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Dust Echoes

Dust Echoes

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The Dreamhold Time shifts and flattens, days and decades folding aside like pages in a book. You can see-- THE DREAMHOLDA tutorial adventure by Andrew Plotkin. Copyright 2003-4.First-time players should type "about".Release 5 / Serial number 041231 / Inform v6.21 Library 6/10 You wrench your eyes open.

The Stolen Generations’ Testimonies - About Stolen Generations About this Project The ‘Stolen Generations’ Testimonies’ project is an initiative to record on film the personal testimonies of Australia’s Stolen Generations Survivors and share them online. The Stolen Generations' Testimonies Foundation hopes the online museum will become a national treasure and a unique and sacred keeping place for Stolen Generations’ Survivors’ Testimonies. By allowing Australians to listen to the Survivors’ stories with open hearts and without judgement, the foundation hopes more people will be engaged in the healing process. In 2009 more than thirty Stolen Generations’ Survivors shared their stories, their memories and themselves in the first round of interviews for the ‘Stolen Generations’ Testimonies Foundation’. These are their testimonies.

Eora: Aboriginal Sydney Eora: Aboriginal Sydney, 1770 - 1850, offers an insight into Sydney and the local indigenous community in the years following the arrival of the Bèerewalgal, 'people from the clouds', in 1788. United by a common language, strong ties of kinship, and a rich saltwater economy, the indigenous inhabitants survived as skilled hunter-fisher-gatherers in family groups or clans scattered along the coast. They identified themselves as Eora (yura), simply meaning 'People', a word derived from Ee 'yes' and ora 'here' or 'this place', revealing their deep connection to the land. View the location of the tribes around Sydney Detail from Wallumedegal, Chart of Port Jackson NSW..., 1788, by George Raper

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Bringing them home - Frequently asked questions about the National Inquiry Following the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families and the release of the report Bringing them home several questions have been frequently asked and statements made about the Inquiry’s findings and recommendations. Most of these have focussed on issues such as why Australians should acknowledge and apologise for past removals of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families; why those children were removed and why it was genocide; why do the "Stolen Generations" deserve compensation; and why do Indigenous people still talk about their children being separated today. 1.

How ancient Aboriginal star maps have shaped Australia's highway network The next time you’re driving down a country road in outback Australia, consider there’s a good chance that very route was originally mapped out by Aboriginal people perhaps thousands of years before Europeans came to Australia. And like today, they turned to the skies to aid their navigation. Except instead of using a GPS network, they used the stars above to help guide their travels. Aboriginal people have rich astronomical traditions, but we know relatively little about their navigational abilities.

ESL Resources ESL Resources ESL, sometimes called EAL/D, is common in our multicultural nation. Like several resource listings, these are usable across multiple curriculum areas. These cover areas from flashcard programs to resource directories, musical activities to information about TESL/TEFL. Unless otherwise stated they are free. Remember some sites are not Australian. Cast of Wonders Wonder Tales – Not Just Fairies Hi everyone, your editor Marguerite here. This weekend has been the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts.

Dust Echoes is a series of twelve beautifully animated Dreamtime stories from Central Arnhem Land, telling stories of love, loyalty, duty to country and Aboriginal custom and law. by mariannenicholas Mar 11