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Untitled. 165 Awesome jQuery Sliders and Other Useful jQuery Effects - Top free wordpress themes - Top free iPhone Apps - Best Wordpress themes. Here design. 九州すし市場. Made in Germany / Products / Lovely-Animals. QueryLoader2 – Preload your images with ease. Gaya Design is back in business and hitting hard with a redo of the 2009 script QueryLoader.

QueryLoader2 – Preload your images with ease

I kept getting e-mails and comments about it and thought I had left it just hanging there for way too long. It had become very outdated. So here it is: version 2 of QueryLoader! A direct link to the zipfile: View the example here: Reason behind v2 QueryLoader2 is a better version of the old script posted in 2009.

Compatibility QueryLoader currently works in IE version 9+, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. No dependencies, so no jQuery / Zepto / MooTools needed. Example usage: Include the queryloader2.min.js script in the head section of your webpage. Create a QueryLoader2 object like this for example: Use with NPM / Browserify First install QueryLoader as a dependency in your project: npm install queryloader2 --save-dev Use it in a node / browserify project: jQuery usage Include jQuery and queryloader2.min.js scripts in the header.

Call QueryLoader in $(document).ready() like this: Install using Bower GitHub. 用 jQuery Preload 預先載入圖片. 一個幫助你預先載入圖片的 jQuery 插件 說明 做網站時常常會需要預先載入圖片來帶給使用者更好的體驗, 像是滑鼠滑過去改變背景圖, slideshow 改變圖片等等.

用 jQuery Preload 預先載入圖片

預先載入圖片可以避免滑鼠滑過時背景圖消失了幾秒才出現, 或是使用 slideshow 等待下一張圖切換過久的問題. Demo 按 這裡 檢視這個 demo 原始碼裡也包含了這個 demo 頁面 下載. Davecranwell/jQuery-scroll-parallax - GitHub. jQuery for Designers - Tutorials and screencasts. Coda-Slider - Niall Doherty's dot biz. Supersized - Full Screen Background Slideshow jQuery Plugin. Animated fullscreen background image slideshow using jQuery. Do you remember the Advanced jQuery background image slideshow I posted last year?

Animated fullscreen background image slideshow using jQuery

Because of that tutorial, reader Evens sent me an e-mail, asking how the effect on the website from Climate Crisis could be recreated. It seemed liked an intersting thing to do, so I took the time to try to create the same effect. With the help of some small HTML, nifty CSS and loads of jQuery, we're able to create an animated fullscreen background image slideshow. Read the rest of this article to learn how it's built. You can easily change the script by changing some variables. The script uses the Templates and Easing jQuery plugins. Video Here's a reference video to show how the page should look like (displayed in Firefox). Looks pretty cool, doesn't it? Since the page is extremely dynamic, the HTML is very empty (everything is added by jQuery).

The #navigationBoxes is a container for the navigation boxes, and the #pictureSlider is the container for the background images. Effortless Full Screen Background Images With jQuery. Today we’re going to build a simple and fun webpage for the sole purpose of showing off Fullscreenr, a great little jQuery plugin that makes it easy to add a background image to your site that automatically adjusts to the window size.

Effortless Full Screen Background Images With jQuery

We’ll also throw in some @font-face and rgba action to keep things modern and educational on the rest of the build. Let’s get started! Demo Just so you can get a feel for what we’re building, check out the demo below. To see the jQuery in action, resize the browser window and watch how the image adapts dynamically. View the demo Now that you’ve seen how it works, let’s build it!

Step 1: Grab Fullscreenr The first thing you’re going to want to do is go to the Fullsreenr website and download a copy. Step 2: Start the HTML. New Signature Labs. Roundabout for jQuery by Fred LeBlanc. Add-Ons Roundabout is equipped to play nicely with a couple of other plugins if they’re made available.

Roundabout for jQuery by Fred LeBlanc

Roundabout can move in more ways than just a turntable. With Shapes, you have many other ways you can move your content around the page. jQuery comes with two easing styles built in, but this plugin adds many, many more. Include this script and use any of its defined easing functions in your Roundabout animations. In addition to rotating on click, Roundabout can also move by clicking and dragging on the Roundabout element itself. But That’s Not All! The list above is only a list of the plugins that have support baked in, but Roundabout will play nicely with many other plugins. Learn In an attempt to help all ranges of JavaScript & jQuery expertise-levels, I’ve constructed a couple of lessons to help you do some great things with Roundabout.

Learn how to go from unordered-list to full-on Roundabout in just a couple easy steps. Roundabout can move in more ways than just a turntable. Support. jQueryでParallax「Scrolling Parallax Plugin for jQuery」|