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Poynter – A global leader in journalism. Strengthening democracy.

Poynter – A global leader in journalism. Strengthening democracy.

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CRP In the News Bloomberg Politics Published on 6/9/17 The U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent nearly $104 million on lobbying last year making it the top lobbying spender among 3,734 groups tracked by the Center for Responsive Politics. Why did Hillary Clinton lose? Sign Up for Our free email newsletters Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton will probably be considered the second-greatest upset in American presidential politics, after Harry Truman's come-from-behind victory in 1948. It raises one big question: Why did Clinton lose? Trump is a literally unprecedented candidate in American history: He is the first American president to be elected with no military or political experience of any kind. During his campaign, he made multiple gaffes and insulted about every ethnic group in the country aside from white people.

No October Surprise Here! Bill O’Reilly Has On-Air Meltdown Over Presidential Debate 'NOBODY Won!' By Radar Staff Tell us how you really feel Bill! Controversial talking head, Bill O’Reilly has slammed the third and final presidential debate, in his usual indomitable manner, calling it a “waste of time” and has video of his highly charged rant. PHOTOS: Political Hotties The Fox News hot head also dismissed the debate as being weak and “out of date.”

Local News in a Digital Age Whether in a tech-savvy metropolis or a city where the town square is still the communication hub, local news matters deeply to the lives of residents. Across three disparate metro areas in the U.S., nearly nine-in-ten residents follow local news closely—and about half do so very closely, according to a new, in-depth Pew Research Center study, conducted in association with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Stop attacking ‘web-first’ as if the world is going to stand still The Hangover – a film from 2009 as well as a term which, coincidentally, can be used as a metaphor for the fact that we’re still talking about the same things now This week feels very much like 2009. That year I published a post titled ‘How the web changed the economics of news‘, a brief overview of some of the economic factors impacting on publishing which has recently experienced a resurgence of interest thanks to a Kingston University tutor whose students have been asked to review it. Their posts have been illuminating: not much, it seems, has changed since 2009. Many still think journalism is a high priesthood which will continue to thrive.

Latest - The Atlantic What Did Mike Pompeo Do? Reports that Trump asked intelligence chiefs to help shut down the investigation into Michael Flynn raise the question of whether the CIA director was asked to do the same, and how he reacted if he was. There's No Such Thing as 'Honest Loyalty' Fueling the clash between Comey and Trump was this simple fact—they inhabit incompatible moral universes. The Scandal Is What's Already Known There are many questions that James Comey may answer in his Senate testimony, but the broad outlines of Trump’s conduct are clear. The Brexit Election That Wasn't It was supposed to be about leaving the EU.

The Personal News Cycle: How Americans choose to get news Published This research was conducted by the Media Insight Project — an initiative of the American Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research Introduction The girl in the window Part One: The Feral Child PLANT CITY — The family had lived in the rundown rental house for almost three years when someone first saw a child's face in the window. A little girl, pale, with dark eyes, lifted a dirty blanket above the broken glass and peered out, one neighbor remembered. Everyone knew a woman lived in the house with her boyfriend and two adult sons. But they had never seen a child there, had never noticed anyone playing in the overgrown yard. The girl looked young, 5 or 6, and thin.

About social enterprise / About Have you ever bought the Big Issue? Read it over a bar of Divine chocolate? Watched Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen? Visited the Eden Project? International Symposium on Online Journalism Below are slide presentations that were made during the symposium event. Presentations (given in PDF, PPT or PPTX Format Below) are listed in order of panel session. Some presentations are not included based on panelist's request. Friday Morning Keynote: Building a Media Company for the Digital Age: Lessons from the FieldJim Bankoff, chairman and CEO at Vox Media (The Verge, SBNation, Polygon, Eater, etc) >> Download PDF Bots, drones, sensors, wearables, etc.: The new tools for journalists Larry Birnbaum, professor of computer science and journalism at Northwestern University; and chief scientific advisor at Narrative Science >> Download PPT John Keefe, senior editor for Data News & Journalism Technology at WNYC >> Download PDF

Daily Intelligencer Deadlocked SCOTUS Keeps Obama Immigration Initiative Frozen There's no telling how this saga will end. By Ed Kilgore There's no telling how this saga will end. About - First Look Media’s is based all over the world, but we’re all easily reachable. Find out a little more about us below and how to get in contact with us. Our Twitter: Our team Twitter listOur FacebookOur subredditOur Storify collectionOur Medium collection Our team Malachy Browne Malachy is Managing Editor and Europe Anchor of

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