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Cookie Caster: Customize your own cookie cutter in a minute

Cookie Caster: Customize your own cookie cutter in a minute

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3D Printing - Marriott Library - The University of Utah Printing of 3D objects is available to University of Utah students, staff, and faculty at the Student Computing Services (SCS) desk on Level 2 of the Marriott Library. Printing can be done on a ProJet 160 powder-based printer or on a LulzBot Taz 4 plastic printer. Using the Printer First, review your model using the 3D printing guide to ensure that it is ready to print. FoamWerks Tools - Foam Cutter for Models, Crafts, and More! The LOGAN family of FoamWerks is a revolutionary set of tools designed to use common foam board up to 1/2″ (12.7mm) thick as a three dimensional medium for art projects, craft projects, architectural designs, 3D modelling, topography projects, hobby & RC planes, model railroading, fantasy board game sets and anything else where foam board needs to be cut with precision and accuracy. There are FoamWerks tools available to cut circles, straight edges, beveled edges, v-grooves, rabbet edges, drilling holes and more. The tools use easy to change razor blades and many tools feature spare blade storage on the tool itself.

Discov3ry Extruder Add-on – 3D Print in Sugar, Silicon, Ceramic & More For Under $350 There are many materials that FDM 3D printers are able to print with. However, there are many more materials that don’t print on the majority of 3D Printers, due to their physical properties. However, one company, by the name of Structur3D Printing, hopes to change this. They plan on doing this by launching a new product called the Discov3ry. It is an extruder add-on that allows most FDM 3D printers, including MakerBots, Ultimakers, RepRaps and other DIY printers to print in a multitude of previously unthought of materials. It should work with any stepper motor based desktop 3D printer system.

Balsa Triangles / Gussets - Online Balsa Wood Store - Product Description Balsa Triangels /Gussets have a number of uses: The triangle can be used both as a decorative shape, or as a structurally reinforcing shape (gusset) on right angle joins, wing sections etc For RC builders: we also offer Balsa Trailing Edges, Balsa Leading Edges and Balsa Rounds – all of which can be very useful when constructing your aircraft. Balsa Triangles / Gussets – Sizing 3D Printing Request - 3D printing - LibGuides at Oregon State University What kind of printer does the library use? The Valley Library has a Makerbot Replicator 2. It produces models from PLA filament, which is a type of thermoplastic made from plant sources. What do I need to know about creating models?

The Toolchest Site About - The Toolchest Site The Toolchest Site is a celebration of tool chests, tool cabinets, tool boxes and tool totes, both old and new. It's a celebration of the wonderment of such beautiful and inspiring works of art and the inventiveness of makers such as H.O. Studley and the stunning cabinetry of Andy Rae and Arthur Sorrell, as well as the resourcefulness and tradition of tool chest manufacturers such as Gerstner, Union, Pilliod and others. is the 1st International Open-Access Workshop Contact Us 926 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Phone (415) 263-9161 Secondary Phone (415) 996-9139 Making Math 3D - Getting Smart by Megan Mead - 3D printing, edchat, EdTech, mathchat, Mathematics It is officially Mathematics Awareness Month, the perfect time to highlight what is making math more accessible and more real for students. 3D printers are definitely evolving into a essential tool for mastering mathematics in the 21st Century. In honor of the month, we are taking the opportunity to find out why. When I think of 3D printers, I am instantly taken back to the days of George Jetson, imagine pressing a button and opening a magic door to exactly what I had asked for. Honestly, the 3D printing technology seems frighteningly close to that futuristic memory, but, the truth is, there is HUGE potential for 3D printing to impact math education in a variety of ways. The Process. The idea of how 3D printing works is a math lesson in itself.

Cigar Aging Vault Humidor Review - Humidor Forum - Cigar Aging Vault Humidor Review Made By: Quality ImportersPurchased From: Purchased: March of 2010Price: $849 and $250 for shipping I have been recently contacted by a couple great members here on Cigar Pass that wanted to know my thoughts on my humidor. How to 3D print what you build in Minecraft … TUTORIAL WITH VIDEO! Of all the 3D design apps I plan to blog about, Printcraft is easily the most exciting: it is the ONE design tool I *KNOW* a majority of my students can use immediately and masterfully. It’s only fitting that it’s the first one I profile here. So, NCS students, listen up!

Cheap Humidors The Cigar Aging Vault When it comes to buying humidors, there are many brands to choose from. The brand that we prefer is QI and here is why: 1. Diversity We offer the most diverse selection of travel size, desktop and furniture grade humidor models currently in the market.

3D Printing Andy Warhol Andy Warhol’s Signature, 2014Josh Ajima (American, Born 1972)3D Printed in PLA Plastic Campbell’s, 1985 by Andy Warhol found at was used as a visual reference for this piece.Campbell’s, 1985Andy Warhol (American, 1928-1987) Digital image, from disk 1998.3.2129.3.22 The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh; Founding Collection, Contribution The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. © 2014 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York A news article announces the discovery of lost works by Andy Warhol. The works are digital art created on an Amiga by Andy Warhol in 1985. A media archaeology team has restored the files from disk and published photos of 3 original works.

How To Color Your Own Felt ~Friday Tutorial~ Happy Friday folks. I hope you've all had a lovely week thus far. The sun has been shining the last couple of days, and today looks like another beautiful sunshiney one ahead of us :) 3-D scanning, with your smartphone Traditionally, 3-D scanning has required expensive laser scanner equipment, complicated software, and technological expertise. But MIT spinout Viztu Technologies helped change that: Back in 2011, Viztu released software, free online, that essentially replaced expensive scanning hardware with personal cameras. This innovation led to a rapidly rising commercial enterprise that concluded with Viztu’s sale to a tech giant, which is now bringing the technology to the public worldwide.