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3D printer can build a house in 20 hours

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Incredible: 3D Printed Lightbulbs From Disney Research 3D printing clearly has a ton of potential when it comes to revolutionizing home manufacturing for both creators and consumers, but there’s also no denying that we’re still a ways from mainstream penetration — where the average person is able to print everything from dinnerware to working electronic devices on the fly (…damn you, future people). Luckily for us, today’s experiments gradually take us closer to future practicality and provide a glimpse at what’s coming. This is the case with Disney Research and its new experiments with printed optics. As you’ll see in the video and pictures below, 3D printing has the potential to enable functional and interactive objects to be built on the fly — instead of just interesting models and prototypes. As NOTCOT notes, the projects featured below require the creator to interrupt the printing process to insert electronics.

‘Anti-Gravity’ 3D Printer Uses Strands to Sculpt Shapes on Any Surface 3D printers build objects by cross-section, one layer at a time from the ground up—gravity is a limiting factor. But what if it wasn’t? Using proprietary 3D printing materials, Petr Novikov and Saša Jokić say their Mataerial 3D printing system is gravity independent. The duo’s method allows a robotic arm to print objects on floors, walls, ceilings—smooth and uneven surfaces. Novikov and Jokić invented their system (patent pending) in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. THE TABLE OF THE NATIONS On the seeming springing forth of both the Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations from nowhere, Dr. Walter Emery, prof. Of Egyptology at the University of London, said: "At a period approximately 3400 before Christ, a great change took place in Egypt, and the country passed rapidly from a state of Neolithic culture with a complex tribal character to one of well organized monarchy..... At the same time the art of writing appears, monumental architecture and the arts and crafts develop to an astonishing degree, and all the evidence points to the existence of a luxurious civilization.

3D printer to carve out world's first full-size building Sure, we've heard of 3D-printed iPhone cases , dinosaur bones , and even a human fetus -- but something massive, like a building? This is exactly what architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars has been working on. The Dutch native is planning to build what he calls a "Landscape House." This structure is two-stories and is laid out in a figure-eight shape. Silkworms work with robot to make 3D-printed dome A dome has been created by teaming up a 3D-printing head on a robotic arm — and a swarm of 6500 silkworms. Animals can do some amazing things, and their behaviours or physical properties have inspired some ground-breaking tech. But what if we could do more with what animals make?

Piri Reis and the Hapgood Hypotheses Piri Reis and the Hapgood Hypotheses From the archives of the Ottoman Empire an intriguing—and irresistible—mystery... Written by Paul F. Hoye and Paul Lunde 3D printed moon building designs revealed 1 February 2013Last updated at 12:21 GMT The protective shell of the building is designed to be constructed on site by 3D printers Architects Fosters and Partners have revealed designs for a building on the Moon that could be constructed from material already on its surface. New flexible materials pave the way for 3D-printed clothing Most 3D-printed objects are made out of rigid plastic or resin materials that aren't necessarily ideal for every project. Now, for a limited time online shops like i.materialise are offering designers the chance to play with experimental materials that have properties akin to rubber. Currently these materials are only being offered on a limited basis, but they're already paving the way for new ideas, including one haute couture dress that paraded down the catwalk at Spring Fashion Week 2013 earlier this year. The new material, which is dyed black and called Rubber-like, is priced at €2 (US$2.60) per cubic centimeter, which is more expensive than other options.

Mental Health Unite For Sight Mental Health Online Course Mental health issues are of critical importance to global health. Throughout the world, mental health problems are often misdiagnosed and misunderstood due to cultural beliefs and stigma. 3D-printed car saves money, energy A 3D-printed electric car that is about to go into production boasts an ultra-strong, ultra-light chassis that can take on the rigours of the highway with ease. It wasn't long ago when 3D printing was a really cool concept that we liked to daydream about. Now, it's gearing up to change our lives. We've seen 3D-printed buildings, portraits, organs, prosthetics, food, couture, a moon base and even a pen for all your creative and repair needs. What's missing? 3D-printed transport, of course.

Review: ModernMix runs modern UI apps in windows Windows 8 is transforming into the desktop OS users thought it would be when they first heard about it, but it's not Microsoft doing the work: It's Stardock. The company's Start8 start menu replacement is best-of-breed, and they've hit the nail on the head again with ModernMix, a $5 program (with 30-day free trial) that lets you open Windows 8 modern UI apps as windows on the classic desktop. ModernMix is super-easy to use. Head to the Modern UI, open a modern UI app, press the F10 key, and the app moves to a window on the classic desktop. You can also choose to make this the standard behavior for programs launched from the Modern UI so you don't even have the press the key.