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70% EtOH

70% EtOH
An older Eren and Jean I drew a while back, I am still pretty fond of it. (Sorry for cross post!) thank you everyone for your overwhelming support for Nameless & the Scientist book 1! Seriously stoked. I’m sending the files to the printer as we speak so my first non comic related drawing in a while of the kids sporting new haircuts! Nameless and the Scientist; book 1; The Sky is a Hollow Sea Softcover| 132 full colour pages | A5 | perfect bound | 20 USD + s/h Online Preorders are open here! This book covers the prologue and first chapter of Nameless and the Scientist. I’ll also be selling this book at TCAF in May! I can’t swim, the Scientist admitted. Then don’t let go of my hand and you won’t have to, replied Nameless. We’re almost there, says Nameless. The Scientist remains silent. someday, together, we’ll shine. It just so happens that once a year, the sun aligns to illuminate the cliffside like this, explains the Scientist, it’s an ordinary mountain, really. New life, replied the Scientist. Related:  American Cute

Liz Pulido | Illustration Motivarti Nina-Serena How did you meet the yogscast? I just find it fascinating. Like I can't even imagine being chosen to do art for them... Oh man, gosh - I guess the first proper time was at Insomnia 49 last summer. I still feel like I was a pest that weekend but I can’t thank them enough for looking after me. But yeah - as I’m sure anyone who has met them personally agrees, they’re fantastic guys & gals - very humbled & polite! In regards to the whole art thing, yeah, wow, I certainly did not imagine I’d be in this position now. I owe all of the Yogscast & you guys on Tumblr like the biggest, most snuggly thanks ever because I now have a dream job drawing dreamy people. ♡♡♡ klkzine: The book is now available on storenvy! Click here for the Ryuko edition ($18), and here for the Satsuki edition ($23).This book was made as a fan tribute to the show, Kill La Kill. Along with showing our love to the show, all profits will be going towards Womens Aid, a UK domestic abuse charity which helps vulnerable women and children seek shelter and support. Check them out and support the book if you can! The artists list is super long, I can’t begin to list them all! i’m in this!! • 31 January 2015 otgfzine: 24 DAYS LEFT TILL PREORDER ENDS!! that’s me! • 22 January 2015 another small boy + the prince comic, bc i can’t leave these guys alone

Moments Of Distraction, helpfulharrie: Source: FOERVRAENGD List of... PyramidCar! About | Motivarti Motivarti Mission Statement Motivarti is an organization dedicated to providing resources, networking, and inspiration for people who create art related to the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a working professional, a recent graduate, or a student, you’ll find lectures, classes, workshops, and events that will broaden your creative horizons. The Founding & Humble Beginnings Motivarti began as a student club at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. The interest among students was immediate, and the results were phenomenal. We feel that more people should have access to this information and inspiration. Motivation is defined as the driving force that causes us to achieve our goals. About the Founders Jackie HuangFounder & Director of Mentorships Jackie Huang moved to Los Angeles after high school to attend the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. a Laura WestDirector of Marketing & Director of Courses Laura West is an illustrator based in Los Angeles.

Abigail Larson - Illustrator Abigail had ambitions of becoming an opera singer and joining the circus whilst growing up, and although neither of those ended up working out too well, she still enjoys both. She began drawing with ink and painting with watercolor. She has developed a taste for flat digital coloring, however, and only gets a craving for paint now and again. Her inspirations range from Edgar Allen Poe to Lewis Carroll to Dr. Check her at

gigi d.g.'s doodle hootenanny I just wanted to say that those last two pages of CQ are so freaking adorable! I absolutely love scenarios like that, and I’m so happy you’ve written and illustrated all of this so well! Also thank you for creating CQ and working on it so hard! You’re making our lives so much more colourful and happy~ Thank you so much! I never thought that your cutest pages would feature the Nightmare Knight. You ain’t seen my cutest pages yet. I have to say, Princess Parfait is an amazing artist to draw all that on the fly. Well, yeah. Was Splashmaster the first Disaster Master the Nightmare Knight created, making him the oldest? Splashmaster was created first, so I guess that technically makes him the oldest, but only by a matter of minutes.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR STYLE - 1 by *heysawbones on deviantART cake or death .J.Woods Scribblers