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Animal Totem. Animal Totem. Trouver Son Animal Totem. Animal Symbolism. Totems. Hallucinogens. Fleshcap. Shamanism. Shamanism. Shamanism & Consciousness. MEDICINE WOMAN. Shaman Guides. Shamanic Visioning. Ethnobotany. Entheogenesis, Shamanism, and Psychonautics. Lycæum - Entheogenic Database & Community. Foundation for Shamanic Studies founded by Michael Harner. Howard G Charing Shamanism in Romania. Animisme & chamanisme : le monde des Inuits # 4 - Le blog de Phoebe. Les Inuits sont issus des peuples autochtones des régions de l’Arctique de la Sibérie et de l’Amérique du Nord (Alaska, Territoires du Nord-Ouest, le Nunavut, le Yukon, le Nunavik au Québec, le Nunatsiavut au Labrador ainsi qu’au Groenland.

Animisme & chamanisme : le monde des Inuits # 4 - Le blog de Phoebe

Ces dernières populations inuites qui vivent au Groenland sont les plus connues car les plus étudiées d’un point de vue anthropologique. Les peuples inuits (inuk, pluriel d’inuit) sont variés et on en rencontre dans pratiquement toutes les régions polaires de la planète. Il existe les Inuits et les Inuvialuits du Canada, les Kalaallits du Groenland, les Iñupiats, les Yupiks de l’Alaska et les Yupiks de Russie (NB : les Yupiks de Russie ne sont pas considérés comme des Inuits au sens d’une descendance thuléenne).

De nos jours, les Inuits constituent une population d’environ 150 000 individus, répartie pour la majeure partie au Canada et au Groenland. Le terme « inuit » provient de l’Inuktitut qui signifie « humain, personne », le pluriel est « inuk ». Spiritualité, es-tu là ? (3/4) : Le chamanisme, une expérience de l'invisible. Chamanisme féminin - Temple Yoni Matre. How therapy practice can be seen as a neo-shamanic healing journey. I have long been intrigued about viewing the process of therapy as a sort of neo-shamanic journey.

How therapy practice can be seen as a neo-shamanic healing journey

I am not talking about using ancient shamanic procedures as healing tools. I am talking about a sense of connecting with archetypal experiences in finding the place inside us from which change and healing are possible. The following describes some of the ideas behind this approach. Technoshamanism. Sound, Synchronicities & Shamanism. "He made the whole world an instrument of sound, and an instrument for carrying messages, resounding praise to the Creator of all. - Frank Waters - The Book of the Hopi Sound There is something called the Sacred Sound Current which correlates to the spiritual Hindu "OM" and the Sufi "HU", and the Sant Mat "Shabd".

Sound, Synchronicities & Shamanism

This Music of the Spheres, Logos or Word as called in mystical teachings, goes beyond our limited spoken language. Quantum Shaman Glossary. The Quantum Shaman™GLOSSARY OF TERMS ABYSS - 1) The emptiness or the nothing, the absence of all things.

Quantum Shaman Glossary

Most people have never seen the abyss, while others think of it (erroneously) as the religious vision of "hell”. If consciousness is existence, the abyss is oblivion. 2) The hollow emptiness inside someone who has made no attempt at their own personal evolution. The soulless void. Sity. Eye openers. Experience Vaults. Daniele Bolelli - Home. NEW WORLD VIEWS. Humanexus. Etnopsychiatrie/chamanisme. A Watering Hole For Your Inner Sage. Chamanisme. Shamanism. What is a Shamanic Journey. What is a Shamanic Journey By Viola Woolcott The Shaman is said to be walking with one foot in the every day world and with the other in the spirit world.

What is a Shamanic Journey

Different cultures may express their views on the two realities in differently, but the basic idea is the same. Shamans are explorers of doorways from ordinary reality into non-ordinary (NOR) reality through portals leading him from the physical to the spirit world. They are moving between those two worlds. The Shamanic Journey is a way of finding answers, information, healing, wisdom and knowledge as well as guidance or help with one’s personal life.

A shamanic world is made up of three parts, the lower world, the upper world and the middle world. Selling the Sacred: Get Your Master's in Native American Shamanism? - Indian Country Media Network. New Age spirituality has been building momentum for more than a century, according to scholars—who don’t like it any more than Native people do.

Selling the Sacred: Get Your Master's in Native American Shamanism? - Indian Country Media Network

Author Harold Bloom called New Age practices “the American religion” that “has been emptying our politics and our private lives of meaning.” A reviewer of another author, Catherine Tumber, said New Agers are “fungus-like, out of our uncontrolled capitalism.” There is one thing the critics missed though, and that is what New Agers are doing in Indian country. Like the emperor’s new clothes, they have made a popular culture of the sacred invisible, and are selling it to the highest bidder.

A case in point is the Divine Blessings Academy, which objectifies and quantifies spirituality as a product for sale. This image shows a screen capture from the Divine Blessings Academy Course Catalog for Introduction to Shamanism. Lo Sciamanesimo e le Tradizioni Spirituali dei Nativi Americani. Shaman Links - Information on Shamanism, Links to Shamanic Teachers and Shaman Healers By State. EXTRAITS OUVRAGES CHAMANISME - Geopsy : Psychologie Interculturelle.

Shamanic Techniques For Space Clearing. Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Foundation for Shamanic Studies founded by Michael Harner. Spirit Guides. Warrior Poet. Shamanism. Shamanism. WE DO NOT HAVE SHAMANS: The Case Against "Shamans" In North American Indigenous Cultures. The Seven Shamanic Levels of Consciousness. Preface Although formerly only known by shamans, I present this knowledge now to spiritual seekers and for the benefit of mankind.In 1989 I met a Hungarian Shaman, Joska Soos, in Antwerp, Belgium, who helped people with his private "shamanizations" and classes.

Over the years I learned a lot, with new information about shamanism I had never read about in any literature. Among it was the system of seven levels of consciousness. Although he did not talk that much about it, it seemed such a useful system to me that I went further into it myself. I began to understand that some of my spiritual experiences in my past corresponded with those levels of consciousness. Table of Contents Introduction.

Psychopomp - Guide to the Afterlife. Psychopomp Work. PsychopompHealing the Dead Why the Dead Need Healing It may sound quite absurd to you that the dead need healing, after all they are dead and don't have a body any more, right?

Psychopomp Work