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Fourteen for the Fourteenth

Fourteen for the Fourteenth
Fourteen Layer Cake. This is apparently a favorite at family get togethers in the South. Now, I’m from the South and I’ve never heard of such a thing. Actually, when I first heard the name, I didn’t believe it. Fourteen individually baked layers … no way. Hmmm…let the googling begin. Well, they do exist. Looks like I’ve been going to the wrong parties. I decided to go with the 12-Layer Cake recipe because it looked like it would work the best for me. Here they are … fourteen – 8.5″ pans… Shiny! Then, I cut 14 sheets of parchment paper, stapled them together and cut out circles the same size as the bottom of the pan. I decided to err on the side of caution with greasing the pans, because fourteen stuck cakes would make me very unhappy.So, I greased the bottom and sides with a stick of butter. Please work! While those are waiting, I mixed up all the ingredients for the cake batter -the HUGE amount of cake batter. . Then I placed a heaping 2/3 cup full of batter in each pan. and it will drip… Related:  ChocolatCakes

Play Food I made some tiny sugar cookie sugar cookies for you. Tee-niny! Yes, I love little and I kinda like to play with my food… But I’m sure you know that about me by now. And you probably know that I made more than just baby cookies. They’re cute on their own, but I really needed them to put on display. On these 3-tier sugar cookie dessert stands I made. EEek! I love sugar cookies since they require a few basic ingredients that I almost always have on hand. They can be baked in no time – especially with the recipe I’ve been using from my friend Bridget at Bake at 350. Here’s Bridget’s recipe for sugar cookies and royal icing on some peppermint cookies I made a few weeks ago. But even better, Bridget has a Cookie Decorating book out. Actually, I’m giving away a signed copy of her book, Decorating Cookies. Skip on down to the bottom if you want to enter. Or if you want to see how I made my cookies stand, then keep on reading. Hope you like them Bridget! Roll your cookie dough out nice and flat.

Baked Goods I chose to review The Complete Root Cellar Book: Plans, Uses and 100 Recipes by Steve Maxwell and Jennifer MacKenzie. It sounds kind of intriguing, something I think my parents might like. I have never heard of a root cellar before. The closest I come to having a root cellar is keeping my bag of potatoes in my dark cool pantry room, lol. So if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me share some info about this book. Root cellars are a natural way of storing fruits, vegetables and preserves for longer shelf life and in these hard economic times, root cellars are making a big comeback.Eating fresh fruits and vegetables are important for a healthy lifestyle. Root cellars help us make the most of our food budget by allowing us to stock up on fresh produce at low prices during seasonal harvests. There’s truly no better or more natural a way to store food than in a root cellar. This rhubarb coffee cake is really good! Rhubarb Streusel Coffee CakeServes 8 to 10 enjoy,

Scones aux pépites de chocolat Dans un peu plus de deux semaines, Noël ! Course aux cadeaux, préparatif du (enfin DES) festin(s), choix de LA robe qui rendra la mère Noël parfaitement has-been, on peut dire que tu t'es mise en mode automatique pour lancer les festivités ! Rien n'est laissé au hasard. Hummmm, une recette dégotée sur un blog où la gourmandise est à la page : Des livres dans la cuisine ! Préparation : Préchauffez le four à 200°C (th.6-7). Rassemblez tous les ingrédients secs dans un saladier puis ajouter le beurre coupé en morceaux en sablant. Etalez sur 1,5 cm et découpez les scones rapidement à l'aide d'un emporte pièce. Enfournez pour 10 à 12 minutes. Servir avec de la crème fraîche ou fouetteée. Heidi's So-Called Life: Pecan Pie Cheesecake I haven't shared a recipe in eons, so its time to share one with you! I've been terrible about taking food pictures lately, so the one above is the only one I happened to snap with my iPhone (I had to brag to my friends on Facebook what lovin' was going in the oven that night! I couldn't be a bigger dork if you paid me to try...) Anyhow, Lance was on the verge of deploying. This cheesecake was phenomenal! A must try! Pecan Pie Cheesecake Crust: 1 ¾ cups vanilla wafer crumbs¼ cup firmly packed brown sugar⅓ cup butter, meltedPecan Filling: 1 cup sugar⅔ cup dark corn syrup⅓ cup butter, melted 2 eggs 1 ½ cups chopped pecans 1 teaspoon vanilla extractCheesecake Filling: 3 (8-ounce) packages cream cheese, softened 1 ¼ cups firmly packed brown sugar 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 4 eggs⅔ cup heavy whipping cream 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Crust: Preheat oven to 350°. Pecan Filling: Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan. Cheesecake Filling: Reduce oven to 325°.

Mikados Géants Invitée il y a quelques semaines, je ne pouvais arriver les mains vides. Malheureusement le temps me manque ces derniers temps, il me fallait quelques choses de rapide à faire. Heureusement pour moi il me restait de la pâte sablée au chocolat dans le congélateur que j’avais utilisé pour mon ChocolatMan. L’idées des Mikados géants s’est imposée d’elle même. Simple, plus ou moins rapide, car l’enrobage au chocolat reste délicat et super beau vue que la déco est variable à l’infinie: mini M&M’s hachés, perles de couleurs, éclats de caramel, sucre de couleurs…….. Les photos ne sont pas top top, car j’étais en retard, désolée!!!! Ca prend quoi??? Paula’s Volcano Cake Recipe For the cream mixture: Beat ingredients together with an electric mixer. Set aside until ready to use. Cake: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line bottom of greased pan with coconut flakes. Follow directions on back of box to prepare cake. For the glaze: In a small saucepan, melt butter over medium-low heat.

Puffins ou Mini Pancakes cuits comme des muffins Puffins????? Qué c’est ça???? C’est tout simplement un appareil à Pancakes cuit comme des mini muffins et ça donne un résultat du tonnerre!! Ces petits gourmandises sont à tomber par terre, tellement moelleux, avec une texture aérée, j’ai tout simplement adoré!!! Qu’es-ce t’as besoin??? Comment qu’on Muffin le Pancake??? Lemonade Makin' Mama: Caaaake for your Mamas.... What would Mother's Day weekend be without cake? (An ordinary weekend, that's what.) I've got a well loved cake recipe for you, that I'm sure most people know about, but just in case...I thought I'd share it here. Because this is my number one favorite cake in the entire world. Begin by baking a German chocolate cake according to the box instructions. So after the cake is baked, let it cool for about five minutes. Now, pour an entire jar of caramel ice cream sauce over the top of that and let it cool completely. I like blissful, gooey messes of yum. Now, once that's all soaked up, and the cake is cold, top it with whip cream, and some sort of chopped candy bar. Speaking of Mamas... It was tremendous fun. It’s a wonder none of us ever got seriously hurt. One morning, I went outside to feed our big, black dog, before school. Then she sent me to school. And I lived to tell the tale. Mama, I don't know how you ever put up with me, but I make really good cake and you can have some.

Mississippi Mud Cake Je crois que je n'ai jamais autant tergiversé à réaliser un dessert. On trouve le Mississippi Mud Cake dans quasi tous les livres de desserts Anglo-Saxons, c'est un grand classique chez eux. Ce gâteau s'appelle ainsi car il rappelle les rives boueuses du Mississippi "gâteau à la boue du Mississippi", tout un programme :o) Donc je l'ai sous les yeux régulièrement et à chaque fois je me dis : "non mais quand même, 250 g de beurre, 440 g de sucre ... c'est pô possible" (chaque recette est différente mais c'est toujours à peu près ces quantités) ! Ben voilà, c'est fait ! Que dire à part que c'est une tuerie ... une texture de guedin comme j'aime, dense, humide, goûteuse ... et comme je trouvais qu'il n'y avait pas assez de gras et de sucre je l'ai surmonté d'une Chantilly, il n'y a pas de mal à se faire du bien ahah !

Chocolate Snickers Layer Cake - Sprinkled with Flour: The Original Sprinkled With Flour Food Blog I made a special treat for my husband's birthday this week. He usually requests my Cheap Chocolate Cake as his birthday treat, but I decided to do something a bit different this year. Something rich, something chocolaty....something that would be a candy lovers dream. He is a candy lover. So much so, that I'm pretty sure the cashiers at the convenience store by our house know him by name. My last candy concoction for him was my Chunky Twix Cookies. So for this candy creation I made a super moist chocolate cake, threw in some snickers bars, cream cheese frosting and homemade caramel sauce. Chocolate Snickers Layer Cake Serves:16 Printable Recipe 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for pans 2 cups sugar 3/4 cups cocoa powder 2 tsp baking soda 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 1 cup buttermilk 1/2 cup vegetable oil 2 large eggs, room temperature 1 tsp pure vanilla extract 1 cup freshly brewed hot coffee butter, for greasing the pans 12 fun sized snicker bars, cut into small pieces Enjoy!