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20 Animated And Interactive Infographics You Have To See Everyone loves infographics, sure, but static infographics are a bit old hat now. With so many infographics out there, it’s easy to overlook a lot of infographics with good content just because they just don’t stand out from the rest of the pack. And, if you’re a designer, you’ve probably racked your brains trying to figure out how to attract viewers and create infographics that do stand out from the rest. Well, one of the ways you can do that is with animated infographics. Animated and interactive infographics, especially those designed using HTML5, are quite possibly the future of infographics. Here’s a list of 20 animated and interactive infographics that you can enjoy and find some inspiration from. Recommended Reading: 25 Interesting Infographics For Your Inspiration The Complete History Of Social Media. Hungry Tech Giants. HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness. The Evolution Of The Web. Plugging In: How Small Businesses Use Technology. Web Browsers & Resolutions. Evolution Of Insight. Inception.

Welcome to Nano Magazine Engineering Policy - Current Issues: UK Focus for Biomedical Engineering Panel for Biomedical Engineering The The Royal Academy of Engineering Panel for Biomedical Engineering provides a forum through which the principal organisations concerned with biomedical engineering can communicate, debate and jointly act upon issues which affect this area. Objectives To highlight to industry the potential of biomedical engineering for wealth creation To encourage UK manufacturing industry to exploit the opportunities available in biomedical engineering. The panel undertakes a number of specific activities each year in an attempt to meet the above objectives. Activities Each year the panel for Biomedical Engineering undertakes a number of specific activities which contribute to the achievement of its objectives. Contact

World Public Library Medical product guide MERU | From disabilities to possibilities Gnostic Society Library: Sources on Gnosticism and Gnosis Almost all of the several dozen internet sites with collections of texts similar to our own obtained their material by directly or indirectly copying some files present at the Gnosis Archive. Ours was perhaps the first major collection of such texts to appear on "the web" in 1994, and thus has served as a source for others creating "their own" collections. Unfortunately transcription errors, typos, and primitive HTML formatting were present in the massive amount of material added to the Gnosis Archive in our first years; in a repeated process of "copying" they have been very widely propagated around the internet. Over nearly two decades we have made many corrections to these texts. It appears that few of the sites copying material from this collection have taken the time to read, edit and correct the texts! This is of course exactly how the manuscript tradition has propagated errors in the past centuries, though with vastly different technologies of reproduction.

The Institute of the Motor Industry | The IMI London Medicine Five of the Best Places to Get Free E-Books | eHow Tech Nowadays, free reading material is abundant. Click on a few links and you have access to thousands of digital books to read at your leisure. Here are a few of my favorite sites that you can use to source your e-book library: OverDrive: OverDrive connects your computer, tablet, or smartphone to your public library so you can download e-books for the very attractive price of free. If your local library participates, you’ll be able to download new releases, kids books, audiobooks, and more with the OverDrive app. Open Culture: Open Culture’s mission is to collect the best free educational and cultural media available online. Google Books: Google has been scanning old books for a number of years now and putting them online. Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenburg offers something for everyone. MSDN: Finally, if your tastes run to the technical, check out Eric Ligman’s collection of free Microsoft e-books on topics such as Windows 8, SQL Server, Office 2013, Azure, and more.

CFD Consulting as a Career Not too long ago, someone asked me a question about making the transition to a CFD consulting position. If you are already using CFD as a regular part of your work, maybe you are thinking about the same thing. Is it for you? In my case , I worked for several years on the development and support of the Wind-US CFD solver . I have found working as a consultant to be extremely rewarding. One important factor which made this possible for me was a fairly large research contract from the U.S. Every consulting company is different in the way they handle hiring a new employee. If you do get a CFD consulting job, my recommendation is that, regardless of which type of company has hired you, try to bring in your own contracts. So how about you? In the case of my company, we are almost always looking for partners when we put in proposals (we're too small to do it all ourselves). Take an inventory of your skills. Obviously I can't do more than scratch the surface of this subject here.

Brunel Institute for Bioengineering Brunel Institute for BioengineeringWe are a multidisciplinary research institute with interests in solutions for health, medicine and surgery. Follow the links to find our more about our current research involvements. Surgical Tools Robotic technology in surgical therapy has demonstrated accurate and consistent tool trajectories in contrast with manual intervention. Bioprocess EngineeringNew centrifugal liquid-liquid extraction technology was developed in the Institute’s Advanced Bioprocessing Centre. Assistive TechnologyWe design products that thoughtfully use technology to help people live better. FES RowingFunctional electrical stimulation rowing after spinal cord injury: health, sport and recreation. The Brunel Institute for Bioengineering is a multi-disciplinary research organisation producing new and innovative solutions in practice for health, medicine and surgery. The research is supported by research councils, industry and charities. The two main research areas at BIB are

The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2015 UPDATE: 2016’s list of the top 100 websites is out now! Check it out. Every year I release a list of the best, most interesting blogs and websites I have encountered in the previous 365 days that I think other people should know about in the coming 365 days. I’ve done this for 3 years straight—this will be the 4th. As in years past this post was literally 1 year in the making (although it took a mere 2 days to organize and assemble). So far this year DailyTekk has rounded up and ranked the 100+ best Instagrammers, the 100 best YouTubers, the 100 best Pinners and the 100 best Vine accounts of 2015 How do I choose which sites make the cut? There’s more to this article!