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strategy+business magazine Strategy & Leadership The Decline of the COO by Gary L. Neilson Is it time to add chief operating officers to the list of endangered species? Starting over: Coining a new dollar - tech - 01 April 2011 Exotic dancers and traditionalists may come to miss it, but the iconic US dollar bill is ripe for replacement - with a coin. Scrapping the paper dollar would do more than prevent a frustrating time at the vending machine. It would also be more cost-effective: US dollar notes drop out of circulation within around two years due to wear and tear, but coins last decades. Although dollar coins made of a copper alloy do circulate in the US, they are not widely used. If Congress scrapped the note and committed fully to coins of this composition, the country could save more than $500 million a year, according to the Government Accountability Office.

All Stories by Zeynep Tufekci The Media Needs to Stop Inspiring Copycat Murders. Here's How. After a wave of teen suicides in the 1980s, news outlets began reporting on these deaths more cautiously. Similar guidelines could help prevent more shooting sprees. Social Media's Small, Positive Role in Human Relationships It's just one factor in modern life that can increase connection in a world divided by the vagaries of capitalism, the disengagement of television, and the isolation of suburban sprawl. If We Built a Safer Nuclear Reactor, How Would We Know?

Teaching: Leading Learning I have always been interested in leadership, probably even before I started teaching. I’ve always been an organiser, and I’ve enjoyed getting people involved in a project and seeing it through to realisation. As a teacher, I was quick to take on extra: I took on my first responsibility after two years; I was second in English after three; I was Head of English after five. The Past, Present and Future of Global Governance Pascal Lamy - 10th April 2015 GP Board Member Pascal Lamy argues that while many of the answers to globalization's questions reside within domestic political systems, our current global governance system is insufficient to address borderless challenges. Globally, we should focus on maximizing the utility of our present system and find an acceptable point of value convergence, to improve global economic, political and social integration. Although human history has witnessed various periods in which technological advances transformed societies, we have never seen the giant, forceful and rapid changes like those wrought by globalization over the past several decades.

Chief Executive Officer Journal Read the digital version of our latest issue Created to meet the specific needs of the top executives at major corporations worldwide, CEO Journal is read by a growing requested circulation. The publication boasts incisive commentary and analysis from the world's most powerful business leaders alongside investigative and provocative articles from leading journalists. CEO Journal allows you to reach the most influential decision-makers. Your message will feature in a section that focuses specifically on your service area, identifying you clearly as a leading solution provider. This service is supported online by, which is used as a daily reference point for current opinion and the latest developments.

Why Americans Can't Save Money - Room for Debate Ed Nacional For a short time, Americans seemed to be born-again savers. In the second quarter of 2009, in the depths of the Great Recession, households put away 7 percent of disposable income, compared with under 2 percent in the third quarter of 2007.

Richard Gingras For more than thirty years, Richard Gingras has led highly-regarded efforts in the development of online services, software, and new media. These endeavors range from pioneering uses of satellite networking for television, the first applications of television signals for data distribution, both pre-Web and Web-based online services, and the creation of various platform technologies. Over the last several years Gingras has focused his attention on the transformation of the media landscape. Self-compassion is essential if you support or lead others *As seen in I’ve long advocated that self-care is a responsibility not a luxury if you are in any way supporting or leading others. We cannot consistently and sustainably be strong, compassionate and effective if we aren’t treating ourselves with compassion and acknowledging ourselves as strong and effective individuals. Often we move through life thinking it’s normal to be self-critical, it’s modest and selfless and makes space for others to shine. But the opposite is in fact true. Kristin Neff explains that when we are self-critical we are in fact literally attacking ourselves.

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