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Top Secret America

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Google Agonizes on Privacy as Advertising World Vaults Ahead PSFK - the go-to source for new ideas and inspiration Van Eaton Galleries Presents RAGNAR RAGNAR is a graphic designer, illustator, animator, and master draftsmen. His work is admired within every industry he is associated, and his vision is unparalleled. Van Eaton Galleries is proud to be an authorized dealer of The Art of Ragnar. Please select from one of the sections to the right to examine the available limited edition prints designed by Ragnar. Each limited edition print is carefully recreated from Ragnar's designs to the exacting specifications required to meet his approval. Welcome to the evolving world of Ragnar!

Hot Policy Wonks For The Democrats: The New Realists Michèle Flournoy hardly seems like a renegade. As president of the Center for a New American Security, she and her colleagues have assigned themselves the modest-sounding mission of coming up with a pragmatic foreign policy platform for the next president. But within the progressive foreign policy establishment, this makes them revolutionaries. “Part of what we’re saying is, let’s have some clear-eyed analysis based on the facts,” said Ms. Ms. It’s a genuine clash of worldviews, and it’s just beginning. “The biggest cleavage in the Democratic Party is over America’s role in the world,” said Kenneth Baer, a co-founder of the quarterly publication Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, and a former speechwriter for Al Gore’s presidential campaign. For years, top Democratic advisers on foreign policy have been drawn from the neoliberal or “Wilsonian” school. Ms. As Ms.

Deep packet inspection Bij deep packet inspection (DPI) wordt elektronisch dataverkeer tussen zender en ontvanger inhoudelijk geanalyseerd. Dit gaat verder dan de inspectie van afzender- en ontvangeradres zoals routers dat voor het verder leiden van de gegevens noodzakelijkerwijs moeten doen. Het internet functioneert doordat gegevens in gestandaardiseerde brokstukken worden verdeeld, verpakt en verstuurd. De inhoud van de pakketjes speelt voor het functioneren van het internet als zodanig geen rol. Als er geen gebruik wordt gemaakt van deep packet inspection wordt er tijdens de reis van de gegevens alleen naar het IP-adres en het poortnummer gekeken. Toepassingen[bewerken] Filtering[bewerken] Beschermde inhoud[bewerken] Een toepassing die vooral voor de film- en muziekindustrie van pas kan komen is het blokkeren van pakketjes met bepaalde beschermde inhoud. Analyse[bewerken] Gerichte reclame[bewerken] Een andere toepassing van DPI is het realiseren van gerichte reclame. Nadelen[bewerken] Externe links[bewerken]

Human anatomy "Physiologies" redirects here. For other uses, see Physiology. The study of the human body involves anatomy and physiology. The human body can show anatomical non-pathological anomalies known as variations which need to be able to be recognised. Structure[edit] The human body has several body cavities the largest of which is the abdominopelvic cavity. Composition[edit] The main elements that compose the human body are shown from most abundant to least abundant. The average adult body contains between 5 and 5½ litres of blood and approximately 10 litres of interstitial fluid. The composition of the human body can be referred to in terms of its water content, elements content, tissue types or material types. The vast majority of cells in the human body are not human at all; rather they are of bacteria, archaea, and methanogens such as Methanobrevibacter smithii. The proportions of the elements of the body can be referred to in terms of the main elements, minor ones and trace elements.

Sector 9 Tuesday, April 08, 2014 New Music Tuesday #64 – Warpaint In some kind of perfect world LA’s all girl psych dreamers, Warpaint, met up with director/former pro skater, Laben Pheidias, to make a double video. The result is ...more Fighting Facebook, a Campaign for a People’s Terms of Service Reuters Facebook is on the defensive again. Members of the social networking site sued the company for co-opting their identities in online ads, and Facebook agreed to revise its “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” and offer a $20 million settlement. The case has drawn less attention than the dorm disputes portrayed in The Social Network, but the impact is far wider. While a few of the particulars here are new—filtered photos or copyrightable tweets—the legal dilemma is actually very old. In return for driving the profits of social media companies, users get free software. This is a classic example of form contract abuse—when a single, powerful party pushes a contract onto a disparate group of other parties. Think of that cellphone contract you didn’t read, or the waiver you must sign to go river-rafting. The problem, however, extends beyond the ruthless profitability imperative. The impact of boilerplate is especially acute for minors. So, what is the best way forward?