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Connecting the World for the Common Good

Connecting the World for the Common Good

Kisskissbankbank %C3%8Ele Mackinac Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. L’île Mackinac, en anglais Mackinac Island, est une île située sur le lac Huron dans l'État du Michigan, au nord-est des États-Unis. L'île, dont la superficie fait environ 9,8 km2, est située à l'extrémité orientale du détroit de Mackinac, entre les péninsules supérieure et inférieure du lac Michigan. L'accès à l'île est interdit à la plupart des véhicules motorisés, ce qui fait d'elle le seul endroit du pays à disposer d'une route d'État interdite aux véhicules à moteur. Étymologie[modifier | modifier le code] Géographie[modifier | modifier le code] Localisation[modifier | modifier le code] Topographie[modifier | modifier le code] La majorité des constructions sont situées dans la moitié sud de l'île près des côtes tandis qu'un quartier s'étale à l'intérieur des terres. Climat[modifier | modifier le code] L'île Mackinac est située dans la zone continentale humide selon la classification de Köppen. Géologie[modifier | modifier le code]

How to start a successful NGO in 10 steps Photo by Ryan Libre . Ryan Libre explains how to start a successful NGO. Editor’s Note: In response to the overwhelming number of comments, author Ryan Libre has asked us to post this update on April 4, 2010: “It is amazing to see how many people have seen and commented on this article. It is well beyond my expectations.Most all of the 200+ commenters seemed to have overlooked steps 1-6 and went to funding as the beginning point for starting an NGO.This approach will not be successful, in the short term or long term.First, you need to do something, anything, yourself with what is locally available (step 1). It will give you experience, credibility, and maybe even publicity. I’ve worked with NGOs for most of my life, and even helped start a few. The following steps will help get your own NGO up and running: Step 1: Test the waters. Many new activists are ready to commit their lives to “the cause.” Maybe you’ll find that NGOs are not your life calling after all. Step 3: Clarify your goals.

Nonprofit Organizations - How Not to Lose Your Tax-Exempt Status Congratulations if you have jumped through all of the hoops to become a 501(c)(3) organization. But now you must be careful that your actions don't draw attention from the IRS or cause you to lose your exempt designation. Following are some of the activities that could cause your organization to lose its tax-exempt position: Private benefit/inurement A nonprofit differs from a for-profit organization in that it does not benefit the private interests of any individual or organization. A nonprofit organization must serve the public good. Inurement goes a bit further in that it prohibits the nonprofit from allowing any of its income to be paid to, or property improperly sold (below fair market price), to insiders such as officers, directors, or employees. Lobbying An organization lobbies when it attempts to influence legislation. Political campaign activity 501(c)(3) organizations cannot endorse or oppose any candidate for public office.

12 conseils pour éviter de s’écrouler sous les flux d’informatio Depuis quelques temps, la problématique de l’infobésité ou la surinformation devient de plus en plus récurrente, et on se retrouve avec certaines figures crier ‘Heeeeeeelp’ Comment faire alors qu’on on devient esclave de son lecteur de flux, quand on reçoit chaque jour plus de 500 articles et news, quand on n’arrive plus à gérer ses mails, ses blogs, ses flux et ses twits ??!! On fait appel à une solution technologique, une application logicielle ? Je ne crois pas que ça soit la bonne solution ! Voici donc quelques conseils pratiques pour mieux gérer ses flux informationnels : 1-Nommez vos dossiers et fils RSS en commençant par 01, 02, 03…pour pouvoir identifier plus facilement les dossiers qui vous intéressent le plus ! 01-Veille et IE 02-Recherche d’informations ou encore 001-Urgent 002-Important 2-Utiliser la techique « rivière de flux », c’est à dire l’affichage de vos flux par ordre antéchronologique, du plus récent au plus vieux ! Articles similaires:

NGO Registration Methods in India: Trust, Society and Non profit Company NGO Registration Methods - 1 1. Trust 2. Society, and 3. Non profit Company In India non profit / public charitable organisations can be registered as trusts, societies, or a private limited non profit company, under section-25 companies. Section 2(15) of the Income Tax Act – which is applicable uniformly throughout the Republic of India – defines ‘charitable purpose’ to include ‘relief of the poor, education, medical relief and the advancement of any other object of general public utility’. Whether a trust, society or section-25 company, the Income Tax Act gives all categories equal treatment, in terms of exempting their income and granting 80G certificates, whereby donors to non-profit organisations may claim a rebate against donations made. I. Main Instrument : The main instrument of any public charitable trust is the trust deed, wherein the aims and objects and mode of management (of the trust) should be enshrined. II. The procedure varies from state to state. III.

Nonprofit Due Diligence - Light-Touch Research Guide - Should you invest in a particular nonprofit organization? Helping you answer that question is the goal of this guide. We’ll help guide you through the process some call due diligence: learning enough about the results, leadership, financials, and operations of an organization to make the right investment decision, while respecting the limited time of its busy leaders. And as you learn about your potential grantees, we’ll help you collect information to answer the three most-important questions to making your decision: Does the organization’s mission align with your personal philanthropic goals? The best philanthropists take this learning process seriously—but also feel inspired and have fun along the way. Areas to research: The big four You have indicated that you are comfortable basing your funding decision on a lighter-touch approach to research. Strategy and results What is the organization’s mission and strategy? How effective are the organization’s programs? Leadership Financials

How to Cook for Just Yourself: 12 steps (with pictures) - wikiHo Edit Article Edited by Dvortygirl, Teresa, D rae, Krystle and 9 others Feeding just yourself is tougher than it sounds. Ad Steps 1Find your motivation. 13Keep up with the dishes. Tips Use appliances and gadgets to your advantage.