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Jason Chan Art

Jason Chan Art

AZMAKRIEG | Kemp Remillard Concept Art and d-sign Skip to Content Scroll Down!! CGW class Star Citizen More G.I.Joe G.I.Joe ‘Super VTOL’ Train robots and autonomous helicopters Mustache Ride Gee Eye Joe Void Star Creations They expect results « Older Entries Brom The Art of Lawrence Mai Maciej Kuciara // Concept art for film and video games untitled george Hull - Krop Creative Database Congrats NB and the folks at Image Engine VFX- & Thanks for asking me to contribute! Take 1 sketches for the deportation hanger on Elysium based on NB notes. I roughed out a quick set and explored compositions. All deportation sketches were done in just one pass then given to VFX to evolve. Wish I'd had time to design +paint properly! Imagining border control like security while giant hoses fuel ships prepping for take off. Idea sketch: Delivery of ships from storage via massive robotic cranes. Initial sketches for the underside/ sub strata of Elysium. Due to timing I was tasked with mostly layout work for VFX. Imagining monolithic generators repeating into the BG to enhance scale. Designing a suspended gantry layout for the final battle between Max an Kruger. Take 1 concept sketches for a massive droid factory and cargo hangar. Actors could travel on a 2 stage 45 degree elevators while crates of droids are being transported via crane arms. 45 Degree Elevator rising up to meet foreground set.

george Hull - Krop Creative Database Art of Francis Tsai » environment design space opera: Galactic Imperium Orbital Station N-128 A finalized design, finally. Well, probably still time for some tweakage. Wanted to get some of that 70s era, Joe Johnston/Nilo Rodis-Jamero practical model feel for some of these ships and outer space locations. The earlier concept sketch is at the bottom. Originally I had a vertical slit for the main hangar space, but that was not going to be practical for the scenes taking place in there. comic books, environment design, space opera space opera: Planetary Federation Outpost Here is a shot of the Planetary Federation outpost from which the rescue mission to retrieve Vitaly Fentonov originates. environment design, sketches, space opera

Vision Afar - Illustration Illustration EMRAH ELMASLI Jonny Duddle drawthrough BLOG - DRAWTHROUGH: the personal and professional work of Scott Robertso Welcome DVDs Bio Contact drawthrough BLOG Here are some selections from my blog, drawthrough jr. book: BLAST book: DRIVE book: Alien Race book: Start Your Engines book: Lift Off Video Game Vehicles Mechs Alien Portrait Sketches Miscellaneous Vehicle Sketches Plane + Hovercraft Sketches Mechanimal Sketches Kestrel Bike Frames Conceptual Bikes Helmets Wheelchair Design Concept design by Niklas Frostgård - Digital Paintings Gallery