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Open source robotics building system

Open source robotics building system
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Multiplo | DuinoBot v1.2 + Multiplo Battery Holder The Multiplo Robot Brain This is our own flavor of an all-in-one robot brain. If you want to make your own robot from scratch, the DuinoBot controller will make it easy. It also includes a Multiplo battery holder (it uses just three AA batteries, not included). Best of two worlds The DuinoBot brain is Multiplo and Arduino-compatible, so while it features Multiplo’s easy to use connectors, you still can expand it with standard Arduino shields. Advanced power supply system Just with 3 AA batteries (or other 3.6V battery cells, such as LiPo cells) the controller generates 12V to work with the powerful Multiplo DC gearmotors, and 5V to supply the sensors, and the Arduino-compatible microcontroller on the robot brain itself. SKU: DuinoBotKit.v1.2.HID

RadioShack presents 18 More Awesome Projects To make all of these Instructables, download this collection of How To’s as an ebook. Download » When RadioShack announced last year that it was starting to stock Arduinos we knew just what to do: we went shopping. It's one of our favorite tools to use and we were up for any excuse to use more of them. The cool thing about Arduino is that it lets you do so many different things that it's really about what the user can think of. And we thought of so many things to do. So please dig into all these projects of ours and find out what the Arduino is capable of. 3DSimo | 3D SIMO 3Dsimo is the new generation of 3D pen that is able to adapt flexibly to a rapidly developing market with a variety of materials for 3D printing thus giving the space to your creativity. Create models glowing in the dark or models changing color when the temperature changes. Draw into the air! 3Dsimo is the new generation of 3D pen that is able to adapt flexibly to a rapidly developing market with a variety of materials for 3D printing thus giving the space to your creativity.

Robojelly: una medusa robot a energia virtualmente infinita alimentata dall'oceano Continuiamo a parlare del mare e dopo la capsula per scendere nella fossa delle Marianne ecco una nuova creatura robotica pronta a addentrarsi nelle profondità dell’oceano. Si tratta di un robot medusa con copertura in silicone che si muove mimando le movenze di una medusa e in grado, teoricamente, di generare energia infinita muovendosi per sempre. Robojelly, questo il nome del robot dato dai suoi creatori alla Virginia Tech, è alimentato da una reazione prodotta utilizzando come reagenti l’idrogeno e l’ossigeno presenti nell’acqua e come catalizzatore la superficie stessa del robot. In pratica il robot si alimenta grazie all’elemento in cui e immerso “Per quanto ne sappiamo, questo è il primo robot subacqueo che riesce con successo a utilizzare l’idrogeno esterno come fonte di energia”. Le reazioni esotermiche catalizzate dalla superficie al platino di Robojelly permettono di generare calore che è trasferito ai muscoli artificiali del robot.

Proyecto - Ardunno Ce phare Arduino Dark Vador envoi des requêtes à un fichier php en ligne qui à son tour check le hashtag #ardunno sur Twitter. Quand il y a un un nouveau tweet avec le hashtag #ardunno, le phare Dark Vador lit le tweet puis le traduit en morse. Solar Garden Light Hack - Make A Solar Battery Charger Dollar Store Solar Path Light Hack Here is a simple solar garden light hack. Get four cheap dollar store path lights for this project. Using the original garden light parts, you can make a high speed solar battery charger for AA or AAA batteries. Take apart your solar garden lights. Repeat this process for all four solar path lights. Find a piece of plywood or other wood to use for the back of your solar charging unit. Find some small screws that will be long enough to pass through your board and into the solar cells. Screw the solar panels onto the board. Next mount your two battery sockets to the board as well. Place the diode in the circuit as shown in the schematic below. Attach a piece of wire between every negative lead of the solar cells. Solar Battery Charger Schematic Diagram(Click for larger. Do the same for all of the positive leads. Take a volt meter and make sure that your solar cells are putting out enough voltage in the sun. See the video here: Related Articles

OpenViBE | Software for Brain Computer Interfaces and Real Time Neurosciences Download Faraday Motion Hypberboard R2 by Faraday Motion - Faraday Motion Hypberboard R2 +Upload Prints Zoom Item Details Comments Printing Details Faraday Motion is the open hardware/software platform for personal transportation. The Hyperboard R2 is the most advanced electric skateboard in the world. Faraday Motion Hypberboard R2 Login to Like! < > Embed Faraday Motion Login to follow Upload Prints Technology Category Outdoor Related Free Download Items Get to know us Company Get social

Realizzare robot con Arduino usando il Multiplo Robot Kit Ho appena ricevuto da Multiplo, la segnalazione del Multiplo Robot Kit un sistema di sviluppo a basso costo, estremamente interessante dal punto di vista didattico basato su Arduino. La versatilità del sistema consente la realizzazione di un gran numero di robot, oserei dire, da quanto leggo che l’unica limitazione è la nostra immaginazione. Finalmente un un kit di sviluppo che unisce molteplici vantaggi: Arduino, opensource e basso costo e quindi adattissimo per essere usato a scuola. Ma cos’è e come funziona Multiplo Robot Kit? Eccovi un filmato di presentazione: Mentre di seguito un filmato sulle parti meccaniche: E questo un filmato dove potete vedere una serie di robot che è possibile realizzare con il kit La campagna su Kickstarter finirà il prossimo 8 ottobre è da quanto mi viene segnalato e da quanto leggo sta risquotendo un enorme successo, potete verificare direttamente seguendo il link. Articoli simili:

The Mind of Bill Porter Nothing means more to someone then a gift that took more time to make than money to buy. This is an example of such a gift. Set your way-back-when machines to 2002. Getting ready to finish high school, I had built up some hacker level of electronic knowledge. My parents; both nautical people; have a large lighthouse fountain in their backyard. My mother’s only wish for Christmas that year was for me to build something that would illuminate the lighthouse as if it were a functioning beacon. Not actual fountain, but close The old LED board Fast forward 8 years. Enter the LED Lighthouse Keeper. The new design The design is simple. Schematic (Click for full) Not the most elegant solution to everyone I’m sure, but for the few bucks an ATtiny costs, it got the job done. The PCB had to be carefully designed to dissipate heat away from the blue LED. Board Design Video demonstration UPDATED: A video of it installed Now here’s the kicker. The source code is available for Download Here. Top view Side Back