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Class Tools Just this morning I had an excellent experience using an exciting interactive site called Class Tools which allows you to create games, activities, and diagrams in Flash (without knowing a thing about Flash!). While covering an eighth grade social studies class, I informed students that they would be creating review games for an upcoming test. They were less than enthusiastic (and those of you who are familiar with the typical enthusiasm level of eighth graders will know that causing them to be even less excited was something of a real feat). Hoping to rescue the moment, I asked if some of them would like to create a game online. Anne of Green Gables Series for Kindle just 99 Cents My wife regularly reads to our girls from her Kindle. While there were a couple of versions of the Anne of Green Gables series for Kindle, I couldn’t find one that worked exactly the way I wanted. So I created my own! This exciting collection includes these great features: The complete text of eight great books featuring Anne ShirleyThree additional novels from Lucy Maud MontgomeryOne complete book of poetry by Montgomery, “The Watchman and Other Poems”Links to download the unabridged audiobooks of all 11 novels for FREE!The ability to easily jump to any book using the Kindle “go to” featureAn individual, active table of contents for each book so you can go to any chapterClean formatting, giving you full control over fonts and font sizesDid I mention an unbeatable price?

Free Chronicles of Narnia Resource Unit Ah, The Chronicles of Narnia. It’s been such a pleasure to introduce my own children to these wonderful stories and see them fall in love with them as I did many years ago. Copyright: Tawng / 123RF Stock Photo Books A few weeks ago, this cease and desist letter from Jack Daniels to author Patrick Wensink caused quite a stir within the Bizarro literary community, for about an hour. Then the news went viral. For independent presses and publishers like Lazy Fascist, any publicity is generally good publicity, but this — especially for the Bizarro community — was unprecedented. Bizarro Literature is still a relatively new and unknown genre, at least to the mainstream, possibly in part because it’s difficult to define. Though it may sound like some sort of exclusive and super-strange underground literary movement, it in fact encompasses many kinds of fiction — all of it weird. In an attempt to elucidate through example, we’ve collected a list of eleven Bizarro books that are representative of the genre after the jump.

5: Your teacher is not a mind-reader Lord of the Flies by William Golding Coaltown Jesus Books to Read and to Listen to If there is an old book not on here that you want to download to read (or to listen to), go to the Internet Archive or Many Books (for reading) and LibriVox (for listening) and type it into the search box. As I find suggested books for download that are not on the Ambleside or Robinson curriculum lists, I will add them here in alphabetical order. Remember you can use the search box to find out if there is a certain title.

Zing! - Thousands of Free eBooks for Students Zing is a new service offering thousands of free fiction and non-fiction ebooks to teachers and students. On Zing you can browse for books by topic, language, or reading level. You can read the books in your web browser on a laptop or tablet. Zing is more than just a repository of free ebooks. In the Zing reader students will find a built-in dictionary and tools for taking notes while they read. Best Books Ever Listings (Bookshelf) From Project Gutenberg, the first producer of free ebooks. Norwegian Book Clubs in Oslo (2002) In 2002, the editors of The Norwegian Book Clubs asked 100 authors to nominate ten books that, in their opinion, are the ten best and most central works in world literature. This list was reprinted in The Guardian in 2002.

Reading Strategies for All Ages This collection of reading strategies will make you feel like you just hit the jackpot for the best ways to teach reading strategies that are sometimes difficult to explain or for students to grasp and apply. This site is full of activities directly linked to printable guidelines and worksheets. Better yet, there are Power Point Presentations and Videos in ready-to-show formats all organized, described, and available from the home page.

Ambleside Booklist I will put up by “year” whatever books on their list can be found for free online. They have many that cannot be found online. You can go to the Ambleside website to see the complete booklist and to learn about their curriculum and Charlotte Mason education. STAAR Reading Test Passages Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 STAAR Reading Test Passages | Free Printable STAAR Reading Passages PDF Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 STAAR Critical Thinking READING TEST Passages | Inference, Main Idea, Authors Purpose, Sequencing, Summary, Character Traits, Fiction and Non-Fiction (nonfiction) | STAAR ONE PAGE Printable CRITICAL THINKING Reading PASSAGES ALIGNED TO the TEXAS STAAR Assessments and the COMMON CORE ELA Standards from Depaul University More Resources 2nd-3rd Grade Reading Leveled Vocabulary Tier 1, 2, and 3 The Reading Passages are aligned to CCSS and TEKS reading standards because they share the same goal of college and career readiness! Side by side studies showCCSS and TEKS share 70-90% of the same performance goals and reading objectives.

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