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Bloc-Notes de Bertrand Duperrin

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6 free remote desktop sharing and screen sharing solutions Working in IT for 5 years, I’ve learned that desktop sharing/screen sharing software applications make life a lot easier for both the users and for the administrators. It’s not only a great way to supply technical support to users, but it’s also a fabulous way to share data and collaborate with others remotely quickly and easily. I’ve been using remote desktop sharing software for a while now and it’s worked wonders for our team. Multiple people in different locations around the country can work on a presentation or a project plan simultaneously from their desktop computers! Phil Bradley's weblog To the Chair of a professional library interest group, I’m angry, depressed, sad and disappointed that I need to write this open letter to you. You sent a member of your group onto two courses that I ran, and the total cost was £198. I try and keep my costs as cheap as I can because I think making sure we have well trained and informed professionals is important. My fee has been tightly worked out, and as an independent trainer it’s important that I get it right.

Blog de Netvibes On Wednesday, September 14, join us in New York or online for a special sneak preview of the new Netvibes Premium, including our new adaptive analytics and alerts features. We’ll also have interesting insights and case studies from Stephen Rappaport, Dir. Knowledge Solutions, The Advertising Research Foundation. This is a great chance for brand marketers and social media professionals to learn how to use Netvibes Premium to discover trends, identify influencers and distill it into actionable insights–without time consuming reporting or metrics! Plus, you’ll be among the first to get a free trial of the new Netvibes Premium! To register for free, send an email to and let us know if you’d like to attend in person or online via WebEx.

Wikinomics Concepts[edit] According to Tapscott, Wikinomics is based on four ideas: Openness, Peering, Sharing, and Acting Globally. The use of mass collaboration in a business environment, in recent history, can be seen as an extension of the trend in business to outsource: externalize formerly internal business functions to other business entities. The difference however is that instead of an organized business body brought into being specifically for a unique function, mass collaboration relies on free individual agents to come together and cooperate to improve a given operation or solve a problem. This kind of outsourcing is also referred to as crowdsourcing, to reflect this difference. This can be incentivized by a reward system, though it is not required.

31 Great Social Media Reads « SocialSteve's Blog Most people put out a summer reading list at the beginning of the summer. I’m putting mine out at the end. (I always pride myself on being different.) Actually, the list below captures some of the best articles on social media from the summer. Each has a great perspective, information, and/or data. If you really want to learn about being successful deploying social initiatives, take time to check out each of these (or at least many of them). Dropbox est en cours de téléchargement - Simplifiez-vous la vie Keep your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Install the appropriate package if you want to use Dropbox on your Linux Desktop.If your distribution is not listed then choose "Compile from Source". Note: These packages install an open-source helper application. The version of this application does not change as frequently as the main Dropbox application. These packages will always install the latest version of Dropbox for Linux.View release notes Dropbox Headless Install via command line

Social Media in 2011: Six Choices You Need to Make - Alexandra Samuel by Alexandra Samuel | 10:00 AM January 4, 2011 2011. This is the year that will shape the future of our lives online. After all, 2010 was the year we woke up and started asking the tough questions about our always-on, connected lifestyle. MLA EMTS Blog The call for posters and papers at MLA 2014 (held May 16–21, 2014 in Chicago, IL) has been announced. Proposals must be entered into the online system by 11:59pm CST on Friday, November 1st, 2013. Someone got a little sponsor-happy during program planning, so EMTS is on the program with 7 different paper sessions. In addition to our perennial favorite – Tech Trends (now in its 7th year), we’re also presenting: Structural Adjustments: Changes in Education – using for the first time ever, a flipped meeting format!

Management 2.0 : Manage jan 28th, 2010 by Anthony Poncier This first one is related to a conference on Entreprise 2.0 (part of the General Management and Strategy Program) for an audience at HEC Executive Education (HEC is ranked first business school in Europe by the Financial Times). The objective of this article is to share the conference material. In the first part of the program, there was an intervention on Marketing 2.0, so I made only few slides on the subject, not to be redundant with another speaker. Let’s Activate the Way Back Machine: The History of Twitter in Pictures All thanks to the excessive media coverage and the influence of several notable celebrities, Twitter has emerged from a simple start-up that has less than 100 users to one of the world’s most popular micro-blogging platform on the world wide web with over 22 millions unique visitors from the United States in June. Despite the fact that 60% of users quit after using a month, Twitter’s ever-reaching growth still continues on an upward trend. In this post, I’ve gathered information from various sources around the web such as the official Twitter blog and Wikipedia to present you guys The History of Twitter (March 21 2006 – Today). Let’s activate the way back machine! Jack Dorsey first introduced the idea of a service that used SMS to tell small groups what an individual was doing, partly inspired by TXTMob to the other employees at Odeo, a podcasting company.

Tomboy : Simple note taking Login Tomboy Simple note-taking. Tomboy is a desktop note-taking application for Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X. Simple and easy to use, but with potential to help you organize the ideas and information you deal with every day. Rise of the networked enterprise: Web 2.0 finds its payday - McKinsey Quarterly - Organization - Strategic Organization Every new technology has its skeptics. In the 1980s, many observers doubted that the broad use of information technologies such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) to remake processes would pay off in productivity improvements—indeed, the economist Robert Solow famously remarked, “You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics.” Today, that sentiment has gravitated to Web 2.0 technologies. Management is trying to understand if they are a passing fad or an enduring trend that will underwrite a new era of better corporate performance. Podcast The rise of the networked enterprise: Web 2.0 finds its payday - user's blog The 2013 Chinese User Conference was organized in conjunction with the China Library Exhibition. Zichun Liu, one of our library relation managers, writes of her experience at the last conference in the following post: We had a sensational show in Shanghai’s fastest growing district, Pudong. It was our most successful event in China to date. It attracted huge attention from customers, the public, and local and central government leaders.

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