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Jason Chan Art

Jason Chan Art
It's workshop time again! This time, Massive Black will be partnering with Riot Games to bring the workshop down to the LA area. I'm personally very excited to meet a lot of the scheduled artists coming to this event! It's a very impressive list this year with top professionals from North America, Europe, and Asia who work in the film, video game, animation, illustration, and fine art industries. I will be doing some talks, demos, and portfolio reviews at the event. Anyone in the area or around California interested in the arts industry should consider checking it out!

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How to model a realistic 3D character For me, this piece of work is all about paying tribute to my own Nana for all the support and encouragement she has given me throughout my life as an artist. I have been working in the industry for around 10 years as a character artist for companies such as Activision, 2K, Square Enix and LucasArts. Most recently I was lead character artist on Star Wars 1313, before taking up a position at Crystal Dynamics. ‘Happy Birthday Nana’ took me three months to create in total, working using a variety of techniques including photo projections and hand painting textures. The HDR image is from HDR Labs, but I created all the other aspects of the work.

digital: Visual Remix Thanks to all the Anomaly organizers, artists and attendees for creating such an inspiring event! Disclaimer : Non-proprietary photos/illustrations used in this lecture appear for the sole purpose of study. Introduction This talk, Visual Remix, is partially about music, and some things it has in common with the visual arts. Since Anomaly's theme this year is "Study From Life", it's also going to be a talk about life study. Kemp Remillard Concept Art and d-sign Skip to Content Scroll Down!! CGW class Star Citizen More G.I.Joe Stefan Tosheff Childhood dreams, sentai madness, MEGAZORD. ( pencil crayon, ink, and water colour ) pencil crayon and water colour Coming along with the mural. Featured show tonight at ayden gallery. #art #spraypaint #illustration #painting #Vancouver

AnimSchool Student Spotlight: Ernesto Ruiz Velasco We would like to introduce Ernesto Ruiz Velasco. Ernesto, can you tell us a little about yourself and what 3D experience you've had before entering AnimSchool? I began to get interested in animation and VFX really early in my childhood, and started to do 3D by myself when I was 15 years old. In 2007, as a graduated from a very technical High School, I won a Scholarship to study Animation and Digital Arts at ITESM, Guadalajara with my portfolio work. Later, in 2009 I entered an internship in a small mexican advertising VFX studio. I worked there for about 2 and a half years, first as a Technical Artist and later, in 2011, as a Technical Director.

george Hull - Krop Creative Database Congrats NB and the folks at Image Engine VFX- & Thanks for asking me to contribute! Take 1 sketches for the deportation hanger on Elysium based on NB notes. I roughed out a quick set and explored compositions. All deportation sketches were done in just one pass then given to VFX to evolve. Wish I'd had time to design +paint properly! Imagining border control like security while giant hoses fuel ships prepping for take off.

Jed Henry Draws for Kids! Did you miss us? It’s been a while, but Dave has completed a brand new video (yay!): The Making of ‘Flight of Fantasy’.You can order your own handmade print at our website: Winter 2013 Review - Eyad's Blog It was pretty busy term at AnimSchool, this article is to summarize the character that I created in the Intermediate Modeling class with Brien Hindman. Who’s Brien Hindman? What do you expect from a guy who has more than 10 years’ experience in the animation industry? Art of Francis Tsai » environment design space opera: Galactic Imperium Orbital Station N-128 A finalized design, finally. Well, probably still time for some tweakage. Wanted to get some of that 70s era, Joe Johnston/Nilo Rodis-Jamero practical model feel for some of these ships and outer space locations. The earlier concept sketch is at the bottom. Originally I had a vertical slit for the main hangar space, but that was not going to be practical for the scenes taking place in there.

untitled More of those mindless crashers this week! It’s the Buzzard-Bomber! This ugly brother carries a shrapnel strapped explosive straight into your turtle! Be sure to keep an eye out for these fast flyers as they care little about the return flight! Ambient Occlusion Painting Tutorial, sorta Newest Update: I made a new video tutorial about How to Paint Ambient Occlusion for Digital Painting. You can download it here: Ambient Occlusion Tutorial It's affordable and very cheap! ;) girishbalakrishnan Over Break: During the holidays, I wanted to get a head start in breaking down our story into scenes, creating a key asset list, and researching interactive interface elements that can enhance our story. The following is an example of an interactive element that I came up with as well as a reference:

drawthrough BLOG - DRAWTHROUGH: the personal and professional work of Scott Robertso Welcome DVDs Bio Contact

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