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The Best Chocolate Cake

The Best Chocolate Cake
The Best Chocolate Cake is combines cocoa and coffee to create a chocolate lover’s dream. The rich buttercream frosting makes it perfect! We’re a family that loves to double down on chocolate. Peanut butter is a favorite, too, and my No Bake Cookies combine both with oatmeal. But since there was a birthday, I felt like I really needed cake. Deep, dark, chocolate cake. For birthdays, we have to do it up right by making my version of cake bliss. My family enjoys watching me flit from one thing to another like I’m their own personal reality show for entertainment. They love to point out when my missing spatula can be found at the computer desk, or my phone in the pantry, and helpfully letting me know that the oven timer has dinged at least 15 times. I also like to do things in excess – you know a little mound of frosting will never do in this household. I need to swirl on a pile of it on top, and then top it off with ganache just for the fun of it. Yield: 8 servings Prep Time: 25 minutes Notes:

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Best ever chocolate cake recipes - olive Triple chocolate caramel cake This beautiful chocolate caramel cake is what’s known as an ‘ombre’ cake; each layer sports a different shade, using dark chocolate, milk chocolate and caramel. Easiest ever chocolate fudge cake Super easy and quick to make, this gooey number is perfect for when you need to bake a last-minute treat for a special occasion. Fallen chocolate truffle cake with amaretto cream An extremely smooth, flourless chocolate cake similar to the consistency of a chocolate torte.

OPPSKRIFTER FOR HELE UKA - Enkel mat er best Hver uke får du en herlig, fersk ukemeny! For å være sikker på å få denne hverdagsinspirasjonen kan du like oss på Facebook. Det er lurt. Der kan du kan du også spørre spørsmål om oppskriftene og få masse andre tips. Fudge Brownie & Cookie Dough Cake Let me introduce you to Calorie Mountain. It may leave you feeling slightly queasy if you try to conquer it. Last week was Regex Man's birthday. His birthday has been the inspiration for many epic cakes on this blog including the mint chocolate chip cake and the fruit tingle cake. This time I went a leeeeetle beeeet overboard.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe Watch how to make this recipe. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. How to Make Cake Pops I’m not Bakerella (Queen of the Cake Pops), but I whipped up some cake pops at my daughter’s request for her birthday. I have to be honest, I think I prefer Oreo truffle pops a bit more, but my daughter was mighty happy with these, and she is the birthday girl. Here’s how to make cake pops…

chocolate ooey gooey cake Enjoying a rich, chocolate, ooey-gooey cake has never been easier! This semi-homemade recipe was handed down from a very wise & frugal Grandma! I just posted the buttery Ooey Gooey Butter Cake a couple days ago. Gooey Chocolate Coconut Cupcake! This cupcake should be called DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN! What a combination....Coconut and Chocolate!! I found this great store bought Coconut spread with Coconut Flakes by Deluxe in a German supermarket called Lidl, here, in Greece! (For all my Greek and foreign friends- a MUST get) Delicious!! The whole thing was soooo gooey- it almost melted in your mouth! Hints of Coconut Flakes would give you a subtle crunch and the Creamy, Velvety Chocolate Ganache would just smooth it away!

Spring Forward to Summer: Chocolate and Salted Caramel Pudding Pops Spring has just begun and I’m already fast forwarding to summer with these pudding pops. It’s hard to deny a chocolate and salted caramel pairing. Especially one on a stick that is begging you to have a seat and enjoy the slow pacing a popsicle has to offer — that is if you can keep yourself from biting into it. Incredibly easy to make and even easier to devour, you should have no problem whipping up a dozen or more of these in under 30 minutes. The hardest part will be waiting for them to freeze. Let me say that if you’ve never had a pudding pop, well it’s a lot like a Fudgiscle but better and richer.

Mint Chocolate Cake filed under: Chocolate Cakeson December 3, 2018 One of my favorite things about cooler temperatures is all things mint (or peppermint). We add that glorious flavoring to hot cocoa, to brownies, to cookies, and most definitely to cakes! This Mint Chocolate Cake is quite possibly the best one I have ever had! This Mint Chocolate Cake is four amazing layers of dark chocolate cake with a delicate mint buttercream in between each layer. The cake is covered in chocolate buttercream and topped off with a mint green chocolate curl.

How to Make Red Velvet Cheesecake If you’re undecided about what sort of delicious dessert to make for Christmas this year, look no further. I found one for you… Red Velvet Cheesecake. I don’t gush about recipes all that often, and I’m a horrible critic of my own creations. I usually have to ask others what they think in order to get decent feedback to share. Food Librarian Valentine's 5-Layer Finger JelloStrawberry, Cherry and Raspberry Jell-O with milk filling The other day, I was going through old cookbooks (pretending to clean) and found the 1979 Arlington Elementary School PTA cookbook. You know, those spiral bound, type-written fundraising cookbooks. In other words, the mother lode of nostalgia. (BTW, this wasn't even my elementary school, but somehow I have it...)

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake with Cookie Dough Filling Moist, dark chocolate mocha cake, with a delicious layer of (eggless, of course!) cookie dough in the middle... Pretty much heaven in cake-form. Decorated to look like Cookie Monster for a 3 year old's birthday!