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Social Benches by Jeppe Hein

Social Benches by Jeppe Hein
Incredible design of benches by artist Jeppe Hein… Jeppe Hein Concept incroyable de bancs par l’artiste Jeppe Hein…

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Favela Painting by Haas & Hahn Invited at the Shenzhen and Hong Kong Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture, the Dutch collective Haas & Hahn currently exhibits photographs of their Favela Painting Project. A program that, as the Wynwood Walls, aims to renovate disadvantaged neighborhoods with art. Launched n 2005, the idea first started at Vila Cruzeiro (Rio), before reaching other places such as Santa Maria, and mobilizes young people from these areas, combining education and employment while deeply transforming the favela. A civic-minded initiative you can support through the dedicated website. See more about Haas & Hahn Home Appliances - Other Projects by Hugo Cailleton at Coroflot Home Appliances - Other Projects by Hugo Cailleton Views: Favorites: Comments: Published: 5 Principles of Persuasive Web Design 366inShareinShare What’s the best way to persuade somebody when talking to them? You have to be confident, talk fast and swear a little, among other things. But what about persuading somebody without words – possible? You bet.

TRAGIC SUNSHINE . Band Posters Hello, Jessica here. I’m happy to present the final two interviews in this series. I’ve had the privilege over the last few years to be introduced to many poster artists, and have found a welcome home in this community. DESIGN AND DESIGN Design And DesignExhibiting every day "the best you can get" design wise.Create your free account and submit your designs to have a chance to be published TurnoverNaipe (suit)Círculo (circle) Naipe (suit) © VÍTOR OLIVEIRAVila Nova de Gaia / Portugal Showcased the 03.04.14 TWINGYT-EASYCube ToasterAttentıonBUMERANGECO SERIES, EZZGYCans'n CapsVICE VERSAPebbleOrcaOzzTulıp GardenTrınovaWOWHEART CHAIRLego ChaırThın LayerSteamDAISYBUGGLEFOLDIESECORNEROUNDBALLERINALoftTaxı!

Spine Danish design office, Kollision, who specialise in interaction design, recently introduced me to their truly remarkable kinetic media sculpture, Spine. Spine is an interactive installation based on twenty glowing cubes and an atmospheric sound composition. Each cube is moved precisely in fluid motions by two computer-controlled motors. The movements of the cubes as well as the sound composition react to nearby visitors by working together as one coherent expression in dialogue with the surroundings – a fifty meter long spine floating in space continually displaying new movements, light scenes and sounds. Spine was displayed between November 15th and December 15th 2012 at Godsbanen in Aarhus, Denmark, during the Media Architecture Biennale 2012. Did any of you see this in person?

9 Things We Regret Not Doing in Our 20s Life is filled with regrets. Ask anyone around you what their regrets are and they usually have no difficulty coming up with many items on their “regret list.” And for some reason our twenties are ripe for a field of regrets. The Top 100 Best Business Cards from 2010 The top 100 best business cards of 2010 really are a varied collection, with more and more unique ways of creating business cards being developed every month. While large corporations typically elect for standard (and relatively boring) business cards, small businesses and freelancers can capitalize on their creativity and focused brand image to create a unique and creative business card. Large companies sometimes can create unique cards as well, as their larger budget and personal design teams can have free reign to develop something awesome.

AD Classics: Le Cylindre Sonore / Bernhard Leitner Architecture and Sound create spaces with changing flexible contours. They create invisible territories which by not being limited by physical boundaries increase their impact. Of course, one argues that architecture is visual and expresses the will to establish limits and boundaries. While these boundaries are elementary, they cannot convey the complete adventure of architecture. Through its very essence the inside formulates an outside. One Question You Should Ask Everyone You Meet Email by Bernadette Logue “It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living, I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.” –The Invitation by Oriah I want to know what your story is… 7 Billion Stories in the World

Clever and Funny Business Cards That Will Crack You Up Handing out a business card to a prospective customer is the subtlest promotional approach. Unlike other marketing methods, people accept business cards without any inhibitions. Therefore, it is only essential to have a card that will create valuable first impressions. People have come up with all sorts of expensive and bizarre die cut designs just to get attention. However, a card does not have to go beyond the rectangular design just to be memorable. Originality and a sense of humor usually gets a person noticed and remembered.

Flying Walls / ateliermob Children curiosity is the tool for a wider reflexion about different ways and velocities of interact and percept daily spaces, depending on our age, using one Portuguese traditional materiality applied to exterior doors to protect from sun and insects, usually rejected and depreciated by contemporary architecture. In the context of the Festival des Architectures Vives at Montpellier (18th-21st June), on the theme “Ephémères Curiosités”, ateliermob purposed to reinvent children’s universe on one antique mansion’s courtyard of Montpellier. An universe that can interact with children and provide them the sense of proportion and scale as long as the possibility to explore their curiosity, over and over, continuously searching for changes in the surrounding space through their own imagination.

Top 12 Coolest Offices In The World Some offices can be boring and stifling, but definitely not these – we made a list of the coolest and most well-designed office spaces in the world. Not all work spaces were created equal – some can reduce workers’ morale while others can keep them happy and inspire them to be more energetic and creative. For companies like Google, which require smart, creative and in-demand workers, such offices offer a competitive edge when trying to attract young and intelligent employees. [Read more...] There are many different ways to make an office cater to its workers. Some of these offices feature athletic equipment that helps workers reduce stress or get their blood flowing (which is always important if you sit behind a desk all day).

Bridge From Recycled Grids / Aristide Antonas Once again, our friend Architect Aristide Antonas surprises us with a wonderful project, this time in London. The design is really interesting but also the way he work the infographics, all in black and with, very sober and austere. Hope you enjoy as much as I did looking at the project and understanding it! The new construction for the city bridge is constituted by recycled grid surfaces.