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Lessons, tips, and other art related musings from oil painter David Gray

Lessons, tips, and other art related musings from oil painter David Gray
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Color Palettes: David Gray (b.1970) David Gray (b.1970) is a contemporary representational painter from America's Pacific Northwest whose high-level of craftsmanship is the result of an ongoing pursuit of the ideals of the Classical tradition in art. At the core of his training is the education he received while attaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, but to this he has also added training from some of the country's leading ateliers. His dedication and drive has culminated in a body of work comprised of still lifes and figural paintings which evoke the lighting and subtlety of the Dutch Masters. Online, biographical information about Gray is sparse; it seems Gray is more comfortable communicating about himself through his artwork, but on this subject he has shared volumes. For aspiring painters, Gray's generously shared lessons are invaluable, and he was kind enough to allow me to repost a small portion of his teachings here. Stiff mixed white Titanium White Naples Yellow

Dibujo.DOC Galerie 1 Si vous désirez acquérir ou commander une oeuvre personnalisée vous pouvez me contactez à; ou téléphonez-moi au (418) 547-0369. © Copyright Lucie Lapointe . Tous les tableaux présentés sur ce site sont des oeuvres originales.

alyssa monks David Gray (b. 1970): Still Life Demonstration Below is an example of a still life painted by contemporary representational artist, David Gray (see previous post). It is typical of his process for painting a still life: unlike his figure work, his still lifes are never painted from photographs. The working surface is an 8x10 acrylic primed panel. Additional examples of David Gray's still lifes. Punta Seca Frédéric Adrait | Saint Charles Art Gallery Frédéric Adrait is an artist who was born in Lyon. He has been involved in a plastic research centered on the portrait for 10 years. In this manner, he has sought to reinvent the portrait, thereby projecting his passion for human beings as well as for the mysteries of looks and souls, Furthermore, he has attempted to enrich an esthetic raising the issue revolving around the image of our contemporary societies. Beyond this affective dimension, there is the social influence the artist has always been able to play with, by building his portraits around dripping, smashing the plastic on wich he adds some collages, letters and bar code, thereby naturally invading the faces. Frédéric Adrait’s portraits as well as his genuine style made him well-known in the artistic arena. In 2008, the Alexis Lartigue Gallery, one of the most prestigious parisian art Gallery, showed him as a brand new talent of Contemporay Art.

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