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designboom oct 26, 2012 mirrored room of infinite reflections by thilo frank ‘the phoenix is closer than it appears’ by thilo frankinstallation view, kunsten, museum of modern art, aalborg, denmark, 2011image © studio thilo frank german artist thilo frank has sent designboom images of his project ’the phoenix is closer than it appears’, a large mirror installation that appears to merge into the surrounding space. by revealing a perfectly euclidical core, the visitor becomes the spatial focal point by moving on a swing through the vivid conceived environment. despite its large dimensionality (4 x 4 x 8 m), it creates a disorientating moment where the surrounding room translates a physical reflection, translating the viewer’s body into an imaginary reflection.

New York by Subway Case study images for Interband's Singapore's redesign and branding of Banco De Oro's branches in Manila.Photography, Digital Photography2012 Dale May : X-Ray Lego Stormtrooper Yep. This is an X-Ray of a Lego Star Wars Stormtrooper… Dale May knows how to please us, even if it is a little thing that will cost you thousands of dollars to hang on your wall. But how awesome my wall would be… More pics in the full article. Oui, oui. C’ets bien un Lego Stortrooper passé au rayon X. URS FISCHER @ MOCA, LA Spread across MOCA Grand Avenue and The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, the first survey in the United States of the Swiss-born artist Urs Fischer weaves together some of his most memorable and iconic sculptural works while creating an unexpected landscape in both venues. Fischer's world is fluctuating and unpredictable, and the pleasure that we derive from his sculpture and painting is based on our attraction to and simultaneous repulsion by the dreamlike appearances that he constructs. Fischer's work is characterized by an unending diversity of materials, strategies, concepts, and images. Sculptures are created through an elaborate aluminum casting process, roughly hewn in wood, or cast in wax only to melt away during the run of the exhibition.

Jeff Wall’s Unique Photographic Vision ONE HUNDRED MILES into the desert north of Los Angeles, at the intersection of two crumbling roads that are slowly re-assimilating into the ruddy, sunbaked earth, a flimsy, black folding umbrella—the kind that sells for $7 at a drugstore—fends off the high-noon rays from its perch on a metal stand. Beneath its shade, a tall man in a blue dress shirt and black jeans climbs onto a ladder, oblivious to the 85-degree heat. He peers through binoculars, concentrating intently on two land surveyors working about 15 yards in front of him and, beyond, the scrubland extending to the horizon. The binoculars are balanced atop an accordion-like, oversize black camera. After a moment, the man triggers the shutter by squeezing a small piston with a precise flicking motion that calls to mind Roger Federer’s net game.

designboom oct 26, 2012 k architectures: théâtre of saint nazaire ‘théâtre of saint-nazaire’ by k-architectures, saint-nazaire, france image © patrick miara all images courtesy of k-architectures paris-based k-architectures have recently completed the ‘théâtre of saint-nazaire’ in saint-nazaire, france, adjacent to remnants of a neoclassical train station destroyed in world war II. the monolithic forms takes cues from a nearby bunker and the concrete surface is stamped with a perforated floral pattern derived from motifs of 17th century silk textiles. at night, a soft glow emanates through the 11.5 meter tall walls, breaking down the appearance of the exterior’s massing. a main auditorium is placed within the concrete building and flanked by the hall, rehearsal area, dressing room. the facades enclosing these spaces are chestnut planks which evoke the stacks of racking found on industrial sites and processes.

Signs for the Homeless We have begun to accept submissions. If you have any we’d love to see them, please email at - Chris H. (*Person has requested to not use his face online) November 2013, Park Street, Boston, MA 1. What is your Name? Sophie Ebrard Filters Paracuru The Italian Wedding Opatija Michel Stranger Visions - Sample Locations 6. 1/6/13 12:25pm Wilson ave. and Stanhope St. Brooklyn, NY MtDNA Haplogroup: D1 (Likely ancestry 25% Native American, South American) SRY Gene: present Gender: Male rs12913832: AA Eye Color: Brown rs4648379: CC Typical nose size rs6548238: CC Typical odds for obesity designboom jan 18, 2013 performance architecture construction with clothes by dantiope performance architecture – construction with clothes by dantiopeintervention 01 ‘performance architecture‘ is conceived as an international ideas competition aimed at choosing proposals for five temporary urban interventions in public spaces featured as controversial by the citizens. the installations intend to draw up architectural and urban strategies that, by reviving performance art approaches, provide new directions as to the roles of architects, artists and designers – while promoting alternative urban practices to the construction of monuments and other traditional structures by facilities, activities and happenings. the 2012 exhibition in guimaraes, portugal includes ‘construction with clothes’ by dantiope, ‘bodyphonic’ by DOSE collective, ‘fountain hacks’ by like architects, ‘agricultural mountain’ by IUT and ‘unidade’ by pedrita studio + ricardo jacinto. garment installation detailimage © julien gouiric

Andy Gilmore personal cargo Andy Gilmore’s favorites Recently commented on Andy Gilmore’s project Polytopia The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in...Now playing Jeffrey Deitch Aurel Schmidt Maneater October 4–November 1, 2008 76 Grand Street In this new body of work, Aurel Schmidt munches her way through modernist masterpieces, transforming them with graphite and colored pencil into seething masses of interwoven debris.