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Welcome to Shamanism 101! OK... you have made a commitment. Now, we are making some promises to you: 1) you will learn a lot about shamanism, and that it is good, solid, grounded material: the best we can bring. 2) Secondly, we can promise you that we, the teachers and administration, are totally engaged in bringing you good, solid shamanic education, and that we will follow and mentor you closely.

You will hear from your mentor within several days, usually faster, unless we have a super-busy series of enrollments coming in all at once, though this is not unusually the case. What we recommend to you is in the meanwhile, is to make sure you are getting set up to take your course. And, although it is very, very rare, if for some reason (such as being underage and not yet having parent consent), the registrar does not feel that your application can be processed immediately, we will immediately refund your tuition paid, along with a letter explaining why and what might be done.

Native American Indian Mimbres 'Jaguar' Talking Stick Gourd Rattle (XL) - Native American Indian from Sacred Essence UK. Beautifully Hand Crafted Mimbres Jaguar Talking Stick Gourd Rattle.Shaman talking rattle/stick, used for rituals and ceremony.Hand Painted with the spirit of EAGLE.DESIGNS CAN VARY AS THEY ARE ALL ONE OFF'S (Hand Painted).100% Naturally sourced and Crafted In Local Tradition.Approx Size: Length - 17" 430mm, Gourd size 3.5-4" 90mm - 100mm x 3.5-4". 90mm x 100mm.Uses: Shamanic Practices, Ritual & Ceremony.

Native American Indian Mimbres 'Jaguar' Talking Stick Gourd Rattle (XL) - Native American Indian from Sacred Essence UK

Music Making.It is said that the three kingdoms, animal, plant and mineral is represented in the rattle, the gourd and seeds (and sometimes stones) represent the mineral kingdom, the feathers and suede etc represent the animal kingdom and the gourd, carved wood handle and seeds represent the plant kingdom. Stunning hand crafted Mimbres gourd rattle. The rattle or shaker as it is often called is a very important instrument for indigenous cultures. They are used as dance rattles, to accompany the rhythmn of the drums and for ceremonial use and by Shamans. (June 2016) Email Us Returns: 12" Horse Shamanic Drum with Sunstone. Level 1 (Beg) Skill Base. We want to see you evolve into the powerful and professional practitioner that you will be.

Level 1 (Beg) Skill Base

When you give yourself to this kind of approach, you will watch things start to unfold and develop to the degree that you might be happily surprised. Course Content Your shamanism course will be divided between: Bronze Dragon Training Online. Indieshaman - shamanism magazine. Indie Shaman Magazine Indie Shaman magazine is a 48 page full colour glossy magazine containing full feature articles designed for those interested in shamanism and people interested in living ethically according to shamanic principles.

Indieshaman - shamanism magazine

Online subscription also available in PDF and Flipbook format. Aimed to be accessible the Indie Shaman magazine is printed in a book rather than magazine (column) layout, which also limits the amount of scrolling necessary when reading the pdf version. Printed editions of the magazine are produced locally on FSC registered paper. Subscribe Now to receive issue 28 on subscription and issue 29 at the end of July! In Issue 28: “The ancestors have offered the gift of the dreamtime to every creature; it is a gift of peace.”

Subscribe Paper Subscription (with free membership*) A print issue of Indie Shaman quarterly magazine posted to you. PDF Subscription (with free membership*) A choice of pdf or flipbook format of Indie Shaman magazine. *Membership Benefits: Ancientways Shamanic Training. Ancientways Shamanic Training and Healing Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the Ancients...

Ancientways Shamanic Training

Seek instead what they sought. Ancientways Shamanic Training. Shamanic Calendar: Moon. Find a Shamanic Drumming Group near you - Shamanic Drumming UK. Ashford Shamanic Drumming Circle Meets on the last Tuesday of the month At Singleton Environment Centre, Ashford, Kent, TN23 5LW This Shamanic Drumming Circle is an open circle which will meet monthly.

Find a Shamanic Drumming Group near you - Shamanic Drumming UK

African Shamanism

Ancientways Shamanic Training. Foundation for Shamanic Studies founded by Michael Harner. Mental Health & Shamanism. Spirit of the Inca Shamanic healing, training and workshops in the UK. All indigenous cultures have a medicine wheel as the basis of their tradition.

Spirit of the Inca Shamanic healing, training and workshops in the UK

The wheel represents the cycles of life that we as humans undertake during our time on earth. They are maps that guide us, that help us understand who we are, and allow us to grow and evolve as we journey around the wheel of life. I see the Medicine Wheel as a spiral, that as we walk a medicine wheel we come ever closer to the centre, bringing us home to who we are, evolution in action. Learn to see with the eyes of the shaman, to change your perception of the world so that the world itself changes. Discover ancient, life-enriching ways to engage with the world and learn processes and techniques that allow you to heal effortlessly, to walk in integrity and beauty. ENERGY MEDICINE TRAINING - Energy Medicine. This week you leave behind the tired, worn-out stories and archetypes and step into the path of the luminous healer who walks truth and creates truth.


You break free from the grip of fear and prepare to journey beyond death and taste infinity. You learn how you can heal the biological and karmic imprints of our family of origin that propel you toward a pre-ordained fate. You begin to clear the emotional legacy inherited from your ancestors and from former lifetimes. As a result, you are no longer afflicted by the genetics and life dramas that consumed your family. You help your ancestors find peace, so you do not have to re-live their lives and diseases.