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Many Patterns: AG & Other 18″Dolls - Sewing Mamas Blog

Many Patterns: AG & Other 18″Dolls - Sewing Mamas Blog
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Inexpensive Ideas for Bitty Babywear Bitty Baby is was dressed for Christmas! Auntie Becca passed on to her niece Mahala her precious Bitty Baby who needed an updated outfit for the season. The American Girl Bitty Babies are one of my very favorite dolls for wee ones I thought I would post my favorite frugal alternative to paying $26.00 per outfit. I buy Child of Mine by Carters Preemie Baby Sleepers in the Infant Department at Walmart. Often I will find the sleepers and other preemie wear for as little as $1.00 an sleeper or outfit on clearance. This Christmas Reindeer sleeper is only $7.00 full price. Little girls will love the cute preemie pink ballet sleepers and appliqued pink pastel monkey sleepers which just came in. I used a remnant of red bump minky blanket material and lined it with a red Christmas flannel to make Bitty a matching blanket. To make a Bitty Baby Blanket Buy a package of Huggies Preemie Diapers for $8.99-$9.99 and use one of the many Huggies coupons to save $$.

Make a Slip for 18 To 21 Inch Dolls Materials List 1/4 yard white fabric strip of white eyelet 4 inches wide by 36 inches long matching thread 1 snap The pattern includes 1/4 inch seam allowance and is shown on a 1/2 inch grid. This pattern is free for your personal use but you may not use it commercially. To start pin and sew the side seams and shoulder seams with right sides together. Turn under the arm and neck edges 1/8 inch and stitch down on the wrong side. Hem one long side of the eyelet trim by turning under 1/4 inch, twice; to the wrong side. Pin and sew the center back seam, from the bottom of the eyelet trim up to the mark below the neck edge, with right sides together. Tack on the 2 halves of the snap to the neck edge at the center back corners. This pattern and instructions can also be used with a different fabric to make a sleeveless sun dress for your doll or a nightgown. The white fabric that i used was from a recycled old white dress shirt that my husband was going to throw away.

Sleeveless Jumper Pattern for American Girl, AG Type 18 Inch Dolls Sleeveless Jumper to Fit American Girl Type 18 Inch Dolls Clothes Patterns for 18 Inch Dolls and Bitty Baby Dolls & Costumes WebsiteSusan Here are instructions for making sleeveless jumpers to fit 18inch (45cm) American Girl, other American historical dolls, Gotz Precious Day Girl Dolls, and dolls with similar body types. The model above is my American Girl doll, Gwen. Important Note: my Corolle doll (not shown) has fabric and vinyl arms so this dress is not the best for her. You may use the pattern for yourself or gifts but not commercially. Fabric: one third yard or meter. Jumper Sewing Instructions With right sides of back and front jumper facing, sew together at shoulders. On center back side, make a 4 inch long slit down from neck edge for opening. Sew side seams back to front. Before sewing side seams add your decoration to front of jumper. Turn hem up twice one quarter inch and blind stitch. Article and photo credits Susan Kramer ~ please visit again soon!

Jacket For 18" Build-A-Bear Stuffed Toys I had quite a few of you email me looking for the pattern for the “bunny jacket” I made for the Notched-Collar lesson. Unfortunately, I had just made the jacket as I went along, using the pictures from The Book as a guide as to what I needed pieces to look like. It worked out that it fit my son’s toy, but I didn’t have a real pattern for it. I started making a larger, better constructed jacket for my five year old as my notched-collar assignment, but decided that I’d rather do a lined jacket if I was going to spend the time making one for an actual human to wear. The pattern fits all three of the Build-A-Bear stuffed toys my boys own, which are about 18 inches tall. So whip up a jacket or two for the naked bunny (dog, turtle, whatever) in your life. Assignment done! Standard pattern-sharing disclosures: -Pattern is hosted on Craftsy, and all links to the pattern are affiliate links. You’ll need -1/2 yard material. And the interfacing pieces Start with your back piece and two front pieces

Crochet Doll Clothes For AG & 18" Dolls You want to make something special for your child or Grandchild who loves her American Girl doll. 18 inch doll clothes to fit these dolls are sometimes hard to find locally and can be expensive if you have to order them online. The alternative is to save money by making your own doll clothes for them using these free crochet patterns Crochet 18" Doll Clothes #1 On this website you will find a free crochet pattern for button down cardigan sweaters. Crochet 18" Doll Clothes #2 This website has a free crochet pattern for a summer set to fit American Girl dolls. Crochet 18" Doll Clothes #3 On this website you will find a free crochet pattern for a Christmas hat made in red and green. Crochet 18" Doll Clothes #4 This website has the cutest movie night pajama set. Crochet 18" Doll Clothes #5 On this website they have a free crochet pattern for winter mittens for the dolls. Crochet 18" Doll Clothes #6 This website has 18 inch doll clothing for bedtime. Crochet 18" Doll Clothes #7

American Girl Sundress Tutorial If you happen to be the happy owner of an American Girl doll you will agree with me that they are huge money traps. Oh, do they know how to appeal to young girls (and mothers living vicariously through their daughters!). However, you can spend mere dollars on cute little dresses, and save your cash for clothing purchases that actual humans will wear. ;o) I'm going to attempt a tutorial of how you can make a dress without having to purchase a pattern. What you need: --1/4 yard of fabric (you can use a fat quarter, but you'll have to shave a few inches off the width of the dress skirt--I've done it both ways, and it doesn't make a whole lot of difference) --coordinating thread --any extra trimmings/ribbons you might want to add --velcro/snaps/your choice of fastener--but you can skip this altogether --sewing machine, fabric scissors, pins, needle for hand-gathering, ruler Cutting: Spread out your 1/4 yard of fabric and measure an 8 inch by 24 inch rectangle--this will be the skirt. Cut that out.

Dollar Doll Clothes - Free Patterns For AG & 18" Dolls Recognize the source of these cute small-scale prints for doll clothes? Yes, during a recent foray through the neighborhood dollar store we came across some quality women's underwear seconds and naturally asked ourselves what we might make from them. They are the foundation for a fabulous project--Dollar Doll Clothes! *Fits 18-inch dolls, such as American Girls* l. l. 2. 3. Let's get started! > Dollar store women's undies> Matching thread> Scraps of lace or trim>Velcro>Printed Patterns (see end of post!) PANTS or SHORTS orBIKE SHORTS OR LEGGINGS l. 2. 3. 4. l. 2. 3. l. 2. 3. 4. l. 2. 3. 4. I'm including a camisole pattern I created. l. Other Thoughts:-Try narrow elastic stretched and straight stitched to the wrong side of the fabric waistline for fulness--cute! Dollar Doll Clothes

Make a Scrub Suit for Your 18 Inch Doll This week we are starting a series of articles about making a set of scrubs for your 18 inch doll. This is a topic near and dear to my heart because I was an R.N. for over 15 years, and I just wanted to make a set for my dolls. I thought you might also be interested in trying your hand at this. Begin thinking about what you would like your doll scrubs to look like. The scrub suit is shown on my Madame Alexander Favorite Friends doll. As you can see in the photo at right, I went with the standard navy solid for this example. Look for light weight cotton or polyester/cotton blends. So gather your supplies, next week we'll start sewing! For the scrub top pattern Look Here. For the scrub pants pattern Look Here. For Sewing instructions for the scrub top Look Here.

AG Type Dolls - Spring/Easter Dress We all love to have a new outfit for Easter, or any Spring holiday. Your dolls would also love a pretty, new dress. This dress pattern will fit 18 inch American Girl, other American historical dolls, Corolle Dolls, Gotz Precious Day Girl Dolls, and other dolls with similar size body types. This is a photo of Julia, my Gotz Precious Day 18 inch doll, in a dress that is perfect for Easter, or any Spring holiday because the fabric is covered in Easter Eggs. Materials - 1/2 yard of fabric, the design of the fabric I used required that all pattern pieces go in the same direction, you may need less if this is not an issue. - 12 inches of 3 to 4 inch wide, pre-gathered lace for the collar. - 1 yard of 2 1/2 inch wide flat lace with holes down the center that a ribbon can be woven into. - 2 yards of 1/4 inch wide satin ribbon. - matching thread. - two sets of sticky dots For sewing instructions click here. For the pattern, click here.