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Stop hating these bands! Taylor Swift, John Mellencamp, even A Flock of Seagulls

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Taylor Swift Befriends Julia Roberts At Toronto International Film Festival Taylor Swift made her first-ever red carpet appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival on Monday night, flashing some skin in a white-hot backless dress. Though the 23-year-old singer hasn't added any more acting credits to her resumé since a cameo appearance on "New Girl" this past year, she did contribute the song "Sweeter Than Fiction" to "One Chance," which premiered at TIFF last night. For her very "first Toronto Film Festival experience" it seems like the pop star had a fantastic time: She looked amazing in a sexy backless dress: She was somehow still surprised by all her fans: And she met Julia Roberts: Swift and Roberts were both at the after-party for Roberts' film "August: Osage County," when they were introduced to each other by none other than Harvey Weinstein, reports Lainey Gossip. Looks like they hit it off, and apparently even hit up the party's photo booth together. Also on HuffPost:

50 Tips for College Students I did the "extended tour" of college. From about 1991-2002. I did get 4 degrees, so at least I have an excuse. :) I've also been an adjunct professor, so I've also been at the other side of the classroom. 1) The Freshman Fifteen does exist. 2) Pizza - the ubiquitous college snack. 3) If it's either take out a loan or quit school, take out a loan. 4) If you can live harmoniously with someone in a 20×20 ft. space, you can do anything. 5) Flip-flops: Wear them in the dorm shower. 6) Always attend the *real* class, and use the Internet one for review. 7) If you are not a morning person, don't schedule classes for 7am. 8) Get involved on campus. 9) Too much socializing = bad grades. 10) If you are feeling overwhelmed, are having problems sleeping, or have gone through a breakup, visit your college's counseling center. 11) There are a lot of free activities on campus. 12) Many colleges have free tutoring centers on campus. 13) Sit near the front of class. 14) Attend the whole class. 47) Sleep.

Didactalia – colección de recursos y servicios educativos, en español Desde Gnoss nos presentan Didactalia, un nuevo proyecto educativo con servicios y contenidos basados en la Web de los Datos Abiertos y Enlazables. Didactalia presume de ser la primera colección de recursos educativos basada en búsquedas razonadas, permitiendo, según nos comentan, la consulta inteligente de más de 30.000 recursos educativos de calidad; la creación de clases y comunidades educativas; el desarrollo de PLEs (Entornos Personales de Aprendizaje); y la conexión entre profesionales con intereses comunes, entre otros servicios y contenidos. Existen materiales educativos de diversas materias, así como guías para estudiantes, padres y alumnos. Ayer os hablamos de Tiching, hoy de Didactalia… parece que los portales de recursos educativos en neustro idioma están en su mejor fase.

Why Lovin' the McRib Isn't Heart Smart - - TIME Healthland Blink and it’s gone. The ephemeral McRib sandwich appears at McDonald’s infrequently and only for a limited time. If you haven’t indulged in one yet, here’s what you’re missing: azodicarbonamide, ammonium sulfate and polysorbate 80 — those are just three of the 70 ingredients (34 in the bun alone) that go into the BBQ pork sandwich, according to the restaurant’s website. These components are in small enough quantities to be innocuous. But it’s still a little disconcerting to know that, for example, azodicarbonamide, a flour-bleaching agent that is most commonly used in the manufacture of foamed plastics like in gym mats and the soles of shoes, is found in the McRib bun. The compound is banned in Europe and Australia as a food additive. LIST: Health-Washing: Is ‘Healthy’ Fast Food for Real? The McRib enjoys a bizarre cult following, in part because of its impermanence.

Learn 40 Languages for Free Get FREE Audio Books from and How to learn languages for free? This collection features lessons in 48 languages, including Spanish, French, English, Mandarin, Italian, Russian and more. Download audio lessons to your computer or mp3 player and you're good to go. Amharic Foreign Service Institute Basic Amharic - Audio - TextbookLessons with dialogues, drills, exercises, and narratives will teach you the basics of this language spoken in Ethiopia. Ancient Greek Ancient Greek Introduction - Web SiteThe UT-Austin Linguistics Research Center provides an overview of Ancient Greek and 10 lessons based on famous Greek texts. Arabic Bookmark our free Arabic lessons section. Bambara Bambara in Mali - Web SiteLessons from the Peace Corps. Bulgarian Bulgarian Survival Phrases - iTunes Free - FeedForeign Service Institute Bulgarian - Web siteTwo textbooks (PDF) and 75 audio lessons (MP3). Cambodian Catalan Chinese Real Chinese - Web SitePresented by the BBC. Czech Danish Dutch English Lao

Taylor Swift Now In Long-Distance Relationship With Curiosity Rover NEW YORK—Slowing things down after a string of on-again, off-again romances, sources confirmed today that pop star Taylor Swift is currently in a long-distance relationship with NASA’s Curiosity Rover. “Taylor is really serious about Curiosity, and even though the distance is tough, she’s determined to make the relationship work,” writer Katie Jensen said of the 23-year-old country crooner and the six-wheeled automated motor vehicle, nicknaming the couple “Trover.” “Taylor has visited Mars every chance she’s gotten, but she’s not crazy about the temperature, and would prefer it if Curiosity moved to L.A. at some point down the road. Still, she’s definitely in love and she would move to the Red Planet in a heartbeat if Curiosity asked her.” At press time, sources confirmed the infatuated Swift was sending private X-band radio waves to the rover’s UHF antenna.

100 Amazing How-To Sites to Teach Yourself Anything | Rated Colleges Posted by Site Administrator in Online Learning May 7th, 2009 Learning new skills and expanding your knowledge doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are loads of free resources on the Web that can help you find instructional videos, tutorials and classes to learn a wide variety of skills from fixing basic car problems to speaking another language. With 100 sites to choose from, you’re bound to find something here that will help you learn just about anything you could want. General Tutorials These sites offer a wide range of tutorials and videos. Around the House Want to know how to fix that broken cabinet or hang up some great wallpaper? Business and Management If you feel like you’re seriously lacking on business and management skills at work, no need to worry. KnowThis? Language and Writing Those who want to learn a new language, improve their writing skills or just learn more about literature will be well-served by these instructional sites. Technology Math S.O.S. Science Creativity

material educativo - GNOSS National minimum wage - Pay The national minimum wage is the minimum wage that applies to employees who aren’t covered by an award or agreement. It covers the whole national workplace relations system. Most employees in the national workplace relations system are covered by an award. See Finding the Right Pay for tools and information to help you find minimum wages under awards. National minimum wage for adults Currently the full-time minimum wage is $16.37 per hour or $622.20 per week. Casuals covered by the national minimum wage get an extra 24% ($20.30 per hour). National minimum wages for apprentices, juniors & trainees There are special national minimum wages for trainees, apprentices and juniors who don’t have an award or agreement. Juniors: Apprentices Apprentices who aren’t covered by an award or agreement are entitled to the relevant rates in the Miscellaneous Award 2010. Trainees National minimum wages for employees with a disability There are 2 special national minimum wages for employees with disability.

The Books of the Decade Anybody remember how anxious and thrilled we were in those last months of the 20th century? When we weren't at war and we had a budget surplus and it looked like Al Gore would be president? The prospect of a 21st century filled with new technologies, new art and literature loomed large and bright. But now, as we look back at what was decidedly a shitty decade for an incredible variety of people in an equally incredible variety of ways (evictions/invasions/bombings/etc), it's surprisingly hard to be pessimistic about the books that assessed, satirized, dramatized and distracted us from the events of the past 10 years. Goethe said that the decline of a nation's literature is the precursor to that nation's fall, and with this look back at the books that defined the decade, we'd like to tell Goethe to suck it. To be clear: there were plenty of bad books over the course of the decade, as well.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 Stars Taylor Swift Giving The Angels Competition (PHOTOS) 100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars While burying yourself in the stacks at the library is one way to get some serious research done, with today’s technology you can do quite a bit of useful searching before you ever set foot inside a library. Undergraduates and grad students alike will appreciate the usefulness of these search engines that allow them to find books, journal articles and even primary source material for whatever kind of research they’re working on and that return only serious, academic results so time isn’t wasted on unprofessional resources. Note: Visit our updated list for the latest in academic search engines. General Start off your research with one of these more general academic search engines. Intute: Use this website’s search tools to find the best and most reliable sites to start your research. Meta Search Want to search it all at once? Dogpile: Search Google, Yahoo, Bing and more at once with this great search engine. Databases and Archives Books and Journals Science Math and Technology Social Science

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