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Jonatan Cantero

Jonatan Cantero
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Ben 10: Omniverse Asset Sampler Episodes 46-50 These assets are from Ben 10: Omniverse episodes “Rad Monster Party,” “Charmed I'm Sure,” “The Vampire Strikes Back,” “Catfight,” and “Collect this.” NOTE: I did not color these. That is the job of the color stylists. ^^ Our character/prop colorists are below! inside Noé Conor Nolan Toms Tumblings The Bartkira Nuclear Edition Exhibition is still on for a week or so for those of you in the LA area and gosh it looks lovely. If you can’t make it in person like most of us, you can see all the cool art here! This is my piece for the Bartkira Nuclear Edition Book Launch & Exhibition at Gallery Nucleus, opening tonight! Here is a sneak peak of a piece I did for the Bartkira Show @gallerynucleus. Had another long pose figure drawing session, It was really fun, but I felt I can do better. A couple of wizzez I did for Daily Draw.

Prescott Draw-Blog ELIOLI Art Anonymous asked: Hi! I love your art and its style(s) and what you've done for VeggieTales. You obviously know the new looks have gotten backlash, but they're truely wonderful. Thanks for your kind words! And as much as we would love to take our stab at the other characters, we’re afraid there may be some legal stuff involved with that, especially if the designs are too “official” looking. Anonymous asked: What does VGT mean? wdwsparkles asked: Bob and Larry in those sweater vests were totally adorable oh my goodness. Thank you!! Anonymous asked: Just curious, was there any context for the sketch of Human Bob and Larry in the sweater vests with Petunia in the green dress and flowers in her hair? No context. AAAAHHHhghghghagdfgfgddy well, this is probably the most embarrassing thing ever. The top pic is Junior’s parents. (This “ship” will never happen in a million years, and wish her character can return somehow. Yup. Human! ajdgjsdjgkbkalkdhg Mix of pencil and Photoshop for some of these.

A Sketchy Past, The Art of Peter de Sève Angie H. Iver Angie H. Iver Ask me anything Angie Hoffmeister Artist-Illustrator from Düsseldorf Germany — 2 weeks ago with 108 notes #twd #the walking dead — 2 weeks ago with 80 notes — 1 month ago with 264 notes #watercolor pattern girl flower illustration art Nocturne Reviews My book Nocturne is going to be out in the world by the end of next month. You can read interesting reviews if you click on the following links: Grovel Comic Book Rescources Library Journal You can also Pre-order on — 1 month ago with 7 notes #comic #book #china #britain #1930s #1920s #graphic novel #comics #angie hoffmeister #aya morten #anne opotowsky #grovel #library #vintage — 2 months ago with 1752 notes #moleskine #sequence #graphite #sketchbook #illustration #black and white Nocturne - Volume 2 of the Walled City Trilogy My book is coming out in in a short while (it’s being printed right now). (Source: — 2 months ago with 9 notes — 3 months ago with 304 notes — 3 months ago with 177 notes bride

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