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Ethical Consumer: the alternative consumer organisation

Ethical Consumer: the alternative consumer organisation

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What urban sprawl means for Melbourne’s food supply As the world’s most livable city, it’s no wonder Melbourne’s population continues to grow at a rapid rate. With more people comes the need for more housing and, as such, our city fringe is constantly expanding. But findings from Foodprint Melbourne – a collaborative research project between Deakin University and the University of Melbourne looking at food production on Melbourne’s city fringe – has uncovered some alarming statistics about the extent to which this population growth is threatening our food and vegetable supply. So how can we facilitate a growing population and ensure there’s enough local food? How much would it cost to start a supermarket? depending on the space. Lets take for example Winn-dixie , Publix or Sedano's in south florida. They are around 40-50k sq ft per store. Which means you will pay anywhere from 8-18 dollar per sq ft ( also depending on location) This is how is done. For example: lets sy you get a space of 45,000 sq ft x 15 sq ft = 675,000 and then divide by 12 you get 56,250 of rent per month + plus maintanence.

Independent Media Center West Papua: Neglected genocide - 29 Nov 2013 Indonesian police use Shootings, killings, beatings, arrests on West Papuan independence rallies Indonesian police have opened fire on peaceful protesters in Jayapura, with at least four gunshot wounds and one death. Know Your Rights as a Worker, Employment & Training Administration (ETA) - U.S. Department of Labor Do you have questions about the laws that protect you as a worker? Find resources with the information you need. elaws AdvisorsUse these interactive tools to get easy-to-understand answers to common Federal employment laws. Equal Employment Opportunity InformationLearn about the Federal equal employment opportunity laws including the laws that cover discrimination by a variety of attributes, such as age, disability, race, religion and gender.

Is Eating Organic Really Better for You and the Environment? On average, organic food items are 47 percent more expensive than standard supermarket fare—but thanks to their purported health and environmental benefits, many shoppers still splurge on them. In fact, the total retail market for organic products in the United States was valued at over $39 billion in 2016. But while the organic industry means big business for farmers and food companies, the question still remains: Are organic foods actually better for both you and the environment? In the video below, AsapSCIENCE co-creator and host Mitchell Moffit explains why eating organic may not be the panacea most people think it is. Contrary to popular belief, an organic diet isn't chemical-free. In fact, Moffit explains, organic farmers can still use natural pesticides and fungicides to keep crop-destroying insects at bay—and studies show that they aren’t necessarily better for you or the soil than synthetic ones.

Can Fresh Herbs From the Supermarket Be Replanted? Growing herbs in your home garden is one way to cut down on the costs of purchasing fresh herbs from the supermarket. Herbs are not difficult to grow in either a vegetable bed or in containers. Having easy access to a variety of fresh herbs allows you to use as much or as little as you would like, without being restricted by the supermarket supply. Certain herbs from the supermarket can be replanted. Replanting To replant herbs purchased from the supermarket, you need to have herbs that have the roots of the plant still attached.

Bigfoot - test your ecological footprint EcoLogic explores one of the world’s hottest topics today: climate change. Discover the science behind global warming, learn what we can do to slow it down and what we can do to adapt to the changes already taking place. Scientists predict a warmer Earth in the near future, with more acidic oceans, wilder weather and rising sea levels. You’ll see how one of our most precious natural resources – fresh water – is managed in Sydney. A hands-on interactive iPad game tests your ability to manage a city’s water cycle.

A Map Of Where Your Food Originated May Surprise You Some people may be dimly aware that Thailand's chilies and Italy's tomatoes — despite being central to their respective local cuisines — originated in South America. Now, for the first time, a new study reveals the full extent of globalization in our food supply. More than two-thirds of the crops that underpin national diets originally came from somewhere else — often far away.

How to run a supermarket business Supermarket sizes range from mega-stores and chain grocery stores to small business community grocers operating individual stores. To properly run a supermarket, the manager or owner-operator must understand, monitor, and manage all core supermarket business operations. This includes such core functions as department operations, human resources, business accounting, shipping and receiving, parking and security. Skill level: Easy

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