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Travel photography, Fashion photography, Documentary photography, Editorial photography, and Portrait Photographers: Feature Shoot

Travel photography, Fashion photography, Documentary photography, Editorial photography, and Portrait Photographers: Feature Shoot
Lisa Weatherbee, [@jungletimer] / Apr. 26, 27, 28 Tony Katai, [@kataiiiiiiii] / Apr. 29, 30, May 1 Our latest line-up of guest Instagrammers takes us all over North America. We begin with Lisa Weatherbee in NYC, travel with Detroit native Tony Katai, rope goats in Texas alongside Jennifer Boomer, see some skate culture in Ottawa through Josh Hotz and finish up in Graceland with Michelle Newman. Interested in taking over our feed? Leave your Instagram username in the comments section to be considered.

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The best photographs of 2016 - in pictures Boy on a bike at the Qayyarah oilfields (21 October)Carl Court/Getty Images I had heard the oilfields were on fire in Qayyarah, Iraq, and spent hours driving to get there. When I finally arrived, there was a strange atmosphere in the town – it felt dangerous and volatile, like anything could happen. My fixer said he was worried, that it didn’t feel right, and when a local guy like him is saying he doesn’t feel safe, you have to listen.

Édouard Manet Biography[edit] Born into an upper class household with strong political connections, Manet rejected the future originally envisioned for him, and became engrossed in the world of painting. He married Suzanne Leenhoff in 1863. The last 20 years of Manet's life saw him form bonds with other great artists of the time, and develop his own style that would be heralded as innovative and serve as a major influence for future painters. Photo Inspiration Who doesn’t love baby photography, One of the most challenging and time consuming type of photography. It is easily one of the hardest kinds just because of the sheer amount of unexpected drama with the kids. It is also one of the most popular kind of photography too. You see baby photography all around. This gives you an idea... read more

Conscientious Articles Contemporary Photographers Diane Meyer May 6, 2013 – According to the artist, Diane Meyer’s Time Spent That Might Otherwise Be Forgotten “is based on photographs taken at various points in my life and arranged by location. Photoflex Lighting School - Your Free Lighting Lesson Resource Basic Lighting A good place to start. These lessons demonstrate professional lighting techniques using only basic lighting tools. Having good lighting equipment is important, but knowing how to use it well is paramount! Lessons with Video At PhotoflexLightingSchool™, we realize that people learn in different ways.

Fragrant Nature Resort, Kollam – Experience Kollam as a seaport had a sustained commercial reputation from the days of the Phoenicians and the Romans. It is also known for its natural beauty embraced with sea, forests, mountains, lakes, backwaters, plains, rivers, tropical crops and vast green fields. With its lush greenery and vivid natural surroundings, Kollam has become one of the favorite holiday destination. Fragrant Nature Resort Kollam Located far away from the hustle-bustle of the city life is Fragrant Nature Resort – the only SLH (Small Luxury Hotels of the World) in South India. Nestled amidst the graceful palms and spread over five acres of land, the resort is a consummate backwater experience in itself which for sure offers a postcard scenery moment of a bewitching collage of blue and green.

Hellenistic art Hellenistic art is the art of the Hellenistic period dating from the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC to the emergence of ancient Rome as signified by the Battle of Actium in 31 BC[1] and the subsequent conquest of Ptolemaic Egypt in 30 BC.[2] A number of the best-known works of Greek sculpture belong to this period, including Laocoön and his Sons, Venus de Milo, and the Winged Victory of Samothrace. The term Hellenistic is a modern invention; the Hellenistic World not only included a huge area covering the whole of the Aegean, rather than the Classical Greece focused on the Poleis of Athens and Sparta, but also a huge time range. In artistic terms this means that there is huge variety which is often put under the heading of "Hellenistic Art" for convenience. There has been a trend in writing the history of this period to depict Hellenistic art as a decadent style, following of the Golden Age of Classical Athens. Architecture[edit]

Joe McNally’s Blog We celebrated Earth Day this past week. This observance has been around for a while now, and back in the 70′s I was occasionally assigned to cover some of the events. I shot the above for UPI one year, at an Earth Day observance at the UN. I recall it being the usual, uh, cluster….k, in NY press terminology, with all the papers, the wires, and the TV folks angling for angles and exclusives. I was working for the formidable drill instructor of editors, Larry DeSantis, or LD, as we called him, who told me in no uncertain terms to get the muckety-mucks. In color. Blog In this film, photographer Ralph Lambrecht explains Modulation Transfer Function, MTF, in the simplest possible terms, supported with numerous visual graphs and examples. He also gives us some rules of thumb for reading charts and graphs. The modulation transfer function is, as the name suggests, a measure of the transfer of modulation (or contrast) from the subject to the image. In other words, it measures how faithfully the lens reproduces (or transfers) detail from the object to the image produced by the lens. MTF is the spatial frequency response of an imaging system or a component; it is the contrast at a given spatial frequency relative to low frequencies. The essential meaning of MTF is rather simple.

Top 10 Best Pet Photographers in the World Have you ever tried to photograph your pet? It is not easy to photograph pets like cats and dogs as they are difficult to be controlled and you cannot ask them to do anything for capturing a good photo. For this reason, you have to learn how to photograph pets or you can easily choose one of the best pet photographers to photograph them for you. In order to be able to photograph your pets you have to know that there are many things which you have to consider when you photograph a pet. You have to wait and relax to be able to capture the right and most natural moment. You also need to focus on eyes and remove clutter to keep the location clean while photographing your pets.

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