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All Of My Theory Of Knowledge “Best” Lists In One Place! As regular readers know, I teach a very wide variety of classes, and they include the International Baccalaureate Theory Of Knowledge course. I know that quite a few TOK teachers read this blog, and thought it would be helpful to them if I put all of TOK-related “Best” lists together in one place. These don’t include some excellent resources I have recently posted (though, those will be included in my next mid-year “Best” list, which will be added to this collection). You can also check out the TOK category on my site for those latest posts. In addition to these “Best” lists, you probably want to check out my Nearly 2,000 Categorized Resources For IB Theory Of Knowledge Classes. Now, here goes:

OUP Children's Books Voices We’re taking a break from our A-Z as today marks the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. To commemorate this special day, we are sharing an interesting extract from the Oxford Illustrated Shakespeare Dictionary: ‘A man of fire-new words’—Love’s Labour’s Lost NGOs Sceptical of Govt’s Rural Development Plans   Louise Redvers LUANDA, Jun 6 (IPS) – In an attempt to reduce rural poverty, Angola’s government plans to diversify its oil-focused economy by trying to restore the country’s once-booming agricultural sector. Thousands of Angolan small-scale farmers are trapped in poverty. Credit: Louise Redvers/IPS Angola was once a breadbasket of southern Africa and a major exporter of bananas, coffee and sisal, but three decades of civil war destroyed the fertile countryside, leaving it littered with landmines and driving millions into the cities.

Scientists win 1m euro brain prize for understanding reward Image copyright SPL The winners cracked the brain's "reward centre".It influences your happiness, pleasure or motivation to do something.But the system can go wrong turning people become into addicts. Three UK-based scientists have won a prestigious prize worth 1m euros for studying the brain's reward centre. Their work helps understand our drive to shop, eat or even land on the moon. Reward is necessary for keeping us alive, but it can also spiral out of control leading to gambling and drug addiction. Wolfram Schultz, Peter Dayan and Ray Dolan said winning The Brain Prize - the biggest in the field of neuroscience - was a "great honour". YouTube, as well as websites such as,, and, have an incredible assortment of guides on how to do almost anything, from cutting up onions to making paper airplanes. In this article, I’m going to explain how to adapt a video tutorial into a listening lesson for your ESL/EFL classes. How-to videos contain a number of features which makes them perfect for exploitation in the ESL/EFL classroom: authentic English with natural pronunciation content that relates to everyday life a wide range of topics that can be used images and (in some cases) titles and subtitles which make the meaning clearer the pleasure of learning a useful skill and new English vocabulary at the same time The following sections will guide you through several steps of planning for using a how-to video in class.

The Best Resources On Teaching & Learning Critical Thinking In The Classroom Teaching and learning critical thinking in the classroom will be the topic of my next Education Week Teacher column (contribute your ideas there, please), so I wanted to develop a “The Best…” list with supporting materials. I put out a call on Twitter and Google Plus for people to make suggestions, but unfortunately didn’t do a great job of keeping track who made the suggestions. I apologize if I did not credit you for your suggestion. First World War Literacy Resources Build on the national interest in the First World War centenary events using books like Over the Line and these resources to help children’s understanding and encourage reading for pleasure. ‘Over the Line’ has been a massive success this term. Many of my reluctant readers have turned a corner so thank you very much!” Bradley Stoke Community School Click here for the First World War Literacy Resources flyer detailing the Posters, Videos, First Chapter, A Short Story, Quiz, Playscripts and Classroom Discussion Guides to support your classwork together with a Signed Certificate or click on the links below: Live story

Urbanisation What is Urbanisation? Urbanisation is the increase in the proportion of people living in towns and cities. What causes urbanisation? Urbanisation occurs because people move from rural areas (countryside) to urban areas (towns and cities). This usually occurs when a country is still developing. Levels of urbanisation in 1950 and 1990 Donald Trump: Psychiatry professors say 'dangerous' US President must be removed from post for public safety Donald Trump is “dangerous” and drastic steps must be taken to protect the public from him, two leading psychiatrists have warned. The President’s erratic behaviour, including “repeated failure to distinguish between reality and fantasy” and “paranoid claims of conspiracy”, cast doubt over his ability to react rationally in a crisis, they said. In a letter to the New York Times, Judith Herman, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and Robert Lifton, a lecturer in psychiatry at Columbia University, said they were not attempting to diagnose Mr Trump.

Lesson plans Functional language Mind-mapping social encounters – a generic lesson plan (shortlisted for Teaching English British Council Blog of the Month award). [worksheet] Listing advantages and disadvantages (A2). Monty Python's Best Philosophy Sketches From dead parrots to The Meaning of Life, Monty Python covered a lot of territory. Educated at Oxford and Cambridge, the Pythons made a habit of weaving arcane intellectual references into the silliest of sketches. A classic example is “Mrs.