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Wade Davis sur les cultures en voie de disparition

Wade Davis sur les cultures en voie de disparition

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Lynx Medicine Lynx medicine is strongly related to the planetary energies of Neptune, Uranus and Pluto and thus one must reach very deeply within to understand both the messages that this medicine brings and the people who carry Lynx medicine. The bottom line is that neither the Lynx person nor the messages will be easy to figure out especially as the energy itself is well known for being extraordinarily tight lipped! Lynx medicine is that which empowers and gifts an individual to have amazing powers of intuition and clairvoyance. Just the same as there are great masters in music, literature, the arts and healing to name a few areas, so too are there great masters who can effortlessly pull from the ethers the intuitive and psychic messages that one needs at any given point in time. The Lynx person may not understand themselves why they have this ability for it simply pours through them. Lynx people can be very much like the Cheshire Cat.

Beware Pundits Bearing National Stereotypes - Richard Hornik by Richard Hornik | 3:51 PM January 25, 2013 The front page of today’s New York Times carries the shocking story that some Chinese college graduates prefer unemployment to factory work because they think it is beneath them. I have encountered both ends of the Fill-In-The-Blank Work Ethic trope for most of my career. Thirty years ago, the Germans spoke derisively about “Polnische Wirtschaft” — or the laziness of Polish workers. Of course people showed little initiative when there was no reason (positive or negative) to work. They even had a joke: The government pretends to pay us and we pretend to work.

New Mexico County is First in the Nation to Ban all Drilling and Fracking Republished from By John Upton Mora County, N.M., has a message for the oil and gas industry: “You’re not welcome here.” County commissioners voted 2-1 on Monday to ban all oil and gas extraction in their drought-ravaged county near Santa Fe, home to fewer than 5,000 people. A temporary drilling moratorium is already in place in neighboring San Miguel County, but it is believed that Mora County is the first in the nation to impose an outright ban on all oil and gas drilling. From E&E News, via NRDC: Commissioner Alfonso Griego said “he supported the measure because he feels that federal and state laws fail to adequately protect communities from the impacts of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.”

Ravenari's totem / animal guide dictionary Ravenari's Animal Energy / Animal Guide Dictionary Total Number of Animal Energies Represented: 290 Use Ctrl+F (or a similar search function) to search for animals you are looking for. Animals are listed by their name (i.e. Steller's Jay, Blue Jay, Western Scrub Jay), and also consider searching for simplifications like 'cat' or 'eagle.' Prof. Goering’s Top 10 Tips for Intercultural Communication For the past three summers, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with the Euroculture Program, teaching at Georg-August-Universität Goettingen and participating in the IPs. For someone who studies intercultural communication, this has been a dream come true, because each summer I have been able to immerse myself into a laboratory in which I can see and observe intercultural communication in action every day. From those observations, I’ve put together my “Top 10” list of lessons learned about intercultural communication. Beth Goering│

Leonardo DiCaprio Throws $7 Million Into the Ocean Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor best known for his roles in Titanic and Catch Me If You Can, has pledged to donate seven million dollars to help save oceans around the globe. A seven million dollar donation to help save oceans around the globe has been offered by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, at the Our Oceans conference DiCaprio appeared at an event staged by the State Department, where he announced the donation to the creation of marine reserves. “I got to know Leo particularly well during my campaign for president when he took time out of his life to put his celebrity to work on behalf of what he believed was the right choices for the country in terms of the environment particularly,” Secretary of State John Kerry said during the second day of the Our Ocean conference. The actor of The Wolf of Wall Street was a special guest that day. “Thru my foundation today I’m pledging $7 million to ocean conservation projects over the next 2 years.

Effects of a Psychedelic, Tropical Tea, Ayahuasca, on the Electroencephalographic (EEG) Activity of the Human Brain During a Shamanistic Ritual Effects of a Psychedelic, Tropical Tea, Ayahuasca, on the Electroencephalographic (EEG) Activity of the Human Brain During a Shamanistic Ritual By Erik Hoffmann (, Jan M. Keppel Hesselink and Yatra-W.M. da Silveira Barbosa PDF version of this document EEG data from 12 volunteers participating in a workshop in Brazil were recorded under field conditions before and after a shamanistic ritual in which the psychoactive tea, ayahuasca, was consumed. Following three doses of the tea, the subjects showed strong and statistically significant increases of both EEG alpha (8-13Hz) and theta (4-8Hz) mean amplitudes compared to baseline while beta (13-20Hz) amplitudes were unchanged.

AKB48 pop star shaves head after breaking band rules 1 February 2013Last updated at 11:19 ET Japanese pop star Minami Minegishi begs to stay in band A Japanese pop star has shaved her head and offered a filmed apology after breaking her management firm's rules by spending a night with her boyfriend. A sobbing Minami Minegishi apologised to her fans and said she did not want to leave the band AKB48, in the video seen by millions on YouTube. Here is my manifesto for rewilding the world Until modern humans arrived, every continent except Antarctica possessed a megafauna. In the Americas, alongside mastodons, mammoths, four-tusked and spiral-tusked elephants, there was a beaver the size of a black bear: eight feet from nose to tail. There were giant bison weighing two tonnes, which carried horns seven feet across. The short-faced bear stood 13ft in its hind socks. One hypothesis maintains that its astonishing size and shocking armoury of teeth and claws are the hallmarks of a specialist scavenger: it specialised in driving giant lions and sabretooth cats off their prey. The Argentine roc (Argentavis magnificens) had a wingspan of 26ft.

What foods and drugs need to be avoided? Posted by admin on Thursday, February 28, 2008 · 51 Comments What foods need to be avoided? Basically foods that are aged, preserved, dried, fermented, pickled, cured (meats), rancid, old, outdated, overripe, or even slightly spoiled. The following foods are recommended to be avoided with MAOIs: How long do they need to be avoided? 24 hours before and after drinking Ayahuasca should be sufficient.

Countries Please select a country in the dropdown menu above to see the values for the 6 dimensions. After a first country has been selected, a second and even a third country can be chosen to be able to see a comparison of their scores. To compare your personal preferences to the scores of a country of your choice, please purchase our cultural survey tool, the Culture Compass™. Please note that culture is defined as the collective mental programming of the human mind which distinguishes one group of people from another.

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