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Open source robotics building system

Open source robotics building system

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3DSimo 3Dsimo is the new generation of 3D pen that is able to adapt flexibly to a rapidly developing market with a variety of materials for 3D printing thus giving the space to your creativity. Create models glowing in the dark or models changing color when the temperature changes. Draw into the air! Do not get limited by the 2D space. Cultivate your creativity. DuinoBot v1.2 + Multiplo Battery Holder The Multiplo Robot Brain This is our own flavor of an all-in-one robot brain. If you want to make your own robot from scratch, the DuinoBot controller will make it easy. It also includes a Multiplo battery holder (it uses just three AA batteries, not included).

Download Faraday Motion Hypberboard R2 by Faraday Motion - Faraday Motion Hypberboard R2 +Upload Prints Zoom Item Details Comments Printing Details Faraday Motion is the open hardware/software platform for personal transportation. Solar Garden Light Hack - Make A Solar Battery Charger Dollar Store Solar Path Light Hack Here is a simple solar garden light hack. Get four cheap dollar store path lights for this project. Using the original garden light parts, you can make a high speed solar battery charger for AA or AAA batteries. Depending on which model you get (you normally cannot tell from the outside) you will either have AA or AAA batteries and sockets inside the solar path light. Take apart your solar garden lights. How to use Openscad (1), tricks and tips to design a parametric 3D object Part 1/5: Introduction to constructive solid geometry with Openscad Some technical and non-technical people keep asking me how I create new designs. As often, after a few personal replies, I end up heading to the blog to share the answer as they keep asking for more. Also I long wanted to write a pragmatic and step-by-step introduction to Openscad. The idea is to help people even with no programming skills (mostly in this part) and to bring newcomers to a point that they can design their own 3D objects (part two). If only a few readers switch to "designers" by reading this I will be quite happy.

Free 2D and 3D CAD Models and Drawings on ThomasNet Models are compatible with all major systems. Millions of mechanical and electrical components available. Brand names you know and trust. Save time with our CAD viewer that helps you determine ifit's the right fit. 3D Printed & Carbon Fiber QuadCopter I've always loved aviation and flying machines, so when small RC helicopters and multicopters became affordable, I knew that I had to buy one. They're absolutely a blast, and it wasn't long before I owned multiple flying toys. Once you prop, you can't stop! Flying mini and micro quads quickly made me want a full sized, more capable quadcopter that could support a camera gimbal, lift a payload, or do FPV racing. I'm a maker by nature, love designing and 3D printing, and enjoy solving problems, so I had no choice but to design my own quadcopter and build it from scratch!

Wevolver Retr3d is a framework dedicated to affordable 3D printing equipment for developing economies that can be locally sourced, locally maintained and locally improved. We believe that 3D printing can be as transformative in developing countries as the mobile phone. As with the mobile phone, which has already changed the way people across the Africa communicate, introducing 3D printing at the community level offers the potential to localize manufacturing. Which is why we are making it possible to build Retr3d machines from the thousands of tonnes of e-waste which would otherwise end up as landfill.

Arduino Based Smart Home IOT System Hello, I am Michalis Vasilakis from and in this Instructables guide I will show you how you can easily make your own smart home system based on Arduino uno and an Ethernet module (or shield). You will be able to use this system from any device (mobile phone, pc, tablet) because the user interface (1st image) is accessible through a browser window. Because of that, it supports all operating systems! You can also control your electrical device from your local area network and (or) from your internet worldwide connection. So, it can be accessible from anywhere! Nested Balls 3D Model Here is a nested series of seven spheres which can rotate freely, independently of each other. This construction is an homage to the long tradition of turning concentric ivory spheres on a lathe. As outlined on this page, this artistic tradition started in Nuremburg in the seventeenth century and is still carried out in parts of Asia. Each sphere is based on the edges of a different Goldberg polyhedron. From inside to inside, they are: 2, 0 (42 faces); 2, 1 (72 faces); 3, 0 (92 faces); 2, 2 (122 faces); 3, 1 (132 faces); 4, 0 (162 faces); 3, 2 (192 faces); When built, the twelve pentagons are aligned in all the spheres, so you can look right through them in to the center and out the other side.