Maslow (1970) believed that the origin, core and essence of every known "high religion" was "the private, lonely, personal illumination, revelation, or ecstasy of some acutely sensitive prophet or seer" (p. 19). The nature of peak experiences[edit] Maslow describes how the peak experience tends to be uplifting and ego-transcending; it releases creative energies; it affirms the meaning and value of existence; it gives a sense of purpose to the individual; it gives a feeling of integration; it leaves a permanent mark on the individual, evidently changing them for the better.

Math and Science Online Textbooks Aeronautics - Basics of Space Flight - Online Textbook From JPL Algebra - Online Textbook ZapOracle As you can see, the site now instantly posts my status updates and the two most recent comments. If you want to get them live on Facebook, just subscribe to Zap Oracle. Go to I STATUS UPDATE, THEREFORE I AM to see some thoughts about my ambivalence about Facebook as well as some archived status updates.

Article - Spiritual Parasite: A Shamanic Perspective Of Abuse, And Its Treatment Spiritual Parasite: A Shamanic Perspective Of Abuse, And Its Treatment It is well recognized that a person who has suffered abuse will tend in life to either become a perpetrator of further abuse or become self-destructive.Why? Why would a person who has suffered the emotional horrors of abuse ever afflict another human with such degradation, shock and horror? The diagnosis provided by psychological examination leaves the question unanswered, admitting that there is no hope of understanding, let alone of cure.

DMT ~ Water Spirit In my descriptions of psychedelic experiences thus far, I have attempted to describe the range of effects that most users encounter. However, in some cases psychedelic experiences can become quite unique and personal. I've had a most unusual relationship with N,N-DMT, which has led to my discovering a magical alliance between N,N-DMT and the spirit of water. When I first encountered N,N-DMT I quickly became an aficionado, and began smoking either 5-MeO or N,N-DMT two or three times each week.

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