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3D printer and 3D printing news, trends and resources.

3D printer and 3D printing news, trends and resources.
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Download Faraday Motion Hypberboard R2 by Faraday Motion - Faraday Motion Hypberboard R2 +Upload Prints Zoom Item Details Comments Printing Details Faraday Motion is the open hardware/software platform for personal transportation. Faraday Motion Hypberboard R2 Login to Like! < > Embed Faraday Motion Login to follow Upload Prints Technology Category Outdoor Related Free Download Items Get to know us Company Get social Prix d'une imprimante 3D par gamme Exploring 7 materials with 3D printing April 13, 2013 Because the inherent nature of 3D printing opens new possibilities for shaping materials, Emerging Objects, a design and research company launched by Rael San Fratello Architects is able to create 3D printed objects using custom materials. These 3D printed objects created using salt, wood, nylon, concrete etc can be seen as sustainable, inexpensive, stronger, smarter, recyclable, customizable and perhaps even reparable to the environment. 1. Salt Salt for 3D printing is developed by Emerging Objects with Cal Berkeley architecture graduate student, Mark Kelly. The shape and pattern of the Haeckel Bowl (above) is based on the 19th century biologist Ernst Haeckel’s illustrations of art forms in nature. Another example is the GEOtube Tower Proposal (below), a scale model for a Vertical Salt Deposit Growth System for Dubai designed by Faulders Studio. The architect's conceptual proposal is born from unique environmental conditions. 2. Another example is "Seat Slug". 3. 4. 5. 6.

How to use Openscad (1), tricks and tips to design a parametric 3D object Part 1/5: Introduction to constructive solid geometry with Openscad Some technical and non-technical people keep asking me how I create new designs. As often, after a few personal replies, I end up heading to the blog to share the answer as they keep asking for more. Also I long wanted to write a pragmatic and step-by-step introduction to Openscad. The idea is to help people even with no programming skills (mostly in this part) and to bring newcomers to a point that they can design their own 3D objects (part two). If only a few readers switch to "designers" by reading this I will be quite happy. A forthcoming last part will deal with the complex features of Openscad. So first, what is Openscad? It may or may not suit your mind, but with time I am able to "see" the shape I describe, not as text but directly as shapes. The official manual is OK but it does not really work as an introduction. This article is part of a longer serie: Why Openscad? The software shines whenever you want:

Imprimante 3D - prix, actu... Guide de l'impression 3D ColorFabb beta tests new PLA Bronze & BambooFill filament for 3D printers May 12, 2014 Dutch startup ColorFabb is known for developing innovative materials for desktop 3D printers. Founded in 2013 by Ruud Rouleaux, ColorFabb has successfully introduced materials such as PLA+PHA filaments, Woodfill filaments and ColorFabb XT (Co-Polyester) filaments. ColorFabb announced lately it plans to beta test two new materials: BronzeFill and BambooFill which are scheduled to launch in the next months. Bronzefill BronzeFill is a PLA/PHA based compound mixed with 80% fine bronze powder. First polishing test Bronzefill can be polished to get the beautiful metallic sheen as all other solid bronze products. After 30 mins hand polishing Bronzefill first beta tests will be carried out in the printstudio from ColorFabb, with 11 3D printers with different set up. BambooFill The second new material is the BambooFill filament, a PLA/PHA based compound mixed natural fillers. Printing BambooFill on the print bed with tape shows very good adhesion and near-zero warping.

Free 2D and 3D CAD Models and Drawings on ThomasNet Models are compatible with all major systems. Millions of mechanical and electrical components available. Brand names you know and trust. Save time with our CAD viewer that helps you determine ifit's the right fit. DAVID 3D Scanner