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FIFA Worl Cup

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Brasil: 70.000 familias desalojadas por el Mundial de Futbol 2014. #Brasil Las niñas prostitutas del Mundial. Corriendo la Voz | 06/05/2014 Brasil está en el centro del tornado.

#Brasil Las niñas prostitutas del Mundial

Las miradas hacia el país vecino ya no son sólo por ser la sede del Mundial que está a días de empezar sino que además, para dejar “lindo” el lugar”, desaloja violentamente a los locales y hace la vista gorda ante la creciente prostitución infantil. Parece que sigue la lógica de una gran empresa en la que lo importante es dejar contento al cliente, al visitante ocasional, y que al irse quiera volver.

Após derrota, espanhóis voltam a ofender brasileiros com mensagens racistas. Como aconteceu na primeira derrota da Espanha para Holanda na semana passada, a eliminação dos espanhóis na Copa do Mundo no Brasil foi mais uma vez marcada por ofensas de torcedores contra brasileiros e sulamericanos.

Após derrota, espanhóis voltam a ofender brasileiros com mensagens racistas

Após a derrota de 2 a 0 contra o Chile, torcedores espanhóis voltaram a usar as redes sociais para xingar brasileiros e chilenos, em gestos pra lá de racistas. Brazil World Cup protests: teenager dies as a million people take to the streets. Monumentos faraónicos en medio de la pobreza. El Mundial de Brasil. Artículo publicado por Vicenç Navarro en la columna “Dominio Público” en el diario PÚBLICO, 3 de julio de 2014.

Monumentos faraónicos en medio de la pobreza. El Mundial de Brasil

Este artículo, continuación de otro anterior, señala la creciente movilización de la población más vulnerable en Brasil frente al enorme coste que ha significado el Mundial de Fútbol a costa de las prioridades sociales que la población desea. El artículo también critica que el próximo Mundial sea en un régimen feudal como Qatar, que hoy está siendo promovido por el club de fútbol español que había sido en el pasado un punto de referencia para las fuerzas democráticas de España: el Fútbol Club Barcelona. ¿Estás emocionado por ver el mundial?, Miles de familias desalojadas en Brasil por el máximo evento del balompié internacional. Sólo en Sao Paulo, cerca de 70.000 familias van a ser desalojadas como consecuencia de las obras de preparación para el Mundial de Fútbol de 2014.

¿Estás emocionado por ver el mundial?, Miles de familias desalojadas en Brasil por el máximo evento del balompié internacional

El derecho a la vivienda está siendo sistemáticamente violado en las ciudades sede del Mundial y de las Olimpiadas: la Articulación Nacional de movimientos sociales frente a la Copa estima que serán desalojadas en masa unas 170.000 personas. “Esta dinámica de apropiación del territorio sigue una lógica global, que une los intereses de grandes empresas multinacionales y del capital financiero internacional para explotar territorios locales con una lógica transnacional, facilitada con cambios legislativos, desalojos forzados y otras acciones que no tienen en cuenta los derechos de la población más vulnerable”, indica Benedito Roberto Barbosa (conocido como Dito), del Centro Gaspar García y de la Unión de Movimientos por la Vivienda. En los barrios de favelas, saben que serán desalojados, pero no cómo ni cuándo. MASCOTA OFICIAL DE LA COPA MUNDIAL DE LA FIFA 2014™ COPA MUNDIAL2014Spanish.

Anonymous ▶ HACK FIFA World Cup 2014 Song (feat Michael Jackson) #OpHackingCup (Brazil Version) COPA MUNDIAL2014SpanishQs. Brazil 2014 Mascot quiz. Anonymous Brazil kicks off anti-World Cup protest, defaces websites. Brazil World Cup protests: Striking images of the country’s anti-World Cup movement. The biggest challenge to Brazil’s World Cup preparations over the past few weeks has been the chaos caused by striking public workers.

Brazil World Cup protests: Striking images of the country’s anti-World Cup movement.

While São Paulo subway workers voted to at least temporarily suspend their strikes on Monday night, protests by activists angry at the money being spent by Brazil to host the event are expected to continue throughout the World Cup. Though nowhere near the size of last year’s broad-based social movement, which brought millions to the streets, protests have been building back up in recent months.

The tournament, which begins Thursday in São Paulo, has reportedly cost in excess of $11 billion, money protesters say could have been spent on public infrastructure. The movement has already produced its share of powerful images. Here are some of the most striking photos. 2014-World-Cup-Schedule. World cup 2014 challengeSpanish. World-Cup-Posters. The-12-Stadiums-of-the-World-Cup. CopaMundial14 Grupos SP.

Role models in sport footballers. International of Anarchist Federations. Brasil 1982 - The 11 Greatest Goals of Brasil 1982's Magic 11. World Cup embraces triumph and disaster - Mail & Guardian Online: The smart news source. National euphoria not seen since the release of Nelson Mandela. Thousands of tourists singing the praises of friendly people and a beautiful country. Crime falling and terrorists thwarted. Shakira, K’naan and the vuvuzela resounding around the globe. This is the story so far of the World Cup in South Africa.

National despondency after the miserable demise of Bafana Bafana. Like so much else in this young democracy, the tournament is teetering between triumph and disaster, not quite living up to the expectations of the evangelists, but not fulfilling the dire prophecies of the doom-mongers either. First, the things that haven’t happened: no one has been macheted by a race gang, or bitten by a killer snake, or rattled to death in a once‑in‑a-millennium earthquake, as wilder press reports floated. Roberto Carlos Impossible Goal. Halfway in - 2010 World Cup. Nearly halfway through the month-long 2010 World Cup Tournament in South Africa, over a dozen teams have been eliminated from the original group of 32, with the Round of 16 beginning tomorrow, June 26th.

Halfway in - 2010 World Cup

Television and web viewership has been setting records all over the world as supporters tune in to watch the events in South Africa and react along with the fans and players in the stadiums as they celebrate their wins and suffer through losses. Collected here are recent photos from the 2010 World Cup, as some of the players and their supporters have been experiencing it - in South Africa and around the globe. (43 photos total) Landon Donovan of the United States (front left) celebrates after scoring a goal with fellow team members Clint Dempsey (back left) and Edson Buddle, during the World Cup group C soccer match between the United States and Algeria at the Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria, South Africa, Wednesday, June 23, 2010. Sorry Barack, I'm watching World Cup, says Biden. Compare the countries in the World Cup based on their efforts to eliminate poverty and social injustice.

7 Stunning World Cup Visualizations. USMNT - E Pluribus Unum. 2014 FIFA World Cup on ESPN Commercial: I Believe. Sign the Petition. World Cup kits through the ages – interactive guide. Online.wsj. For the Love of the Game: The 2014 FIFA World Cup. Football, Futbol, Futebol, Fotboll, Fußball, Soccer, Sokker, Sakka--in whatever language, love of the game at the center of the 2014 FIFA World Cup (June 12 to July 13, 2014) is uniting fans all over the planet.

For the Love of the Game: The 2014 FIFA World Cup

Instagram. World Cup fever grips America – but can soccer make it mainstream? With its ales, dartboards, Chelsea FC memorabilia and replica-kitted fans avidly watching the World Cup on an array of screens, the Brewery Tap could be anywhere in west London.

World Cup fever grips America – but can soccer make it mainstream?

But the pub is in downtown Houston, Texas, with the languid Buffalo Bayou just to the rear and the skyscraping headquarters of oil and gas corporations leering over its entrance. Clogged with expats who suffer through England games, the Tap has also become a gathering place for Americans who are discovering in ever-growing numbers that US matches can deliver the same kind of patriotic, communal big-event experience normally associated with the Super Bowl. Why Adidas Beat Nike at the World Cup.

In the 2014 World Cup of sporting goods companies, Adidas has beaten Nike hands down.

Why Adidas Beat Nike at the World Cup

The mechanics of that victory are remarkably similar to those of Germany's success on the field: It's all about smarts versus flash. In the global sportswear market, Nike Inc. is No. 1 with a 17 percent share. Adidas AG is second with 12 percent. In soccer, where the two have a combined 70 percent share, the positions are reversed. Nike has been working hard to catch up: Its soccer sales amounted to $2.3 billion in the financial year that ended in May, compared with the $2.7 billion Adidas expects for 2014. Greg is drinking a Pale Ale by Community Beer Company on Untappd. An oral history of USA at Italia '90: the World Cup that changed US soccer. Steve Trittschuh recognized the figure slowly approaching the American locker room beneath Rome’s Stadio Olimpico.

An oral history of USA at Italia '90: the World Cup that changed US soccer

This was June of 1990, the middle of the World Cup, and everyone knew the silhouette of Italy’s best player, Roberto Baggio, with bushy curls piled on his head. But why was Baggio here? Why was he outside the locker room of the team Italy had just beaten 1-0? And why was he clutching what appeared to be … his game shorts? “Hey,” Baggio said to Trittschuh, changing just inside the door.

“Hey,” Trittschuh replied. The World Cup: A Fair Game? The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is nearly here and Oxfam has caught the football fever! Oxfam has created a range of fun and creative education resources for teachers, using the World Cup as a topical entry-point to explore issues of inequality. The activities and learning streams use the global game to help students examine and explore:

WorIdCupTweets : FULL TIME: USA defeats Ghana ... Brazil World Cup in disarray as construction falls way behind schedule. And so to 2014. Three years ago, when Brazil was unveiled as the host of the next World Cup, the country's president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, promised a tournament so well organised that even his country's greatest rivals – the Argentinians – would be unable to criticise it.

Now, however, even Brazilians are starting to speak out against the lack of progress in stadium construction and infrastructure projects, amid concern over corruption and bad planning and calls for the number of host cities to be cut from 12 to 10. Speaking in May to Brazilian journalists in South Africa, Fifa's secretary general, Jérôme Valcke, was blunt. "It is incredible how behind Brazil is," he said. "Many deadlines have gone by and nothing has happened.

Government authorities openly admit how behind their plans they are. Brazil's ambitious 2014 bid included plans for five new stadiums, in Salvador, Recife, Cuiabá, Manaus and Natal. "The first criteria used to select host cities should be about sport. The Question: Is the World Cup too big? I wasn't quite as down on this World Cup as most people seem to have been, but these things are relative. I'd place it high above 2002 and just above 2006, but behind every other tournament in my lifetime, and I don't think that's just down to the weariness of age.

For once, in fact, I seem largely to agree with what Sean Ingle says in this piece. What it lacked was a truly great game, a match of ebbs and flows between giants that would burn itself into the pantheon. It wasn't just that here was nothing as good as Italy 3-2 Brazil from 1982, there was nothing even in the class of Brazil 1-1 Netherlands, Netherlands 2-1 Argentina or England 2-2 Argentina from 1998, which at the time I thought was a poor tournament.

It is not just, though, about excitement and quality; there must also be consequence, which is why the third-and-fourth place game between Uruguay and Germany doesn't really count. Crunching the numbers. Physed Games - Capture The Flag Relay. Intrigue to the end in World Cup votes - World Cup News. Updated Nov 26, 2010 3:32 PM ET High drama, intrigue and a whiff of corruption with billions of investment dollars at stake. FIFA's contest to choose 2018 and 2022 World Cup hosts at the same time always shaped up as the biggest and most-scrutinized campaign in modern sports history - even before the blockbuster process was rocked by allegations of bribe-taking and vote-rigging. Business as usual for the governing body of the world's most popular sport, and guardians of its biggest event, according to some veteran FIFA-watchers. "When one talks of FIFA there is generally a negative attitude out there.

There is talk of corruption," FIFA ethics committee chairman Claudio Sulser conceded wearily after completing a monthlong investigation of voters and bidders implicated by a British newspaper sting. Repairing FIFA's damaged credibility can wait. So Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin and Britain's Prince William are among those expected in Zurich to ask nicely for it. Gym Games - Turmiopallo. Ghardin : #USA v GHA #WorldCup ...

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