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Eclipse IDE for R Background: Eclipse is an open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE). As with Microsoft's Visual Studio product, Eclipse is programming language-agnostic and supports any language having a suitable plugin for the IDE platform. For Eclipse, the R language plugin is StatET. Figure 1 (above): Eclipse, StatET with R, and the R debugger (bottom window) at work. Converting the Enterprise to an Adaptive Neural Network « Kyield Those tracking business and financial news may have observed that a little bit of knowledge in the corner office about enterprise architecture, software, and data can cause great harm, including for the occupant, often resulting in a moving van parked under the corner suite of corporate headquarters shortly after headlines on their latest preventable crisis. Exploitation of ignorance in the board room surrounding enterprise computing has become mastered by some, and is therefore among the greatest of many challenges for emerging technology that has the capacity for significant improvement. The issues surrounding neural networks requires total immersion for extended duration. Since many organizations lack the luxury of time, let’s get to it. Beware the Foreshadow of the Black Swan A recent article by Reuters confirms what is perhaps the worst kept secret in the post printing press era: Many Wall Street executives say wrongdoing is necessary: survey.

The Internet Wishlist If you’d like to contribute to The Internet Wishlist, simply post on Twitter about an app or site you wish to see built and include #theiwl in your tweet. Please note: Not all tweets tagged #theiwl will be posted. Only the most forward thinking ideas will be shared on this site and on Twitter @theiwl. The ideas posted on this website originate from public tweets on To view the original tweet of an idea, click the link on the top right of each post. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch. less Facebook Graph API Explorer with R (on Windows) « Consistently Infrequent library(RCurl) library(RJSONIO) Facebook_Graph_API_Explorer <- function() { Anametrix You want to make better use of data to improve all forms of consumer interactions, from campaign performance and social engagement to web site content and ad planning. It’s the key to determining whether your marketing decisions lead to success. But your data is trapped in dozens of systems, databases, spreadsheets and applications – both inside and outside your organization. Sound familiar? Unify Your Data Anametrix enables marketers like you to bring together and make sense of all your data, so you can focus your time on the analysis that will drive marketing performance.

1-to-1 Meetings Facilitate Meaningful Connections with 1-to-1 Meetings Implement a 1-to-1 meetings program at your next event: User conferences offer an unparalleled opportunity for customers, prospects, and industry experts to connect with sales teams, product experts, and executive staff. 1-to-1 meetings ensure attendees leave your event with educational goals achieved and connections established. Designed to ensure top buyers attend events and connect with the right suppliers, hosted buyer programs are outpacing other event types in growth. Appointment matching technology accurately matches participants, while alleviating the event professional's workload.

An Efficient Density based Improved K- Medoids Clustering algorithm An efficient density based improved k-medoids clustering algorithm seminar topic explains about extracting information from raw data using clustering methods. In order to extract information from raw data kmedoids is the basic method used. Though they are easy to implement but they are many drawbacks in these methods. In order to overcome these drawbacks we propose a density based k-medois clustering method which performs better than DBSCAN in terms of quality. In this paper students can find detailed explanation on advantages of DBSCAN, disadvantages of DBSCAN, evaluation and results, conclusion.

Social Sunburst - An Innovative Platform for Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding Social Outcomes Interested in learning more about Social Impact Investing? Social Sunburst seeks partners and collaborators, in particular in the Pittsburgh area. Contact us today. At Social Sunburst we believe that anyone can become a Social Champion. Our platform makes it easy to join like-minded people in supporting social outcomes or even championing one of your very own. Through Social Sunburst, you can contribute or invest in measurable social outcomes that matter most to you.