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70% EtOH

70% EtOH
An older Eren and Jean I drew a while back, I am still pretty fond of it. (Sorry for cross post!) thank you everyone for your overwhelming support for Nameless & the Scientist book 1! Seriously stoked. I’m sending the files to the printer as we speak so my first non comic related drawing in a while of the kids sporting new haircuts! :) Preorders close on April 20! Nameless and the Scientist; book 1; The Sky is a Hollow Sea Softcover| 132 full colour pages | A5 | perfect bound | 20 USD + s/h Online Preorders are open here! This book covers the prologue and first chapter of Nameless and the Scientist. I’ll also be selling this book at TCAF in May! I can’t swim, the Scientist admitted. Then don’t let go of my hand and you won’t have to, replied Nameless. We’re almost there, says Nameless. The Scientist remains silent. someday, together, we’ll shine. It just so happens that once a year, the sun aligns to illuminate the cliffside like this, explains the Scientist, it’s an ordinary mountain, really.

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♡♡♡ klkzine: The book is now available on storenvy! Click here for the Ryuko edition ($18), and here for the Satsuki edition ($23).This book was made as a fan tribute to the show, Kill La Kill. Along with showing our love to the show, all profits will be going towards Womens Aid, a UK domestic abuse charity which helps vulnerable women and children seek shelter and support. Check them out and support the book if you can! The artists list is super long, I can’t begin to list them all!

elephant art Here are some examples of elephants used in movies that you never even knew were there. The Bantha wich appeared in the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope, was played by an female Asian elephant in a large custom made costume. However, during shooting the elephant would frequently take off the costume because it wasn't accustom to the extra warmth generated from wearing it in the California heat. The same elephant was used as reference by ILM when they were working out the locomotion of the Imperial walkers. The sound of the tie fighter is a mix of an elephant call and a car driving on wet pavement.

Motivarti Motivarti Mission Statement Motivarti is an organization dedicated to providing resources, networking, and inspiration for people who create art related to the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a working professional, a recent graduate, or a student, you’ll find lectures, classes, workshops, and events that will broaden your creative horizons. Nina-Serena How did you meet the yogscast? I just find it fascinating. Like I can't even imagine being chosen to do art for them... How to Create Skin Tones with Watercolor Paints Did you know that you can create beautiful skin tones with a regular pan of watercolor paints? It’s remarkably simple. In fact, it’s easy enough for first graders! (As you will see below.) Once you know how to mix watercolors, there is no limit to the color-mixing fun!

gigi d.g.'s doodle hootenanny I just wanted to say that those last two pages of CQ are so freaking adorable! I absolutely love scenarios like that, and I’m so happy you’ve written and illustrated all of this so well! Also thank you for creating CQ and working on it so hard! You’re making our lives so much more colourful and happy~ Thank you so much! Snakes, Hawks &Tigers by Horimouja Snake, Hebi They are said to have supernatural abilities, such as protection against illness, disaster, bad fortune and like the dragon can bring rain. Snakes have the ability to transform themselves into human forms, usually that of a vengeful, jealous or wronged woman. One of the best stories of this transformation is in the tragic story of Kiyoshime and the priest Anchin. Not all Snake myths are bad, many shop owners have the image, of a snake, coiled around a mallet hanging near the entrance, this is to bring good fortune and prosperity. Hawk, Taka

Learn to Create. Influence Change. Art Center at Night (ACN) is our continuing studies program offering opportunities to learn on a course-by-course basis with a renowned faculty of art and design practitioners. Established in 1931 as Art Center’s Evening Division, this program continues to serve the greater community through an open enrollment policy. ACN is popular with accomplished professionals who want to sharpen their skills or learn new ones, with those just beginning to explore the visual arts, and with students whose goal is to apply to the College’s full-time degree programs. Students study under professional artists and designers in courses that reflect the same high standards, rigor and professional relevance found in our core programs. Many prospective students to our full-degree programs take ACN classes to explore, gain valuable skills and develop an entering portfolio.

Abigail Larson - Illustrator Abigail had ambitions of becoming an opera singer and joining the circus whilst growing up, and although neither of those ended up working out too well, she still enjoys both. She began drawing with ink and painting with watercolor. She has developed a taste for flat digital coloring, however, and only gets a craving for paint now and again. Her inspirations range from Edgar Allen Poe to Lewis Carroll to Dr.

102 Resources for Fiction Writing « Here to Create UPDATE 1/10: Dead links removed, new links added, as well as Revision and Tools and Software sections. Are you still stuck for ideas for National Novel Writing Month? Or are you working on a novel at a more leisurely pace? Abby's art 'Among Spirits' My piece for an animal rescue benefit show called “Animystics” held by Light Grey Art Lab. Lady version of Dream from the 2nd issue of “The Sandman Overture”. she needs to have her own comic. also started an FB page to put my future artworks and WIPs. Sketch Of The Day The recording of yesterday’s livestream is now on youtube if you missed it. Check out my channel to see previous recordings as well :) I won’t be doing a normal stream next weekend due to the Ludum Dare game jam, which I’ll be participating in.