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Movie Props, Costumes and Scale Models

Movie Props, Costumes and Scale Models

Smooth-On, Inc. - Mold Making & Casting Materials Rubber, Plastic, Lifecasting, and More Volpin Props Maschinen Kruger The HAFS Goblin is a Mercenary Heavy Armored Fighting Suit developed on the HAFS Jerry chassis. A new torso/hull was developed which incorporated the armor protection and indirect sighting advantages of the SAFS. 2x three tube missile launchers in armored housings are located on either side of the hull. There is no additional armament. This scene depicts a Goblin in the Rocky Mountain region during the Mercenary counterattacks against SDR bases on the North American continent. The first fields test for the Goblin occur on December 31, 2885. The Goblin in this diorama is a repaint of a scratchbuild I finished a number of years ago but was never happy with the finish. Workshop Publishing - Plans, Books, Videos - Home

Prop Design by Zander Brandt Starship Modeler - ERTL's AT AT was in my opinion one of their most accurate Star Wars kits. Even if you build it straight from the box you'll get a really nice kit for your money. However I saw the potential for this model to shine and chose to get it as close as possible to the studio miniatures. The kit does have one major flaw though, THE LEGS and MAIN BODY ARE NOT THE SAME SCALE ! Modify by putting spacers between the drive motors and the hip joints, photograph and display from canny angles so the problem doesn't show (i.e. cheat!) I put a lot of effort into correcting the kit, as follows: Head To give the head strength and stability, I put layers of Milliput along all the joins inside the head. The chin guns need a lot more work; they are very inaccurate and clear reference pictures are hard to find. Main Body I started by sanding off all the unnecessary raised panel lines and scribed new ones, some detail should be raised and used Evergreen plastic strip to either replace or improve it. Neck Hip Joints

Recycling Codes For Plastic Why bother about recycling codes for plastic? Here’s why. While plastic is a useful material found in many day-to-day products, it is non-biodegradable and it takes thousands for years for plastic to disintegrate and decompose. At the same time, disposing plastic through incineration releases much toxic gases into the environment. Yet plastic products are produced and disposed of at an extremely rapid rate every second, especially now that many disposables like bottles, plates and bags are plastic in nature. Fortunately, some types of plastic can be recycled and used to make new plastic. Type 1 Plastic – Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, PETE) The acronym PETE (polyethylene terephthlate) or PET (poly ethylene terephthalate) are often used interchangeably, to refer to type 1 plastic. Examples of the recycling codes for PET and PETE plastic are seen below. PET and PETE plastic can be recycled into carpet yarns, fiberfill, tote bags, food and drink containers, luggage and clothing.

The 10 most gorgeous blasters and ray guns in science fiction In honor of our change from SCI FI Wire to Blastr, we've rounded up the most beautiful blasters and ray guns from science fiction for your ogling pleasure. Mostly the terms "ray gun" and "blaster" are used interchangeably, so we're not being too picky about our definitions. Our main criterion is that the blasters have to cause massive amounts of envious drooling. DL-44 from Star Wars This is possibly the most gorgeous and most recognizable blaster in all of science fiction. Goliathon 83 from Dr. Every weapon in the Dr. Blaster from Blade Runner Another of the most beloved sci-fi blasters of all time is the one Rick Deckard carries in Blade Runner. The Atomic Disintegrator from Hubley The Hubley Atomic Disintegrator is the stuff of legend among toy ray gun aficionados (and kids aged 5-13). Klingon Disruptor from Star Trek The original Klingon Disruptor began life as a Sonic Disruptor from the planet Eminiar VII. Sandman DS Gun from Logan's Run The Steampunk Blaster The Arc Gun from District 9

Behind The Scenes Shots From Popular Movies Movies were first introduced and shared with the masses in late 19th century, and since then it has captured the attention of millions of audiences. We are totally accustomed of these films which are full of classic hits, drama, action, thrill and romance. But there is a whole different world behind these scenes. Scenes of great and successful movies dissolve us within them and we forget that it is actually a movie and the sights we see might actually be Hollywood sets. Back to the Future Django Unchained Filming The Empire Strikes Back Credits Roll Ghostbusters Harry Potter Inception Jaws Planet of the Apes Stanley Kubrick with his daughter on The Shining Star Wars Superman Terminator The Dark Knight The Gate The Godfather: Fish-line Bullet Holes The Hobbit The Lord of The Rings The Matrix The Muppet Movie Titanic