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Art for Sale - Collect Contemporary Art at Affordable Prices About It gives us great pleasure to unveil ArtStation, our new community and portfolio website service for professional artists. ArtStation provides artists an easy and affordable way to create portfolio websites and be discovered. The best way to describe ArtStation is that it takes the best of all the artist community sites you love, Tumblr and SquareSpace, and puts it in one integrated package specifically for artists. Our journey on ArtStation began when artists kept asking us what the best way is to set up their website and get connected in the industry. While there are existing solutions out there, artists were putting artwork on one site, hosting their static websites on another (not updating them for a long time) and hosting a blog on yet another service. Your own website that is fully customizable with your own domain name and no ads Our vision is that every artist should have a website and they should be easily discovered. Your own website out of the box for free. Cut through the noise

Escape Into Life Gorgeous Bird Paintings by Adam S. Doyle Artist Adam S. Doyle who recently relocated to Hong Kong creates beautiful gestural paintings of birds, where the seemingly incomplete brushstrokes form the feathers and other details of the animal. In some strange way it reminds me of the story of the Renaissance painter Giotto who is rumored to have been able to draw a perfect circle without the aid of a compass, as if Doyle just picks up a dripping paint brush and in a few seconds paints a perfect bird. In reality his work demonstrates a profound control of the paintbrush and careful understanding of the mediums he works with. Via email he tells me: Yes, what you see is what it appears to be—strokes of paint. Doyle most recently had a show at Skylight Gallery in 2011 and is now currently working on a new body of work in Hong Kong.

James Jean Nato a Taipei nel 1979 e attualmente residente a Los Angeles, James Jean è un pittore, illustratore e designer grafico, tra gli innovatori e principali rappresentanti della lowbrow art. Parecchio si è già scritto di quest’artista ed il suo stile classico ed etereo, ormai riconoscibilissimo, ha influenzato decine di giovani talenti, alcuni dei quali sono già apparsi sulle pagine di, Andrew Hem, Sachin Teng, Julian Callos tra gli altri. Noto nel mondo del fumetto grazie alle sue cover realizzate per la DC Comics, per lo più Batman, Batgirl e l’ultrapremiata serie Fables di Bill Willingham per Vertigo, Jean ha vinto l’Harvey Award per tre volte consecutive e svariati premi e riconoscimenti presso la Society of Illustrators di Los Angeles e di New York. Da un punto di vista prettamente grafico e visuale, lo stile di Jean ammalia e impressiona con le sue atmosfere delicatamente aggraziate, la sua fisicità, l’equilibrio compositivo.

Steve Smith I don’t know what’s the deal with these hyperrealist artists, once again, great work, but absolutely no information…so I’ll just tell you to look at Steve Smith’s pretty paintings, who apparently dreams of sunny days, holidays and sunglasses. Can’t say I blame him!