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The Power of Story

The Power of Story!/

Alternatives to PowerPoint By Jon Every Tuesday I publish a short post with quick, consumable presentation tips. Here is Tip #6. While I am clearly a fanboy of Apple, as I write this on my MacBook Pro, my slideware of choice is actually Microsoft PowerPoint. I do have Apple’s Keynote on here, but I have never come across a compelling reason to use Keynote instead of PowerPoint. (Do you have one?) Impossible Photography by Martin De Pasquale Jun 16, 2014 Martin De Pasquale is an artist and photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Martin is currently an art director for an advertising agency but is best known online for his incredible photo manipulations and surreal digital artworks. Using programs like Photoshop, Poser and 3DS Max, De Pasquale creates amazing images that distort the lines between reality and fantasy.

Getting Started with Prezi : Danny Maas, Emerging Technologies AISI Consultant Posted by Danny Maas on Tuesday, September 13th 2011 What is Prezi? “Prezi is a web-based presentation application and storytelling tool that uses a single canvas instead of traditional slides. Text, images, videos and other presentation objects are placed on the infinite canvas and grouped together in frames” What is Prezi – Youtube Video

Digital Image Size and Resolution, How Big for Publication? DPI has become the accepted and most commonly used term when referring to image resolution ( 300 dpi, 72 dpi, etc.) . DPI really refers to dots in printing and PPI (Pixels Per Inch) is a more accurate term for digital images whose "dots" are pixels on a screen. However the two terms have come to be used interchangebly. 300ppi (or dpi) is the accepted standard in stock photography because it meets the needs of most high quality reproduction. Magazines, books and most other high quality publications are typically printed at a 133 or 150 Line Screen ( LPI for Lines Per Inch).

Using Eye Contact to Connect With Your Presentation Audience {*style:<i><b> Editor’s Note: </b> You’ve prepared for weeks (if not months) researching, gathering, and designing your content, but it all comes down to the minutes you spend delivering it to your audience. adobe photoshop - What resolution should a large format artwork for print be? - Graphic Design Stack Exchange Grande format resolutions, as various folks have pointed out, depend on viewing distance. Several answers refer to line screens, but technology has moved on. Very few, if any, grande format jobs are printed that way, and in any case, none of the answers indicated how to translate from PPI (dots) resolution in Photoshop to LPI (lines of dots at different angles) resolution in offset. They are NOT the same thing. The related question e100 refers to has answers that also don't really cover the necessary bases.

Designing Presentations to Work Across Multiple Platforms Presentations have gained a lot of prominence recently. As a matter of fact, they have taken on a life of their own. They’ve gone far beyond the scope of what presentations originally meant: Conveying an idea or demonstrating a product to a live audience. Visuals that used to serve as an explanatory aid to a speaker (not to mention the speakers who used/abused them as a teleprompter) have long since evolved into standalone slide shows. Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices Evidence Guide BSBSUS201A - Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices Evidence Guide Student: __________________________________________________

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