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Newmanity - Le plaisir d'agir au quotidien pour soi et pour le monde

Newmanity - Le plaisir d'agir au quotidien pour soi et pour le monde

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Bon plan recyclage pour toute la presse papier If you and your New Jersey health insurance company consider yourselves a team in keeping costs low, you’re both doing your part. You may wonder what your part might be. The fact is that policyholders can do a lot to help keep costs affordable, starting with living a healthier lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means lower costs overall Vivienne Westwood is right: we need a law against ecocide Designer Vivienne Westwood in Brussels in 2011. She has spoken out in favour of a new law against ecocide. Photograph: Francois Lenoir/Reuters Designer Vivienne Westwood expressed anguish and alarm at the worsening state of the planet, at a press conference yesterday. "The acceleration of death and destruction is unimaginable," she said, "and it's happening quicker and quicker."

Good Morning, Beautiful Business Twenty-Fourth Annual E. F. Schumacher LecturesOctober 2004, Stockbridge, MassachusettsEdited by Hildegarde HannumCopyright © 2005 by E. Lady Gaga pilots "first flying dress" News: Lady Gaga wore the world's "first flying dress" at the launch party for her latest album last night. Lady Gaga was strapped into a white fibreglass suit shaped to look like a haute-couture gown and flown by six battery-powered rotors at the event in Brooklyn. The rotors lifted the singer half a metre off the ground and propelled her forward several metres - as shown in the video below. The high-tech outfit named Volantis was designed by the popstar, London company Studio XO and TechHaus, the technology division of the star's Haus of Gaga creative team. Its rotors are surrounded by white cylinders arranged hexagonally and connected to a central node above the suit, which rests on the ground using a circular stand when not in flight. Lady Gaga unveiled the project at the ArtRAVE party for the launch of her third studio album ARTPOP.

Terminal Cornucopia by Evan Booth In early-2013, independent security researcher, Evan “treefort” Booth, began working to answer one simple question: Can common items sold in airports after the security screening be used to build lethal weapons? As it turns out, even a marginally “MacGyver-esque” attacker can breeze through terminal gift shops, restaurants, magazine stands and duty-free shops to find everything needed to wage war on an airplane. Just how easy is it to build these weapons? The bulk of Evan’s research, Terminal Cornucopia, has been released publicly for you to see for yourself.

AurelDaniel présente Partagez plus qu'un repas avec votre mobile! The project Seen on TV! From October 1st, Beyond Croissant has gathered hundreds of Foodfellows in France and around the world, and rewarding feedbacks about service and Beyond Croissant experiences. From ‘consuming better’ to ‘consuming together’ Green Building Blog What’s missing in green buildings? Training Posted on December 2, 2014 The following post is from Washington State University:

Brilliant Ideas - This is the place where I share my 15 year experience of helping organisations innovate and improve Since I started this blog I have had lots of fantastic feedback, and often get asked how I come up with so many ideas. There really is no secret or magic skill. I simply give myself the opportunity to apply known innovation tools and have the discipline and courage to write them down (rather than filter them out or keep them to myself). Anyone can do this. Anyone can use these machines to "start a local recycling centre" Dezeen and MINI World Tour: in our next movie from Eindhoven, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Dave Hakkens shows us how his Precious Plastic recycling machines work and explains why he made the blueprints freely available online. Hakkens' Precious Plastic project is a set of simple machines for recycling plastic and making new products locally. He says he got the idea for the project after visiting plastic manufacturing companies and discovering that they were reluctant to use recycled plastic. "We recycle just 10% [of waste plastic]," says Hakkens.

Crowdfunding the Novena Open Laptop We’re launching a crowdfunding campaign around our Novena open hardware computing platform. Originally, this started as a hobby project to build a computer just for me and xobs – something that we would use every day, easy to extend and to mod, our very own Swiss Army knife. I’ve posted here a couple of times about our experience building it, and it got a lot of interest. So by popular demand, we’ve prepared a crowdfunding offering and you can finally be a backer. Meet “Spire”, The Wearable Breath Tracker That Calms You Down “You haven’t taken a deep breath in 30 minutes”. This is the smartest thing a wearable has ever told me. Most fitness trackers just pump out near-meaningless numbers.

The promise of a bio-based economy While consumers feel the pain at the pump, crude oil prices have more than doubled over the past five years, and economists continue to express concern that the volatile oil market hampers economic prosperity around the world. Politically, Europe’s dependence on oil and gas imported from Russia has severely limited the region’s ability to respond to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Yet our society's dependence on oil will be difficult to break. Despite high costs, hydrocarbons typically remain the cheapest source of energy on the planet. Virtual Phone System Get toll free numbers instantly Get customized vanity numbers Search 800, 888, 877, 866 & 855 numbers A toll free number can be an indispensable asset to your business. They're most often used for customer service or help lines as one of the biggest benefits is they allow customers to call your business without being charged for the call. However, there are a lot of other great benefits to having one for your business. With Grasshopper, your small business can get a local number from anywhere in the U.S.

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